Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
6140 A Brief History of Marketview Heights.
6144 Grove Place, 1827-1984: A Quiet Neighborhood of Renaissance.
6145 A History of the Chocolate City Neighborhood.
6158 The Third Ward and Its Corn Hill Historic Preservation District.
6159 Winton-Atlantic Neighborhood: Reliving the Past: A History of Our Neighborhood.
6137 AEBERLI, WILLIAM. Random Highlights on Ole Charlotte.
6138 ANDERSON, C. ANDY. Liberty Pole Square Area.
6139 ARNOLD, WAYNE K. and MICHAEL R. HUFFMAN. Charlotte in the War of 1812: An Account Based on the Words of the Local Pioneers Who Were There.
6141 BROWNCROFT NEIGHBORHOOD HISTORY COMMITTEE.ASSOCIATION. A History of the Browncroft Area. with chart laid in, "Commercial sketch of Winton Road North 1920-1950."
6142 CANFIELD, DAVID "JOSH". An Introduction to the South Wedge and Its History.
6143 DE ZAFRA, DOROTHEA M. Charlotte's Lighthouse and Its River: How They Came to Be.
6146 JONES, JEAN. South West Area.
6147 LOGAN, LORNA, and SHARON LOGAN. Maplewood History.
6148 MEADOWS, DORIS M. Neighborhood as Community: The Nineteenth Ward in Rochester, New York.
6149 MOSHOLDER, JERRY, with help from ANN DANIELS. The Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood.
6150 NOWELL, ROBIN. Beyond the Other Side of the Tracks: A Brief History of C.O.N.E.A. (the 5th and 7th Wards).
6151 ODDLEIFSON, CHRISTINA. A Demographic Study of a Block in the Third Ward, Rochester, New York, 1850, 1875, 1905, 1925.
6152 ODDLEIFSON, CHRISTINA. The Continuation of a Demographic Study of One Block in the Third Ward, Rochester, N.Y., Including Oral Histories for the Years 1925, 1960, 1977.
6153 POLICICCHIO, SANDY, and BRENDA E. LEE. Dutchtown: changing Faces and Places.
6154 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. Remembering the Ward.
6155 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. this is the garden....
6156 SALTMAN, JULIET. A Fragile Movement: The Struggle for Neighborhood Stabilization.
6157 SMITH, KATHRYN. Brown Square: A Neighborhood for People and Industries.

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