Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3197 BOOKMAN, CLARENCE M. A Study of the Community Chest and Council of Social Agencies of Rochester, New York; also a Study of Seven Surveys from the Community Organization Standpoint.
3198 COMMUNITY CHEST. ... A Record of Fifteen Years to March 31, 1933, Giving Detailed Information Concerning the Amount Pledged, Amount Collected, A Amount Paid Out and Purposes for Which Expended, together with Costs of Oper-ation.
3199 COMMUNITY CHEST. A Survey of the Family Agencies and Certain. Related Ser vices of Rochester, New York.
3200 COMMUNITY CHEST. This Is Your Community Chest: Its History, Philosophy and Operation.
3201 COMMUNITY CHEST. Community Social Services--Needs, Priorities and Long-Range Plan.
3202 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Some Facts, Policies and Recommendations Per-taining to the Social Agencies of Rochester, N.Y.
3203 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Cost and Volume of Social Work in Rochester, New York.
3204 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Where We've Been and Where We Are: Some Facts about Health and Welfare Services and Expenditures.
3205 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Supplement or Substitute: An Introduction to Long Range Planning for the Social Services of Rochester and Monroe County.
3206 FAMILY WELFARE SOCIETY. The Social Welfare League of Rochester, Inc. (Formerly the United Charities), 1911-1926.
3207 JACOBSON, ISRAEL G. A Historical Study of the Community Organization Pro-cesses Involved in the Organization and Early Growth of a Council of Social Agencies.
3208 KIRK, WILLIAM. "Our Confidential Exchange Bureau."
3209 MINER, EDWARD G. The Formation of the United Charities of Rochester, New York (now Known as the Social Welfare League).
3210 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Memorandum on Rochester Social Welfare Activities.
3211 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. General Study of Cost and Volume of Social Welfare Activities in Rochester, N.Y. ...
3212 ROCHESTER REGIONAL RESEARCH LIBRARY COUNCIL. Social Sciences Statistics Fact Finder for Greater Rochester ...
3196 WOLF, HORACE J. "A Survey of Rochester's Blind Men and Women."

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