Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2085 ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. The Erie Canal.
2086 ANDRIST, RALPH K. The Erie Canal.'
2087 ANDRIST, RALPH K. "The Erie Canal Passed this Way."
2088 CARMER, CARL. "'O the Ee-rye-ee-was risen""
2089 CHALMERS, HARVEY, II, and JOHN H. FLANDREAU. The Birth of the Erie Canal.
2090 CHALMERS, HARVEY, II, and JOHN H. FLANDREAU. How the Irish Built the Erie.
2091 DRAGO, HARRY S. Canal Days in America: The History and Romance of Old Towpaths and Waterways.
5312 FOX, CRAIG. Motoring in Western New York. Reprints of a Series of Cartoons of Various Places of Interest in
2092 HARLOW, ALVIN F. Old Towpaths: The Story of the American Canal Era.
2093 HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM O. Early Days of the Erie Canal--Adventures in Statesmanship and Canal Transport.
5857 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. Spirits Still Haunting the Genesee.
5313 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. Valley of the Ghosts: Folklore and Legends from the Storied Genesee Valley Region of New York State.
5314 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. "Spirits Still Haunting the Genesee."
5315 JONES, LOUIS C. Three Eyes on the Past: Exploring New York Folk Life.
2095 KIMBALL, FRANCIS P. New York--The Canal State: The Story of America's Great Water Route from the Lakes to the Sea, Builder of East and West; with a Discussion of the St. Lawrence Treaty.
5858 KREELAND, DONALD E. Spirits of the Genesee/Finger Lakes Region.
2096 LOGAN, NANCY A. "Look for a Post!"
2097 MERRILL, ARCH. "Rochester 'The Young Lion,' Child of the Erie Canal."
2099 O'DONNELL, THOMAS F. "Notes for a Bibliography of the Canals of New York."
2098 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "Influence of the Erie Canal in the Development of New York State."
2100 RAPP, MARVIN A. Canal Water and Whiskey: Tall Tales from the Erie Canal Country.
2101 ROBISON, BRUCE. "De Witt Clinton and the Erie Canal."
5859 SISSON, AL. Down the Road a Piece with Al Sisson.
5316 THOMPSON, HAROLD. Body, Boots & Britches…
5316 THOMPSON, HAROLD. Body, Boots & Britches…
2102 WAGGONER, MADELINE SADLER. The Long Haul West: The Great Canal Era, 1817-1850.
2103 WYLD, LIONEL D. "Notes for a Yorker Dictionary of Canales."
2104 WYLD, LIONEL D. Low Bridge: Folklore and the Erie Canal.
2105 WYLD, LIONEL D. "Boaters and Broomsticks."

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