Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
878 ABBOTT, GEORGE. 'Mister Abbott.'
876 ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. Grandfather Stories.
877 ANGEVINE, R. ELBERT. Short Skyride: A Story of Golden Days in Rochester.
879 BRAGDON, CLAUDE. "Reminiscences of Rochester of the Eighties."
880 BROWNYARD, MARY JANE. The Diary of Mary Jane Brownyard, ed. Theodore L. Brownyard..
881 CLUNE, HENRY W. Main Street Beat.
882 CLUNE, HENRY W. The Rochester I know. .
883 COATES, ROBERT M. The View from Here.
884 DANFORTH, Mrs. Henry G. "Rochester's Gay Nineties."
885 DIENSTAG, ELEANOR. Whither Thou Goest: The Story of an Uprooted Wife.
886 FLORENCE, LOUISE. "Sunday at the Glen House: A Letter of 1880 Describing the Simple Pleasure of Early Rochester Life," ed. Landis Smith.
887 GERLING, CURT. Smugtown, U.S.A.
888 GERLING, CURT. Good Enough for Grandpa ...
889 GERMANOW, HARRY. Harry Germanow, My Own Story.
890 GOLER, FRANK H Random Recollections of the Eighties.
891 GOLER, FRANK H "Rochester of the Seventies."
892 GOLER, FRANK H "Rochester Street Scenes in the Eighties."
893 GOLER, FRANK H "Main Street: In Retrospect."
894 HITCHCOCK, S. EDWARD. 'My First Visit to Rochester."
895 HOSMER, HOWARD C. No Pure Delight: A Newspaper Columnists' Scrapbook.
896 KENDRICK, RYLAND M. "One Impression of Rochester in the Nineties."
899 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Boyhood Memories of the 'Ditch.'"
897 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Jerry."
896 PAVIOUR, ERNEST A. "The Days of the Waltz and Two-Step."
900 REMINTON, HARVEY F. "Recollections of Rochester at the Close of the Nineteenth Century."
901 RHEES, HARRIET SEELYE. "Rochester at the Turn of the Century."
902 SILVER, HENRY D. "Diary of a One-Horse Enterpriser: Fifty Years Ago in Upstate New York," ed. James W. Silver.
903 SILVER, HENRY D. 'Making a Living in Rochester: The Diary of Henry D. Silver, 1906-1914," ed. James W. Silver.
904 SLATER, JOHN R. "Rochester Forty Years Ago."
905 SLOAN, WILLIAM E. Recollections of Sixty Years, 1870-1930.
906 TRIMBLE, JEANNETTE HOOKER. "St. Paul St. in the Old Days."

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