Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
49 Lenderman's Thousand Characters and Ten Thousand Practical Facts from Common Life. Introduced in an Amusing and Exciting Narrative of His Own Varied and Singular Life…
47 ABBOTT, ELOISE MILES. Personal Sketches and Recollections: In a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend. And Miscellaneous Essays.
5860 ARKSEY, LAURA, et al. American Diaries, an Annotated Bibliography of Published American Diaries and Journals.
5861 BROWN, BOLTON. Boyhood Memories of Bolton Brown, Including a Philosophical Treatise Titled, "How I Shed Religion."
5862 BURBANK, JUDIA. A Time to Remember.
6130 CARR, DEBORAH, et al. Genesee Memories; Adventure in Neighborhood.
5445 CLUNE, HENRY W. I Always Liked It Here: Reminiscences of a Rochesterian. Rochester: Friends of the University of
5446 FAIRBANK, NATHANIEL. "Extracts from the Journal of Nathaniel Fairbank, 1850-1852."
48 HOPKINS, SAMUEL. M. "Sketch of the Public and Private Life of Samuel Miles Hopkins, of Salem, Connecticut, Written by Himself, and Left as a Token of Affection to His Children."
6131 HOY, CYRUS. Mrs. Gilman H. Perkins and Her World.
6132 JACKSON, MASON. The Building.
5863 JENSEN, DAVID E. In My Time, Memoirs.
6133 KLOS, LLOYD E. A Resident's Recollections.
50 McKENZIE, DONALD. Early History of the Genesee Country.
51 PARTRIDGE, GEORGE F., ed. "A Yankee on the New York Frontier, 1833-1851."
5447 REMINGTON, CAROLYN S. LYON. The Straight & Narrow Path, ed. Rowland L. Collins.
6134 RIEGER, JAMES. Dear Hearts: Clara Louise Werner Ward (1889-1973) and Charlotte Whitney Allen (1891-1978).
6135 SANFORD, HAROLD W. Reflections, Personal and Otherwise, on a Forty Years' Residence in Rochester.
52 SPALDING, LYMAN A. "Recollections of the War of 1812 and Early Life in Western New York."
5448 STEWART, MARY ANN ST. LEGER MCGINN. Mary Ann St. Leger McGinn Stewart 1845-1914, Diaries, Letters, and Poems, ed. Elizabeth Hoisington Stewart.
6136 VAN DEUSEN, RUTH. Memories of Childhood at Warner Castle.
53 WEED, THURLOW. "Stage-Coach Travelling Forty-Six Years Ago. A Chapter from Mr. Thurlow Weed's Autobiography."
5449 WENDT, ANN TAYLOR. All of Us: a Biographical History of John Jacob Bausch and His Descendants from 1830 to 1978.

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