Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4057 "Minute Book, 1836-1881, of the Free Will Baptist Church of Eatt Pen field, Monroe County, New York."
4116 Holy Spirit Parish, Penfield, New York... South Hackensack, N.J.: Custombook, Inc., 1969.
6090 Penfield, Our Town: Handbook for Citizens.
2787 BOLTON, ARMAND S. A Story Historical of the Penfield Volunteer Fire Company. 1841-1960.
697 BOWN, BERTHA BRUNER. Some Intimate Items of Early Penfield History.
698 BRAHLER, VERNA K., ed. I Remember When ... Penfield.
6088 FRANK, MAUDE E. Images of Early Penfield; a Collection of Photographs and Memorabilia.
6089 FRANK, MAUDE E. A Retrospective Look at the Town of Penfield, 1976-1989.
2786 MONROE COUNTY. Division of Regional Planning. An Inventory for Planning for the Town of Penfield, Monroe County, New York.
2788 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Planning Inventory, Town of Penfield, Monroe County, N.Y.
2789 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Master Plan, Town of Penfield, Monroe County, N.Y.
699 THOMPSON, KATHERINE WILCOX. Penfield's Past, 1810-1960.
4021 VAN OSTRAND, Mrs. Clayton. History of the Penfield Baptist Church, 1904-1941.

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