Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
6441 ASTIFAN, PRISCILLA. Symphonies in Green: Olmsted's Rochester Parks.
6442 BARRY, WILLIAM C. The Lamberton Memorial Conservatory; A Year Around Flower Show Located in Highland Park.
6443 BAYER, MARK HAROLD Lower Falls Park.
6444 CARPER, STEVE. `Shunned by All Timid Persons.'
6445 LYONS, CHUCK. Religious Conversion.
6446 MCKELVEY, BLAKE. A Growing Legacy: An Illustrated History of Rochester's Parks.
6447 MERCER, LAURIE. Peace Park.
2717 MONROE COUNTY. Park and Recreation Study Committee. A Plan for Parks and Recreation in Monroe County. Vol. 1: Parks. Vol. 2: Recreation.
2718 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. The Future of Conservation and Re-creation in Monroe County: A Review of Needs and Opportunities for Park and Conservation Land Acquisition and Development ...
2719 ROCHESTER CENTER FOR GOVERNMENTAL & COMMUNITY RESEARCH. A New Zoo? The Importance of Environmental Education in Monroe County.
2720 WAASDORP, NORTHRUP & KAELBER, architects,. County of Monroe Zoological Park Development Program.
6448 WICKES, MARJORIE, and TIM O'CONNELL. The Legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted.

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