Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
407 "Furnaceville Cemetery in Wayne County, New York."
406 "Lakeside Cemetery of Ontario Twp. ..."
3386 "A History of the Canandaigua Academy."
1950 History and Commerce of Central New York. With Illustrated Supplement of the Columbian World's Fair at Chicago.
6563 The Kirklands' School in Geneva.
1945 Community Spotlight: Knowing Geneva.
1230 Rural Index Map & "Compass System" Map with Almanac.
1234 "Clock System" Rural Index Ontario County, New York.
1235 Ontario County, N.Y. Rural Index "Compass System" Map and Localized Almanac.
3123 An Account of the Unveiling of a Tablet to the Memory of Nine Soldiers Who Went Out from Cheshire, Ontario County, New York, to Serve in the Union Army during the Civil War, and Whose Burial Places are Unknown.
1232 Flynn's General Directory for the Towns of Geneva, Phelps, Clifton Springs and Canandaigua, for 1873-4. ...
5602 The Development of the Public Schools in Geneva,
5603 Happy Moments at High Street School.
5608 "West Bloomfield, Ontario County, N.Y."
5756 Art Work of Ontario County, New York.
5758 Glancing Backward: A Walking Tour of Early Village Homes.
5759 Granger Homestead, Canandaigua, New York.
5763 19th Century Architecture in Geneva; Exhibit Catalogue Published by the Geneva Historical Society.
4632 A Circle Tour of Ontario County.
1953 BEACH, B.F. "Early Merchants of Seneca Falls."
1954 BOLTON, ARMAND S. Historiette of Pump & Fire Apparatus Manufacturers of Seneca Falls, New York.
2884 BROWN, LE GRAND. Report on Pavements, Village of Canandaigua, New York, 1905.
5601 BUMPUS, LOUISE BATES. "Hannah Upham. a Pioneer Educator."
5757 CANANDAIGUA CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. Quarter Century Report of Canandaigua Cemetery Association, Canandaigua, New York; Woodlawn Cemetery, 1884-1909.
1944 CAPLISE, J. FRANK. Canandaigua: Its Advantages, Growth and Beauty.
1955 CARLS, J. NORMAN, and WALTER W. RISTOW. "The Industrial Geography of Seneca Falls, New York."
1463 CARR, M. EARL, and others. "Soil Survey of Ontario County, New York." Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1910, pp. 93-143 and map.
1956 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Taverns of Seneca Falls."
1957 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Flouring Mills."
1958 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Industries."
1959 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Banking Houses of Seneca Falls."
1960 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Barrel and Boat Manufacturing."
4633 COLE, GLYNDON. "Granger Homestead."
1946 CONGDON, CHARLES H., ed. Geneva, New York, the Lakeside City: Its lndustrial, Social, Educational and Residential Advantages.
3387 CORNELL UNIVERSITY. School of Education. An Audit of the Educational Program of the Geneva Public Schools. Prepared for the Board of Education ...
1961 COWING, JANET McKAY. "Early Milliners of Seneca Falls."
4634 CUNNINGHAM, ANNA K. "Parrott Hall--An Italian Villa in Upstate New York."
4635 DELAVAN, Mrs. Byron H. Granger Homestead, Canandaigua, New York. Canandaigua: Granger Homestead Society, n.d. 16 pp.
1952 EARBEN, ARNOLD H. Cowing & Co., Great Fire Engine and Pump Works, Seneca. Falls, N.Y. 1840-1875. A Story of Their Fire Engines.
1947 GENEVA NATIONAL BANK. Centennial Anniversary of Geneva National Bank.
1948 GENEVA NATIONAL BANK. The National Bank of Geneva: Being an Account of the Bank & the Community It Has Served for a Century & a Quarter, 1817-1942.
6562 HARFORD, LUCILE M. School Days, School Days, a Chronicle of Ansley School District 3, Town of Geneva, State of New York.
1949 HAYES, GEORGE M. History of Banking in Canandaigua from 1813 to 1951.
6339 HIGGINS, JAY. The Engine Company Remembered for Its Boats.
6340 HOTRA, LYNDA MCCURDY. Better Quality: An Illustrated History of the Lisk Manufacturing Company.
1962 KING, WILLIAM T. History of the American Steam Fire-Engine.
1963 KLINE, SAMUEL. "Saw Mills of Seneca Falls."
1233 LANT & SILVERNAIL. Ontario County 1884-5 Directory ...
1231 LANT, J.H. Ontario County Directory, for 1870. Containing the Names of the Inhabitants of Canandaigua, Geneva, and Phelps, Together with a Business Directory of Ontario County.
5604 LUTHER, D. DANA. The History of Naples Academy--Union School--High School, 1861-1912, with Brief Mention of Some Antecedent Naples Schools.
5761 MARGARET WOODBURY STRONG MUSEUM. A Guide to the Study of a Victorian Household..
5760 McKECHNIE, MARY K. Mary Clark Thompson and Sonnenberg, the Golden Era.
3124 ONTARIO COUNTY SOLDIERS' MONUMENT ASSOC. Address to the Electors of Ontario County, by the Ontario County Monument Association.
3388 ONTARIO FEMALE SEMINARY. Catalogue of Officers, Teachers and Pupils, of the Ontario Female Seminary, Canandaigua, April, 1833.
6564 PARSHALL, MARGARET G. et al. Bloomfield Schools Revisited, a History of Education in East Bloomfield, 1789-1989.
1464 PEARSON. C.S., and others. "Soil Survey of Ontario and Yates Counties, New York." U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, Series 1949, no. 5.
3389 PETERS, ROSWELL B. Indebtedness in the School Districts of Ontario County, New York, for the School Years 1924-25 to 1932-33 ...
3390 PHELPS UNION & CLASSICAL SCHOOL. Report of the Proceedings, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Opening of the Vienna Union School, Held in the Old School House, October 26th, 1896.
4636 ROSE, CHRISTINA LIVINGSTON. "Main Street, Geneva, New York."
1964 SANFORD, Mrs. L.R. "Early Industries."
5605 SCHULTZ, DIANE GRANVILLE. "A Study of the Establishment in Farming of Veterans Who Enrolled in the I.O.F. Training Program at Naples, N.Y."
4637 SCHUYLER, MONTGOMERY. "The Architecture of American Colleges. Part 9: Union, Hamilton, Hobart, Cornell, and Syracuse."
5946 SCULLY, VIRGINIA D. Heritage Square at the Brick Church Corners, Ontario, New York.
5606 SWENSON, RALPH E. "Study of Former Vocational Agriculture Students in the Naples, New York Area ..."
1951 TAYLOR, FRANK H., comp. Geneva on Seneca Lake.
5764 TOMLAN, MARY RADDANT. A Walking Tour in Canandaigua: Comprising the Residential Area along Gibson, Howell, and North Main Streets and the South Main Street Commercial District..
405 TRIMBLE, AUGUST, ed. History of the Town of Ontario.
5607 WAITE, D. BYRON. Notes on Jt. School District Number Five, Towns of Canadice & Springwater.
4638 WALKER, BLANCHARD B. "History in Towns: Geneva, New York."
1965 WEAVER, MARION M. History of Tile Drainage. Waterloo: Privately published, 1964.
1966 WETMORE, Mrs. S. A. "An Old-Time Lawsuit."

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