Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
6862 Bands and Bandwagons of the 1890's.
6873 A Pictorial Glimpse of the RKO Palace Theatre.
6861 APPLEBY, LARRY. Remembering...the Farman Theatre.
6863 BRONNER, SIMON J. Old-Time Music Makers of New York State.
6864 CAHN, WILLIAM L. Rochester's Orchestra: A History of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and Its Educational Programming, 1922 to 1989.
6865 DREW, L. GRACE. My Recollections of the Silent Movies.
6866 HIGDON, JAMES M., Jr. Seventy-five Years of Organ Playing: A Survey of Artist Recitals in Rochester, New York, Since 1900.
6867 KATTEN, JUDITH. Paintings from a Picture Palace.
6869 KIMBALL, JAMES W. Old-time Country Dancing in Genesee County, pp. 8-18 of Living Traditions in Genesee County; a Two-Day Festival of Folk Artists at the Genesee County Fair's 150th Anniversary.
6868 KIMBALL, JAMES. Country Dancing in Central and Western New York State.
6870 KLOS, LLOYD E. Milestones of RTOS' First 25 Years.
6871 MADALENA, BATISTE. Movie Posters, the Paintings of Batiste Madalena.
6872 ORCUTT, BRENT G. A Biography of Enid Knapp Botsford-Orcutt.
6874 ROARK-CALNEK, SUE. The Expressive Culture of Migrant Farmworkers: Theme and Constraint in Contemporary Performance.
6875 SIBLEY MUSIC LIBRARY. Rochester's Music, Its beginnings: An Exhibit Celebrating Rochester's Sesquicentennial....
6876 WATSON, JAMES SIBLEY, Jr. and HERBERT STERN, ALEC WILDER, and LEWIS WHITBECK, Jr. The Films of J.S. Watson, Jr., and Melville Webber: Some Retrospective Views.

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