Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
5896 Town of Livonia History...from the Pioneer Settlement by Solomon Woodruff and Other Early Settlers to the Present.
4242g Building Centennial, 1860-1960, Livonia, N.Y.
4111 50th Anniversary, St. Joseph's Church, Livonia, New York, 1911-1961.
4328 Proceedings of the Centennial Celebration of the Organization of the First Presbyterian Church ...
4242h CURRY, Mrs. Reed V. Directory and History of the First M.E. Church, ... Lima, N.Y, 1900.
4329 DAVIS, JOSEPHINE B. Sesqui-Centennial, First Presbyterian Church, 1806-1956, Livonia Center, New York.
226 DAVIS, MINERVA. Reminiscences of Eighty Years Ago.
4327 MILLHAM, W.H. A Historical Sermon Delivered in the Presbyterian Church, Livonia Center, N.Y., July 2d, 1876..
227 WILKINS, LOIS NICKERSON Portrait of a Church: A Story of the Long Family of Livonia, New York.
4013 WILKINS, LOIS NICKERSON. The History of the Livonia Baptist Church and the Livonia Community Congregational Church, 1867-1967.

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