Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1228 A Landowners' Directory of Livingston County, New York.
3384 "Town School Histories."
3385 View of the Livingston County High-School: On Temple-Hill, Geneseo To Which are Subjoined, Brief Remarks on Some of the Leading Topics of Popular Education.
1226 Directory of Dansville, Mt. Morris, Geneseo, Nunda, Lima, Avon and Livonia, and Towns of Livingston County, N.Y. ...
1227 Parsons' Directory of Livingston County, N.Y. ...
1941 Livingston County Pocket Business Directory of Leading Firms ...
1229 The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Livingston County, New York ...
1930 Avon, New York, As It Is Today.
6561 Old York Times IV: School Days, Featuring York District Schools and Hamlets of Wadsworth and Greigsville.
3381 "Survey of Livingston County Schools."
3382 Souvenir of the Reunion, after Fifty Years, of the Excursion Party from Temple Hill High School to Niagara.
3383 Survey of Area Vocational and Technical Education Services and Needs in Steuben, Schuyler, and Livingston Counties and Part of Allegany County.
3113 ABBOTT, HORN G. "Memorial Address."
1928 AVON BOARD OF TRADE. Avon, N.Y. Year Book, 1912.
1929 AVON. Report on the Availability and Suitability of Avon, N.Y. as Location for U.S. Veterans' Hospital.
1456 CARR, M. EARL. "Soil Survey of Livingston County, New York." Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1908, pp. 71-157 and map.
1230 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Ontario County, N.Y., for 1867-8.
6336 CONKLIN, WILLIAM D., compiler. Dansville Board of Trade, What It Did for the Community.
6337 FISKE, PAUL R. Understanding Economic Growth; a Macroeconomic Analysis of the Livingston County Economy.
1934 FOSTER WHEELER CORP. Welcome to Foster Wheeler Corporation, Dansville, N.Y. Plant: Home of the World's Best Boilermakers.
3380 FOSTER, J. MURRAY. A Study: The Dansville High School.
4629 FULTON, G., JR. "Taintor Homestead, East Avon, N.Y."
1935 FULTS, RICHARD. A Study of the Annual Expenditures Patterns of the Faculty and Staff at the State University of New York College at Geneseo.
1936 GENESEE & WYOMING RAILROAD CO. Industrial Sites in the Heart of the World's Richest Market on the Main Line of the Genesee and Wyoming Railroad.
1938 HALL, BOWMAN N. The Economic Impact of the State University of New York College of Arts and Science at Geneseo on the Village of Geneseo, 1971-72.
5754 KELLOGG, DAWN K. "The Mills Mansion of Mount Morris."
1939 KINGSBURY, H.D. "Livonia--The Distilleries."
1225 LANT, M.W. Livingston County 1880 Directory, Containing the General Directories of Dansville, Geneseo and Mount Morris, the Business Directory of Livingston County, A List of Farmers ...
1940 LIVINGSTON COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Industry Today in Livingston County, New York.
2881 LIVINGSTON COUNTY. Resources Development Committee. For Growth and Development: A Report of the Livingston County Resources Development Committee.
4630 MAIL, PAUL. A Distinctive /Village: A Survey and Evaluation of Geneseo's Main Street, ed. Betty J. Keller, and others.
5755 MALO, PAUL. Geneseo: A Museum of Historic Building, ed. Marcia R. Craner.
1942 MARTIN, DAVID A. "A Study of the Geneseo Shopping Plaza Market Area: Summary Findings."
6560 MATTERA, GLORIA. The BOCES-Geneseo Migrant Center: History and Development.
6338 ODEGARD, GORDON. A. R. Gilmore Feed Mill.
1457 PEARSON. C.S., and others. "Soil Survey of Livingston County, New York."
2882 PROCTOR, L.B. "The Judge and Lawyers of Livingston County and Their Relation to the History of Western New York."
1931 PRUNER, HARRY M. Avon. A Complete Description of the Village and Its Sulphur Springs.
1933 ROTARY CLUB, Dansville. Dansville.
4631 SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF LANDMARKS IN WESTERN NEW YORK. "A Day in the Historic Genesee Valley," October 11, 1952 ...
1224 STETSON, G. EMMET. New Gazetteer and Business Directory for Livingston County, N.Y., for 1868.
1943 THOMAS, DOUGLAS A. " A Study of College Student Expenditures in the Village of Geneseo in the Academic Year, 1968-69.
2883 WOOLSTON, LOREN S. Local Government in Livingston County.

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