Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4109 "St. Peter's, LeRoy, 1849-1869-1969."
166 BEACH, CANDACE. "Diary of Candace Beach."
4011 JORDAN, JOYCE G. "The First Baptist Church of LeRoy, 1818-1968."
5891 LE ROY SESQUICENTENNIAL HISTORICAL COMMITTEE. The Heritage of Le Roy; A Pictorial History of the Village of Le Roy, New York.
167 LEROY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Heritage of LeRoy.
168 McVEAN, ALBERT F. "LeRoy in 1823."
169 McVEAN, ALBERT F. "LeRoy's Bicentennial: or A Mere Glance at Local Changes during the Past 200 Years."
4174 McVEAN, ALBERT F. St. Mark's Church, 1817-1967.
170 SCHMIDT, CARL F. The LeRoy Settlement.
171 TOMLINSON, GEORGE. From Youth to Seventy and What I Saw by the Way.

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