Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2325 CARRUTH, CHARLES. "Indian Trails to Thruway: A Brief History of Road Building in Monroe County and New York State."
2326 ECI Systems. Comprehensive Development Program for Public Transportation, Phase II. Final Report.
2327 MOONEY, THOMAS T. Highways and Bridges in Monroe County, a Framework for Responsibilities.
2328 N.Y. Department of Public Works. Report on State Arterial Highways in the Rochester Urban Area.
2329 N.Y. Department of Transportation. Summary of Travel. Inventory Data. (Rochester Metropolitan Transportation Study)
2330 N.Y. Department of Transportation. Analysis of the Characteristics and Use of the Inventoried Transit System. (Rochester Metropolitan Transportation Study)
2331 N.Y. Department of Transportation. The 1990 Plan for Transportation Facilities.
2332 PERRY, BERNARD F. "Development of a Modern Highway System in Rochester and Monroe County."
2333 ROCHESTER. City Planning Commission. A Report of Rochester's Major Street System. Rochester: 1947. 64 pp. See also "A Major Street Plan for the City of Rochester."
2334 U.S. Federal Highway Administration, and N.Y. Department of Transportation. The Rochester Outer Loop (1-590) from Scottsville Road (Route 383) to Winton Road, Monroe County ...
2335 U.S. Federal Highway Administration, and N.Y. Department of Transportation. Final Environmental Impact Statement: Rochester Outer Loop (I7571: Scottsville Road to Winton Road.
2336 ZODIKOFF, BENJAMIN. 1963 Arterial Network: Rochester Metropolitan Transportation Study.

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