Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4862 Art Work of Ontario County, New York.
5864 BEALE, IRENE A. Genesee Valley Events, 1668-1986.
5865 BEALE, IRENE A. Genesee Valley Women, 1743-1985.
5866 CLUNE, HENRY W. The Genesee.
5867 GARFF, ROYAL LOVELL. Social and Economic Conditions in the Genesee Country, 1787-1813.
4864 GENESEE VALLEY COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Early Arts in the Genesee Valley, Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries.
4865 GENESEE VALLEY COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Art and History, 1976.
4863 GENESEE VALLEY COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Horses and Hounds of the Genesee,
4866 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD, and NORMAN KENT. The Genesee Country & the Western New York through which The Genesee So Proudly Flows--Being a Brief Discourse on an Exceedingly Fair & Gentle Land. Embellished with Relief Prints by Norman Kent.
5868 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. Forgotten Heroes.
4867 KENT, NORMAN. "The Erie Canal, a Record in Pastels by J. Erwin Porter."
5869 MCKELVEY, BLAKE. The Genesee Country Villages in Early Rochester's History.
4868 MEMORIAL ART GALLERY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. The Genesee Country: Essay by Henry W. Clone, Introduction and Catalogue by Howard S. Merritt. Memorial Art, Gallery of the University of Rochester, January 17-February 22, 1976.
4869 NUTTING, WALLACE. New York Beautiful ... Illustrated by the Author with Pictures of Rural New York with Special Reference to Their Aesthetic Features and Old Life.
5870 TRUBOWITZ, NEAL L. Highway Archaeology and Settlement Study in the Genesee Valley.
4870 WADSWORTH, DANIEL. "Illustrations of the View Taken from the Upper Falls of the Genesee River; in a Letter to the Editor."

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