Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1922 "Fifty Years of Lapp Insulator Company."
2878 "History of LeRoy Fire Department."
5885 Gentle Slopes and Homespun Folks: Town of Genesee Sesquicentennial, 1830-1980.
4626 "Unique New Office with a Venerable Past ..."
1222 Genesee County Rural Index & "Compass System" Map with Almanac.
1220 The Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Genesee County, New York ...
1221 Classified and Graded Directory of All Farms of Genesee Co., N.Y. for Merchants, Manufacturers and Professional Men.
5337 Town of Genesee, 1830-1980, Sesquicentennial: Gentle Slopes and Homespun Folks. Little Genesee: 3
6758 The Architectural Heritage of Genesee County, New York.
5753 Official Bicentennial Map & Guide to Historic Batavia, New York.
3378 Reminiscences of the Life and Character of Col. Phineas Staunton, A.M., November, 1867.
4625 BARONS, VIRGINIA, ed. The Beauty of Genesee County: Architecture, Recreation, and Scenic Routes.
1917 BATAVIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. The City of Batavia, N.Y.
1218 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y., for 1869-70.
1219 CRAFT, A.J. Genesee County Business Directory ... Containing Sketches of the Early Pioneers of the Holland Purchase: Sketches of the Towns and Their Early Settlers ...
1454 EFFERSON, J. N. "An Economic Study of Land Utilization in Genesee County, New York."
3375 ENGELMAN, ROSE C. The History of Ingham "University, 1837-1892.
1923 GENERAL FOODS CORP. A Brief History of Jell-O.
1223 GENESEE COUNTY FARM BUREAU. Triennial Atlas & Plat Book, Genesee County, New York.
1453 GUSTAFSON, A.F., and others. "The Soils and Crop Production in Genesee County, New York."
3376 INGHAM UNIVERSITY. Alumnae Catalogue, Ingham University, Fifty Years.
1919 JOHNSTON HARVESTER CO. Souvenir of Batavia. Photo-Gravures.
140 KING, MARIA, and M.W. MANN. The History of Ceres and Its Near Vicinity from Its Early Settlement in 1790 to the Present.
4627 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF GENESEE COUNTY. A Tour, Architectural & Historical, of the Town of Elba.
3377 LE ROY ACADEMIC INSTITUTE. The Lyceum Record of the LeRoy Academic Institute, Organized January, 1867.
1920 LEROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Perspective on LeRoy.
2879 LEROY. Recreation Commission. Where and How LeRoy Plays, 1922-1925.
1452 LEWIS, H.G. "Soil Survey of Genesee County, New York." Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1922, pp. 1595-1648 and map.
1924 McVEAN, ALBERT F. "The LeRoy Salt Company."
2880 N.Y. Comptroller's Office. Report to State Comptroller Martin H. Glynn on the Examination of the Accounts of Genesee County ...
1921 NICHOLS, C.M., and F.D. HYDE, comps. Genesee County of Today, Anno Domini 1917. Special Number of the Batavia Times ...
1925 RUSSELL, MARIAN A. "The Genesee Pure Food Company and Jell-O."
1926 RUSSELL, MARIAN A. "Kemp and Lane, Inc."
4628 SCHMIDT, CARL F., and ANN. The Architectural Development of LeRoy, New York.
1927 SPILLER, BURTON. "The Jell-O Story."
3379 VAN LENNEP. HENRY J. Ingham University: A University for Women, in LeRoy, N.Y. Historical Sketch and Description ...
1455 WULFORST, JOHN P. Soil Survey of Genesee County, New York. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service.

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