Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1324 BRYCE, HERRINGTON J. Earnings of Migratory Farm Workers in Wayne County, New York, 1968.
6247 DUPONT, PATRICIA, CARL H. FEUER and JEAN KOST. Black Migrant Farmworkers in New York State: Exploitable Labor.
1325 GILLETT, ROY L. A Study of Farm Labor in Seneca County, New York.
1326 HUGHES, CAROLY NIVENS. The Dynamics of Migratory Settlement in Wayne County, New York State.
1327 LARSON, OLAF F., and EMIT F. SHARP. "Migratory Farm Workers in the Atlantic Coast Stream. I. Changes in New York, 1953 and 1957. II. Education of New York Workers and Their Children, 1953 and 1957."
6248 LEHMANN, JOYCE WOELFLE, ed. Migrant Farmworkers of Wayne County, New York: A Collection of Oral Histories from the Back Roads.
6249 MAHONEY, VELMA WINTER. Dad Was a Thresher, Story of Charles E. Winter.
1328 MOTHERAL, JOE R., HOWARD E. THOMAS, and OLAF F. LARSON. "Migratory Farm Workers in the Atlantic Coast Stream, Western New York, June 1953; A Preliminary Report."
6250 NEVINGER, CHET. Steam Versus Man Power in 1918.
1329 STOUT, RONALD M. The New York Farm Labor Camps, 1940-1946.
1330 TAYLOR, LEE, and J. PAUL LEAGANS, eds. "Workers in Agribusiness."
1331 WAYNE HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES. Wayne Housing Opportunities, Inc. Preliminary Proposal, Farm Labor Housing.
6251 WILSON, JOHN G. The Sound of the Whistle in the Days of Steam Threshing.

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