Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4305 Centennial of the Presbyterian Church, Dansville, N.Y. 1925.
4306 150th Anniversary, 1825-1975, the Presbyterian Church, Dansville, N.Y.
4205 75th Anniversary, 1874-1949, St. John's Lutheran Church, Hamlin, N.Y.
4206 Ninetieth Anniversary, 1874-1964, St. John's Lutheran Church, Hamlin, New York,
4204 St. Paul's United Lutheran Church, 1809-1959,
5353 A History of Dansville.
5352 DE LONG, HERMON W., SR. Boy Hood Reminiscences (Life in Dansville--1855-1872), with Other Sketches, comp. by William D. Conklin.
4097 DOUGHERTY, JAMES T. Golden Jubilee of St. Patrick's Church, Dansville, N.Y.
5893 RAUBER, WILFRED J. Dansville's Heritage - Lest We Forget; a Slide-Tape Production of Local Historical Sites Produced by the Dansville Area Historical Society.
4098 RAUBER, WILFRED J. Parish Pathways: A History of the Events which Have Transpired in St. Mary's Parish from the Beginning of the Parish to the One Hundredth Anniversary Celebrated September 30 through October 2, 1945.

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