Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
6358 AEBERLI, WILLIAM. 150 Years of the Erie-Barge Canal; an Essay.
6359 CARP, ROGER EVAN. The Erie Canal and the Liberal Challenge to Classical Republicanism, 1785-1850.
6360 CARP, ROGER E. The Limits of Reform: Labor and Discipline on the Erie Canal.
6361 FRANKEL, JEREMY G., and PETER WILES, Jr. Erie Canal Guide. Western Section - Tonawanda to Syracuse.
6362 GARRITY, RICHARD G. Recollections of the Erie Canal.
6363 GRASSO, THOMAS X., and RUTH ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK. Remembering an Old Canal Town.
6364 HULLFISH, WILLIAM, compiler and ed. The Canaller's Songbook: Words, Music and Chords to Over Thirty Canal Songs.
6365 KRANZ, TOM. Cruising Guide to the Erie Canal.
6366 LYONS, CHUCK. They Called It the Great Erie Canal.
6367 O'MALLEY, CHARLES T. Low Bridges and High Water on the New York State Barge Canal.
6368 RINKER, HARRY L. The Old Raging Erie.... There Have Been Several Changes: A Postcard History of the Erie Canal and Other New York State Canals (1895 to 1915).
6369 SCULLEY, FRANCIS X. Passage from Erie.
6370 WYLD, LIONEL D. Boaters and Broomsticks: Tales & Historical Lore of the Erie Canal.
6371 WYLD, LIONEL D. The Erie Canal; A Bibliography. Revised edition.

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