Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2071 COOLEY, LYMAN E. Location of Barge Canal and Harbor at Rochester, N.Y.
2072 FAIRLIE, JOHN A. "The New York Canals."
2073 FINCH, ROY G. "The New York State Barge Canal and Its Operation."
2074 HILL, HENRY W. "An Historical Review of Waterways and Canal Construction in New York State.
2075 LONG, C. EDWARD. "Proposed Allegheny-Genesee Waterways Links Vital Inland Water Systems."
2076 N.Y. LEGISLATURE. Report of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Barge Canal.
2077 N.Y. State Engineer and Surveyor. Report on the Barge Canal from the Hudson River to the Great Lakes.
2078 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Genesee River: The Largest and Most Important Stream from the South.
2079 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Twenty Good Reasons Why You Should Vote No
2080 SCHOFF, WILFRED. "The New York State Barge Canal."
2081 SEVERANCE, FRANK G. ed. "Papers Relating to Canal Enlargement in New York State."
2082 SUMNER, JOHN D. New York State Barge Canal Traffic.
2083 WHITBECK, FLORENCE. "New York Barge Canal--Expectations and Realizations."
2084 WHITFORD, NOBLE E. History of the Barge Canal of New York State.

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