Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2170 "The Rochester and State Line Road."
2167 ALLEN, OLIVER. "Reminiscences of the Old Rochester & State Line R.R."
2168 FISHER, CHARLES E. "Locomotives of the Buffalo, Rochester, & Pittsburgh Ry."
2169 KINGSTON, H.H., JR. "When Locomotives Were Christened."
2171 ROTHFUS, ROBERT R. "More about Locomotives of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway."
2172 ROTHFUS, ROBERT R. "Coal Trains North: The Rochester and Pittsburgh Rail road Company."
2173 TOZIER, ETHEL A.M. "The Hawley Pea-Pickers Excursions."
2174 U.S. INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION. ... Valuation Docket No. 710. In the Matter of the Tentative Valuation of the Properties of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Company ... as of June 30, 1917. Protestant's Brief in Support of Protest to Tentative Evaluation. Abstract of Evidence. Vol. 1, Part 2, Land.

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