Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2233 “A Horse Car.”
2241 Interurban Lines of Central and Western New York.
2250 “Rochester Subway.”
2232 “History of New York State Railways.”
2218 ANDREWS, MELVIN D. The Street Car Passes.
2219 ANGLE, JAMES M. Early Street Cars in Rochester.
2220 ARNOLD, BION J. Report on Car Operation and Routing, New York State Railways, Rochester Lines, to the Rochester Chamber of Commerce …
2221 BARROWS, C. STORRS. An Improved Transport System for Rochester Subway.
2222 BEAN, H.E. Report of Physical Property and Franchises of the New York State Railways, Rochester Lines, with Respect to Dates of Mortgage and Merger Periods.
2223 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. Public Service as Private Profit: A Study of Rochester's Street Railway in Comparison with the Municipally Owned Lines of Great Britain.
2230 GORDON, WILLIAM R. Ninety-four Years of Rochester Railways …
2225 GORDON, WILLIAM R. The Story of the Canandaigua Street Railway Company, the Canandaigua. Electric Light and Railway Company, Ontario Light and Traction Company, and the Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway.
2226 GORDON, WILLIAM R. Manitou Beach Trolley Days, 1891-1925.
2224 GORDON, WILLIAM R. The Story of the Rochester and Sodus Bay Railway, "The Royal Blue Line," 1901-1929.
2229 GORDON, WILLIAM R. Keuka Lake Memories: The Champagne Country.
2228 GORDON, WILLIAM R. The Story of the Buffalo, Lockport, and Rochester Railway 1908-1919. The Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo Railroad. Corp., ... 1919-1931 ...
2227 GORDON, WILLIAM R. and JAMES R. MacFARLANE. The Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern "Travelectric," 1906-1931… Rochester: Pulibshed by the author, 1961. 176 pp.
2231 HILTON, GEORGE W. and JOHN F. DUE. The Electric Interurban Railways in
5545 KING, SHELDEN S. “The New York State Railways.
5546 KING, SHELDEN S. Trolleys to Cayuga Lake Park.
2234 KING, SHELDEN S. The New York State Railways.
2235 KING, SHELDEN S. The New York State Railways Pictorial.
2236 KING, SHELDEN S. Trolly Pictures of the Finger Lakes Region.
2237 KING, SHELDEN S. The New York State Railways.
2238 KING, SHELDEN S. Trolleys to Cayuga Lake Park.
2239 KLOS, LLOYD E. The Route of the Orange Limiteds.
2240 LIPMAN, ANDREW D. The Rochester Subway: Experiment in Municipal Rapid Transit.
2242 MALEY, CHARLES. Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway: The Orange Blossom Line.
2243 N.Y. Public Service Commission. ... Report of Traffic Conditions in Rochester, 1912-13.
2245 REIFSCHNEIDER, FELIX E. Interurbans of the Empire State.
2246 REIFSCHNEIDER, FELIX E. Trolley Lines of the Empire State (City and Suburban).
2244 REIFSCHNEIDER, FELIX E. Toonervilles of the Empire State.
2247 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Memorandum in Regard to the Street Railway Situation, Submitted to the Board of Trustees, May 20, 1920.
2249 ROCHESTER RAILWAY COMPANY. Charters, Franchises, Mortgages, Leases, and Agreements.
2248 ROCHESTER, Common Council. Report of the Joint Committee of the Common Council in the Matter of the Investigation of Operation and Management of the Street Surface Railways in the City of Rochester, N.Y.
2252 SMITH, H. BRADFORD, and BLAKE MCKELVEY. Rochester's Turbulent Transit History.
2251 SMITH, H. BRADFORD. The Rochester Street Railway, 1859-1906.

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