Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2877 Directory of Services Available to Allegany County Residents.
2878 "History of LeRoy Fire Department."
2873 Civil List and Constitutional History of the Colony and State of New York.
2875 The New York Red Book ...
2866 BURKE, ARVID J. (“Fiscal Policy for Public Education in New York State, Staff Study No. 1”)
2865 HEDLUND, F.F. “Development of Assessment of Property and Collection of Taxes in Rural New York.”
2872 HOLLEY, ORVILLE L. The New-York State Register, for 1843 ...
2879 LEROY. Recreation Commission. Where and How LeRoy Plays, 1922-1925.
2881 LIVINGSTON COUNTY. Resources Development Committee. For Growth and Development: A Report of the Livingston County Resources Development Committee.
2880 N.Y. Comptroller's Office. Report to State Comptroller Martin H. Glynn on the Examination of the Accounts of Genesee County ...
2874 N.Y. Secretary of State. Manual for the Use of the Legislature of the State of New York ...
2867 N.Y. State Commission for the Revision of the Tax Laws. Reorganization of Local Government in New York State.
2868 SCHNEIDER, DAVID M. The History of Public Welfare in New York State.
2870 SKINNER, ROGER S. The New-York State Register ...
2869 SOWERS, DON C. The Financial History of New York State from 1789-1912.
2876 U.S. Congress. Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress, 1774-1961.
2871 WILLIAMS, EDWIN. The New-York Annual Register ...

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