Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3407 "Judge Alden S. Stevens--Free Schools and Education of the Masses, His Life's Labor.'"
3409 "Pike English and Classical School..'"
3410 "Proposed Restoration of Middlebury Academy."
3397 "Bennington School District One--1813-1857."
3516 "Warsaw School Celebration."
3413 "Seminary Days at Gainesville."
3384 "Town School Histories."
3385 View of the Livingston County High-School: On Temple-Hill, Geneseo To Which are Subjoined, Brief Remarks on Some of the Leading Topics of Popular Education.
3386 "A History of the Canandaigua Academy."
3414 "Short History of School District 16, French Road, Bennington."
3415 "Sunday School on Sucker Brook, 1822-1922."
6568 Dear Old Golden Rule Days.
6563 The Kirklands' School in Geneva.
6561 Old York Times IV: School Days, Featuring York District Schools and Hamlets of Wadsworth and Greigsville.
3378 Reminiscences of the Life and Character of Col. Phineas Staunton, A.M., November, 1867.
3381 "Survey of Livingston County Schools."
3382 Souvenir of the Reunion, after Fifty Years, of the Excursion Party from Temple Hill High School to Niagara.
3383 Survey of Area Vocational and Technical Education Services and Needs in Steuben, Schuyler, and Livingston Counties and Part of Allegany County.
6566 APPLEBY, LARRY. Memories of Warsaw High.
3395 ARNOLD, EDNA L., ed. History of Macedon Academy. 1841-1891..
3517 BASSLER, WELLINGTON E. The Story of Palmer Institute--Starkey Seminary.
3399 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "South Warsaw School."
3400 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Cobblestone Masonic Temple."
6567 BISHOP, LEWIS H. Warsaw's Cobblestone School.
3398 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Madame Broughton: Warsaw Educator Extraordinary."
3401 COOK, HELEN M. "The Sponsor Keeps a Diary."
3387 CORNELL UNIVERSITY. School of Education. An Audit of the Educational Program of the Geneva Public Schools. Prepared for the Board of Education ...
3402 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Sesquicentennial of Middlebury Academy, 1817-3967."
6569 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Early Rural Schools.
3375 ENGELMAN, ROSE C. The History of Ingham "University, 1837-1892.
3380 FOSTER, J. MURRAY. A Study: The Dansville High School.
3403 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Common and Private Schools in Pike."
3404 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Seminary Days in Pike."
6562 HARFORD, LUCILE M. School Days, School Days, a Chronicle of Ansley School District 3, Town of Geneva, State of New York.
3405 HEILBRONNER, LESLIE L. "Perry Graduates 75th Class."
3391 HENION, ANNA. E. "Early Schools of Seneca Falls."
3406 HOOLE, WILLIAM H. "A History of Pike Seminary."
6565 HOSENFELD, ALICE DILLON. History of Macedon High School (1853-1951) with Commentaries from Oral Histories.
3376 INGHAM UNIVERSITY. Alumnae Catalogue, Ingham University, Fifty Years.
6559 KERNS, KATHRYN M. Farmers' Daughters: The Education of Women at Alfred Academy and University Before the Civil War.
3377 LE ROY ACADEMIC INSTITUTE. The Lyceum Record of the LeRoy Academic Institute, Organized January, 1867.
3396 LOOMIS, CHARLES E.B. The History of Macedon Academy.
3392 LOTT, HELEN E. The School Ma'am. Lodi: 1958. 52 pp.
3408 LYNCH, ROBERT, and MONA SMITH. In-Camp Education for Migrant Farmworkers.
6570 LYON, FLORENCE. Village School.
3393 MARTI, DONALD B. "The Puposes of Agricultural Education: Ideas and Projects in New York State, 1819-1865."
6560 MATTERA, GLORIA. The BOCES-Geneseo Migrant Center: History and Development.
3394 MEDDEN, Mrs. F.J. "The Schools of Seneca Falls."
3388 ONTARIO FEMALE SEMINARY. Catalogue of Officers, Teachers and Pupils, of the Ontario Female Seminary, Canandaigua, April, 1833.
6564 PARSHALL, MARGARET G. et al. Bloomfield Schools Revisited, a History of Education in East Bloomfield, 1789-1989.
3389 PETERS, ROSWELL B. Indebtedness in the School Districts of Ontario County, New York, for the School Years 1924-25 to 1932-33 ...
3390 PHELPS UNION & CLASSICAL SCHOOL. Report of the Proceedings, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Opening of the Vienna Union School, Held in the Old School House, October 26th, 1896.
3411 PUTNAM, JULIA. "Early Schools of Warsaw."
3412 REYNOLDS, CAROLINE. "Belles-Lettres from Middlebury-1844-1845."
6571 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Gone...But Not Forgotten.
6572 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Schoolhouse at Harris.
6573 ROBINSON, RUTH. A Teacher Remembers....
3379 VAN LENNEP. HENRY J. Ingham University: A University for Women, in LeRoy, N.Y. Historical Sketch and Description ...
6574 WEBSTER-CURLEY, JACQUES K. The Silver Lake Military and Naval School.
6575 WILSON, JOHN G. The Academy on the Knoll.
3518 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. "Notes from a Schoolmaster's Diary."

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