Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1833 "Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester: Filing Systems."
1598 "Rochester Products Yesterday and Today."
1599 "General Motors: Twenty-Five Years in Rochester."
1600 "General Motors and Rochester,"
1601 Banking, a Dynamic Growth Business.
1804 "Here's the Story of Xerography."
1607 Eightieth Anniversary, 1869-1949. The Community Savings Bank, Rochester, New York.
1781 "Rochester Stationery Co., Inc., 35 Years of Progress."
1784 “Historic Predecessors of the Central Business District.”
1666 "Langie's 100 Years in Heating Service."
1701 "A Gauge of Quality: The Story of the Rochester Manufacturing Company and Its Products."
1700 "Gleason Works--Never a Stand-Still Company."
1662 "R.G.& E. Celebrates First Century."
1663 "Rochester Helping Develop Peacetime Uses of Atomic Energy."
1664 "Since Otto Bernz Company 'Went Public.'"
1665 "Davis-Howland Oil Co. Celebrates 40th Anniversary."
1829 Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Inc.: Its History, Reorganization and Plans for the Future.
1679 "Whatever Your Favorite Flavor, RICHARDSON Has It."
1678 "Unique Business Has World Market."
1694 “Rochester Corporation Has Diversified Products.”
1792 Midtown Plaza: The New Business Center of Downtown Rochester, New York.
1793 "Once Upon a Plan There Was a Midtown Plaza."
1794 "Song of Success Theme of Levis Music Stores 50th Anniversary."
1796 "A Friendly Business in a Friendly City."
1797 "Scrantom's 100th Anniversary."
1711 "Todd Company Starts Second Fifty Years."
1667 "The Story of Hirman B. Everest, Founder of the Vacuum Oil Company."
1669 A History of the Brewery and Liquor Industry of Rochester, N.Y.
1672 "Batholomay--A Rochester Institution for One Hundred Years."
1673 "The Dairy of the Future, Serving Today's Customers."
1675 "The Fanny Farmer Story: Answer to America's Sweet Tooth."
1638 “How Rochester Maintains Pre-Eminence in Men's Quality Clothing Field.”
1641 “Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester. IV.--Buttons.”
1628 “Ontario Plastics, Another Job Well Done.”
1629 “City's Oldest Company Celebrates.”
1630 “Puritan--A Rochester Pioneer Goes Forward.”
1631 “100th Anniversary, Voplex Corporation.”
1823 "100 Years of the S.B. Roby Company,
1824 "Organization Grows from One Man, One Van."
1825 "The Need Was There-Rumrill Filled It."
1826 "Rochester Family Business Carries Out American Spirit of Free Enterprise."
1821 "Pfaudler Permutit: 75 Years of Progress," GRC, Nov. 1959, pp. 6-7.
1817 "John Luther & Sons Co., 1865-1965."
1819 "Monroe Tree and Landscape--A Growing Concern."
1621 “Chamberlin Rubber, Winning Reputation with New Plastic Products.”
1622 “Chamberlin Rubber Company Centennial.”
1623 “One Hundred Years of Paste and Adhesives--Clark. Stek-O.”
1780 "Four Generations of the Lennox Family Span 100 Years in the Graphic Arts."
1818 MONROE ABSTRACT & TITLE CORP. 40th Year with Monroe Abstract and Title Corporation ...
1626 “'Little Kordite Getting Big: Two Young Men in a Hurry.”
1627 “Nalge--A Story of Growth.”
1835 "Yawman & Erbe Mark 90 Years."
1611 Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Co. ... Our Fiftieth Anniversary, 1888-1938.
1617 "Rochester's Newest Bank Building."
1620 “Allerton Chemical Tenth Anniversary.”
1643 “Rochester's Clothing Industry: A Pattern for Progress.”
1644 "The World's Largest Clothing Plant."
1646 "Youth Carries on at Hickock Company."
1647 "Max Lowenthal Sons, Inc.--100th Birthday."
1650 "Superba Celebrates 75th Anniversary This Year."
1652 "John Taylor & Sons."
1773 "Cramer-Force Company, Inc.--100 Years Young."
1774 "Erdle Perforating Co., Inc.: 100 Years Young."
1776 "Kee Lox Celebrates 60th Year."
1832 "The Will Corporation."
1613 Our First Century of Service, 1850-1950. Monroe County Savings Bank.
1584 “Century Old Businesses--Rochester Pioneers.”
1586 “The Early Automobile Industry of Rochester.”
1587 “Rochester and the Automotive Industry.”
1610 "Community Savings Bank, 1869-1969."
1812 "General Railway Signal Marks 50th Anniversary."
1813 "The Gottry Story."
1759 "Dynacolor's Rapid Growth."
1761 "Graflex, A Rochester Success Story."
1764 ("American Historical Catalog Collection")
1765 "Varden Studio: 40 Years of Friendship and Photography."
1766 “Graphic Arts Progress Here Makes City World Center.”
1767 “Lithography That Sells.”
1768 “Progressive Firms in Rochester Packaging Industry.”
1771 "Rochester Printers Expand."
1772 "Cramer-Force Company Has Colorful History."
1814 "Harper Method of Rochester Celebrates Diamond Anniversary."
1816 "Rochester Building Firm Observes Ninetieth Birthday."
1807 "Twenty-Five Years in a Vacuum."
1808 "Crossman Celebrates 50th Year of Recreational Gun Leadership."
1809 "3 Generations of Service: Doyle Detective."
1810 "GM DuBois Celebrates 75th Anniversary."
1612 "Marine Midland of Rochester."
1763 "Photo Firm Ends First Century."
1702 "The Stromberg-Carlson Story."
1719 Bausch & Lomb Magazine, Vol. 20, no. 3 (1945?).
1720 Balco News, no. 77 (May 1948), 15 pp. (Story of John J. Bausch.) 1721. "Bausch & Lomb Nears Century Mark."
1722 "Fashions and Optics--A Century of Progress."
1723 "A Century of Optical Progress."
1724 "Bausch & Lomb Celebrates Anniversary; Completes 40 Years in Optical Glass."
5493 Harris Seeds: A History of the Joseph Harris Company, Growing for a Century, 1879-1979.
5496 The Story of an American Small Business: 50th Anniversary, John D. Brush & Co., Inc.
1788 Greater Rochester Commerce, Apr. 1962, "Midtown Plaza Salute."
1707 "Taylor Instrument Companies 100 Years Old."
1703 Merged Rochester Concerns Foresee Bright Future."
1704 "Two Firms Become One: Sybron Corporation."
1708 "Wilmot Castle Company, 75 Years in Rochester."
1633 The Boot and Shoe Recorder, Oct. 5, 1887 (Boston), pp. 29-47.
1754 ACKERMAN, CARL W. George Eastman,
1653 ADAMS, EDWARD D. Niagara Power: History of the Niagara Falls Power Company, A86-1918; Evolution of Its Central Power Station and Alternating Current System.
1632 ADLER, ELMER. “Notes on the Early History of Rochester Industries. I.--Clothing.”
1769 ALLING & CORY CO. One Hundred Years in the Paper Business, 1819-1919 ...
1770 ALLING & CORY CO. One Hundred Twenty-Five Years in the Paper Business, 1819-1944 ...
1782 ANDERSON, HUGH P. “Downtown Rochester: The Central Business District.”
1775 ANDREWS, MELVIN D. "Fifty Years in a Rochester Industry."
1614 ARNOT, RAYMOND H., comp. The Rochester Savings Bank: Its Purpose and Its History, in Commemoration of Its Eighty Years of Service.
1718 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. A New Century: Bausch & Lomb Centennial.
1717 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. Seeing It Through.
1713 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. A Triple Alliance in Optics; Being the Association of Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Carl Zeiss, Optical Works Jena, George W. Saegmuller ...
1714 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. Bausch & Lomb and Our National Defense.
1715 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. The Story of Bausch & Lomb.
1716 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. (photos.) . Bausch and Lomb at War.
1712 BAUSCH, JOSEPH J. The Story of My Life.
1725 BERGE, WENDELL. Cartels, Challenge to a Free World.
1634 CHASE, HARRY A. “Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester. II.--Shoes.”
1734 CLARK, WALTER. "C.E. Kenneth Mees: Pioneer in Industrial Research."
1635 CLOTHIERS' EXCHANGE. Rochester. Facts about the Clothing Industry of Rochester, N.Y.
1636 CLOTHIERS' EXCHANGE. Review of the Accomplishments of the Rochester Clothing Industry for the Year 1919.
1682 CREIGHTON, J.D.. The Story of Rochester's Leading Hotel, Club and Restaurant Men.
1735 CRITTENDEN, A. WHITMAN. Kodak Park 50 Years Ago; A Boy's Eye-View of 1904.
1674 CURTICE-BURNS, Inc. C-B Foods ...
1683 DENGLER, DOROTHY. “J.L.D. Mathies, Genial Host of Early Rochester.”
1802 DESSAUER, JOHN H. My Years with Xerox: The Billions Nobody Wanted. .
1803 DESSAUER, JOHN H., and HAROLD E. CLARK, eds. Xerography and Related Processes. London; Focal Press, 1965. 520 pp.
1602 DEVEREAUX, NICHOLAS. “Report of Nicholas Devereaux, Esqu. to the President of the New-York Life Insurance and Trust Company.”
1603 DILLISTIN, WLLLIAM R. Historical Directory of the Banks of the State of New York.
1743 EASTMAN KODAK CO. F.W. Lovejoy: The Story of a Practical Idealist ...
1744 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Story of the Kodak Camera.
1745 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Park; Its Products and People.
1746 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Brief History of the Eastman Kodak Company.
1748 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Milestones.
1749 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Our Share & More.
1750 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak through Its Customers' Eyes.
1747 EASTMAN KODAK CO. A Kodak Report: When Business Gets Involved.
1741 EASTMAN KODAK CO. A Brief History of the Contributions of the Eastman Kodak Company to Photographic Progress.
1742 EASTMAN KODAK CO. All Rochester Units of the Eastman Kodak Company Receive the Army-Navy Production Award for High Achievement in the Production of War Equipment.
1739 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Retirement Annuity Life Insurance and Disability Plan.
1740 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak:. Facts about the World's Largest Organization Engaged in the Manufacture of Photographic Materials.
1736 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Rochester: The City Photographic.
1737 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Park in War Time.
1738 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Industrial Relations.
1726 EISENHART, M. HERBERT J.J. Bausch (1830-1926), American Pioneer.
1727 ELLIOTT, LUTHER B. Souvenir Commemorating the Semi-Centennial Anni-versary of the Association of Mr. J.J. Bausch and Mr. Henry Lomb and the Founding of the Bausch & Lomb Optical Company.
1619 FINUCANE, EM MET. "Security Trust:" 60 Years at Rochester (1892-1952).
1755 FISHER, ALLAN C., JR. "Eastman of Rochester: Photographic Pioneer."
1783 FISHER, DOUGLAS A. Rochester Canaltowner.
1684 FISHER, GEORGE W. “Bull's Head.”
1687 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Blossom Hotel Fire.”
1689 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “Carthage Railroad and Steamboat House.”
1690 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “A Famous Tavern.”
1728 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Edward Bausch: An Appreciation (34th Annual Dinner of Society of the Genesee, N.Y.C., 1933).
1688 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Rochester House.”
1685 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. The Old North American Hotel.
1686 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Old Union Tavern and Race Course.”
1729 GANNETT, A.H. "Bausch & Lomb Centennial Year."
1595 GENERAL MOTORS CORP. Delco Appliance Division. Geared for War 'til Victory.
1596 GENERAL MOTORS CORP. Rochester Products Division. Contributing to Victory on Every Front.
1655 GINNA, ROBERT E. Power and Progress in the Genesee Valley,
1695 GLEASON WORKS. Gleason, 1865-1940 ...
1696 GLEASON WORKS. Fourscore Years of Bevel Gearing: The Story of Gleason Works Today ...
1697 GLEASON WORKS. Eightieth Birthday Celebration for James E. Gleason, at the Gleason Works, Rochester, N.Y., Wednesday, November 24, 1948.
1698 GLEASON WORKS. The Gleason Works, 1865-1950.
1699 GLEASON WORKS. The Gleason Works, 1865-1965.
1760 GRAFLEX CORP. The Story of Graflex, as Told to Al Sisson by Members of the Graflex Organization; a Quarter Century of Progress from June 9, 1926 to June 9, 1951.
1588 GREENLEAF, WILLIAM. Monopoly on Wheels: Henry Ford & the Selden Automobile Patent.
1830 GRESHAM, HENRY L. "Ward's Natural Science Establishment: A Century of Service to Biology and Geology."
1789 GRUEN, VICTOR. The Heart of Our Cities; The Urban Crisis: Diagnosis and Cure.
1778 HALE, EZRA A. The Co-Ops and You: Being a Brief History of the Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Company and an Outline of the Benefits Available to Its Employees.
1606 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "The Central Trust Story ..."
1827 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "The Strasenburgh Laboratories."
1624 HARRISON, EDWARD P. “Donovan Paint and Lacquer Makers Uphold City Slogan 'Rochester-Made Means Quality.'“
1637 HATCH, JESSE W. “The Old-Time Shoemaker and Shoemaking.”
1597 HAWKINS, HARRY. "Rochester Products 25th Year as a General Motors Division."
1645 HICKEY-FREEMAN CO. Souvenir of a New Business Home, Rochester: 1912, 46 pp.
1593 HINRICHS, NOEL. The Pursuit of Excellence: James Cunningham, Son & Co.
1790 HOSMER, HOWARD C. "Midtown Plaza--15th Anniversary."
1670 HOSMER, HOWARD C. “A Look at the Development of Local Food/Beverage Industries.”
1656 JACKSON, L.E,, and others. "The Genesee River Valley and Its Relation to the Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation."
1751 JENKINS, REESE V. Images and Enterprise: Technology and the American Photographic Industry, 1839 to 1925.
1828 JENNINGS, FREDERICK H. "The Pharmaceutical House that Vision Built."
1758 KABELAC, KARL S. "George Eastman: A Bibliographical Essay of Selected References."
1811 KAIDY, MITCH. "100th Anniversary, A. Friederich & Son Co."
1822 KAIDY, MITCH. "John B. Pike & Son, Inc. Celebrates 100th Anniversary."
1798 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "Personal Portrait of Joseph Shale."
1657 KELLY, ARTHUR P. The Rochester Gas & Electric Story.
1693 KELLY, ARTHUR P. “Millions of Meals: Manhattan Restaurant Observing 50th Birthday.”
1681 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "9,000 Miles of Sausage."
1676 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "French's ... The Rochester Food House that Good Taste Built."
1680 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "Profile of a Man Who Favors More Drinking."
1762 KINGSLAKE, RUDOLF. The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies.
5494 KINGSLAKE, RUDOLF. The Bausch and Lomb Shutters.
1677 KLOS, LLOYD E. "The Palmer Fish Co., 126 Years Young."
1786 LARRY SMITH & COMPANY. Market Analysis--Inner Loop Area, Rochester, New York.
1777 LAWYERS CO-COOPERATIVE PUBLISHING CO. An Inside Story of Law Publishing, with Hints and Information for Authors and Brief Writers.
1671 MAY, EARL C. The Canning Clan: A Pageant of Pioneering Americans.
1791 McCURDY, GILBERT J.C. "Midtown Plaza is Fulfilling Its Basic Purpose."
1691 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “From Stagecoach Taverns to Airline Motels.”
1639 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “A History of the Rochester Shoe Industry.”
1640 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “The Men's Clothing Industry in Rochester's History.”
1752 MEES, C.E. KENNETH. An Address to the Senior Staff of the Kodak Research Laboratories, November 9, 1955.
1795 MERRILL, ARCH. "McFarlin's--100 Years of Quality."
1706 MERRILL, ARCH. Graduated by Years from 0 to 100.
1648 MICHAELS/STERN. 125th Anniversary.
1594 MILLARD, EVERETT L. "Just a Cunningham Ago."
5495 MORRIS, HARVEY F. The Story of Men's Clothes.
1589 NEVINS, ALLAN. Ford: The Times, the Men, the Company.
1604 ONTARIO & LIVINGSTON MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Circular, By-Laws, and Act of Incorporation of the Ontario and Livingston Mutual Insurance Company.
1805 O'TOOLE, WILLIAM. "A History of Haloid: A Half Century of Progress and Growth."
1731 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "Edward Bausch, Microscopist."
1806 PERRY, MARGARET. "Chester F. Carlson: Physicist, Lawyer, Inventor, and Humanitarian."
1820 PFAUDLER CO. Pfaudler Panorama.
1815 PORTER, PATRICK G. "Origins of the American Tobacco Company."
1616 RECORD, DON C. "The Old Rochester Savings Bank Building: Seed Bed of Culture."
1642 REED, EDWARD P. “Rochester and the Shoe Industry.”
1705 RITTER DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO. Fifty Years of Progress.
1785 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Rochester Shopping Centers, 1957 and later eds.
1660 ROCHESTER GAS & ELECTRIC CORP R G and E Steps into the Nuclear Age.
1658 ROCHESTER GAS & ELECTRIC CORP Presenting a Few Plants and Properties of the Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation.
1659 ROCHESTER GAS & ELECTRIC CORP Centennial Book: A Century of Service, 1848-1948.
1661 ROCHESTER GAS & ELECTRIC CORP. Rochester Gas and Electric Area Information, Its People, Industry, Commerce, Education, Transportation, Living,
1615 ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK. Glimpses of Ninety-Odd Years.
1625 ROE, DONALD. “It Can Happen Here.”
1590 SCOTT, ROBERT F. “'I Invented the Automobile': The Eight-Year War over the Selden Patent.”
1618 SECURITY TRUST CO. 50th Anniversary, 1892-1942. unp.
1591 SELDEN, HENRY R., and GEORGE B. “Some Rochester Inventions.”
1753 SETHI, S. PRAKASH. Business Corporations and the Black Man. An Analysis of Social Conflict: The Kodak-FIGHT Controversy.
1730 SHATZ, JOSEPHINE. "Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester. III.--Optics."
1779 SHEDD, H.D., JR. "How the Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Company Got Its Name."
1800 SIBLEY, LINDSAY & CURR CO. Spreading beyond Old Walls.
1799 SIBLEY, LINDSAY & CURR CO. Half a Century: the Golden Anniversary of the Founding of the Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Company ...
1692 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “The Old National Hotel.”
1756 SOLBERT, OSCAR N. George Eastman.
1709 SPEARE, JACK W. Protecting the Nation's Money ...
1732 STEAD, HAROLD J. The First Fifty Years of an Optical Career.
1649 STEIN-BLOCH CO. Fifty Years of Knowing How.
1608 SULLIVAN, MADELYN H. "Vision in a Cornerstone."
1609 SULLIVAN, MADELYN H. "An Old Friend in a New Dress."
1651 SUPERBA CRAVATS, INC. The First Hundred Years, 1873-1973.
1654 SWEET, SYLVANUS F. Communication from the State Engineer and Surveyor Transmitting a Special Report on Coal ... (N.Y. Senate Document no. 71, 1865)
1787 TANNER, OGDEN. “Renaissance on the Genesee.”
1668 TARBELL, IDA M. The History of the Standard Oil Company.
1710 TODD CO.. Todd, 1899-1939, Pioneers in Protection.
1831 TRIMM, H. WAYNE. "Ward's--Crossroads of Natural Sciences."
5497 TURRI, SUSAN T. The
1757 WEISBERGER, BERNARD A. "'You Press the Button, We Do the Rest.'"
1834 WERNER, GEORGE H. "From Twenty Feet to Twenty Acres."
1585 WILSON, VERA B., comp. One Hundred Years: A Century of Commerce in Rochester, N.Y.
1733 WILTSIE, CHARLES. "Henry Lomb."
1605 WISMER, DAVID C. New York Descriptive List of Obsolete Paper Money.
1801 WOLFE, ANDREW D. Bold Century, 1868-1968: 100 Adventurous and Happy Years of Merchandising. The Story of Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Company of Rochester, Monroe County, New York.
1592 YENGST. W.G. “The Automotive History of Rochester, New York.”

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