Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1886 "Labor Troubles--1851."
1883 Historical Souvenir of the Rochester Labor Temple Association.
1877 "Analysis of the Chamber of Commerce Investigation of Clothing Factories."
1888 "Organized Labor in Rochester before 1914."
1876 AMALGAMATED CLOTHING WORKERS OF AMERICA. Rochester Joint Board. The Amalgamated in Rochester: 1915-1939. The Story of Twenty-Five Years of Progressive Labor Unionism in the Men's Clothing Industry in Rochester, N.Y.
1858 ASAY, IVAN. “An Appraisal of the Rochester Experiment in Work Relief, 1929-1930.”
1878 BAUM, MORTON. J. "Maturity in Industrial Relations: A Case Study."
1879 BLANSHARD, PAUL. How the Union Works.
1880 BREWER, JAMES L. "Centennial History of Organized Labor in Rochester."
1859 CHASE, MARGARET HATFIELD, and STUART. A Honeymoon Experiment.
1860 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. Rochester Civic Unemployment Committee.
1861 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. What Rochester Industries Have Been Doing to Stabilize Sales, Production, and Employment.
1862 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. Second Report of the Civic Committee on Unemployment.
1863 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. Five Hundred Maladjusted Young People: A Special Study of Rochester Youth Who Are Admittedly Discontent with or Depressed by Their (resent Situation.
1864 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Emergency Work Relief Program, Rochester, New York, 1930-31.
1865 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Report of the Committee on Household Employment.
1866 FISLER, PATRICIA E. “The Depression of 1893 in Rochester.”
1867 FOLSOM, MARION B. The Rochester Unemployment Benefit Plan ...
1868 FULLER, RAYMOND G. “Take Rochester, for Example--”
1881 GLEASON, ALAN H. The History of Labor in Rochester, 1820-1880.
5498 HARDISKY, DAVID L. “The Rochester General Strike of 1946.”
1882 HAWLEY, NATALIE F. The Labor Movement in Rochester: 1880-1898.
1884 IRION, FREDERICK C., ed. Gannett Newspaper Suspension in Rochester (New York) from November 8, 1946 to February 8, 1947…
5499 ISSERMAN, MAURICE, ed. “An Exchange in the
6323 JACOBSTEIN, MEYER. Can Industrial Democracy be Efficient? The Rochester Plan.
6324 JENSEN, JOAN M. and SUE DAVIDSON, eds. A Needle, a Bobbin, a Strike: Women Needleworkers in America.
1869 JOBE, ELSA. Employment Regularization in Manufacturing Industries in Rochester, New York.
1870 JOHNS, ALFRED A. A Review of Recent Trends in Apprentice Training and Its Present Status in Rochester.
1885 KOVELESKI, EMMANUEL. Illustrated History of the Central Trades and Labor Council, Rochester, N.Y. ...
1887 LOWE, BOUTELLE E. Representative Industry and Trade Unionism of an American City.
5500 MAYER, STEPHEN. “People v. Fisher: The Shoemakers' Strike of 1833.”
1889 MAYER, STEPHEN. "People v. Fisher: The Geneva, New York, Shoemaker's Strike of 1833."
6325 MCGUIRE, GORDON. To Union Organize?
1871 MYERS, JOHN G., and DANIEL CREAMER. Measuring Job Vacancies: A Feasibility Study in the Rochester, N.Y. Area.
1893 N.Y. Board of Inquiry on Rochester Transit Work Stoppage. Final Report to the Industrial Commissioner
1894 N.Y. Board of Mediation and Arbitration. Special Report of the Board of Mediation and Arbitration of the State of New York, on the Lockout of Cutters by the Clothiers' Exchange of Rochester. (N.Y. Senate Document no. 68, 1891)
1872 N.Y. Legislature. Joint Committee on Discrimination in Employment. Final Report ... (N.Y. Legislative Document no. 80, 1940)
1895 N.Y. School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Handbook on Human Resources Industrial and Labor Relations in the Rochester Industrial Area.
1890 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS, Rochester Branch. Historical & Illustrated Memento of the Rochester Post Office, Containing a General Compilation of Useful Information ...
1891 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS, Rochester Branch. Golden Anniversary, Rochester Branch, No. 210, National Association of Letter Carriers. April 19th, 1941 ...
1892 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS, Rochester Branch. 1891-1951. Sixtieth Anniversary, National Association Letter Carriers, Rochester Branch No. 210, June 9, 1951.
1873 PARKER, WILLARD E., and S. PARK HARMAN. Trends of Work in the Rochester Area.
1874 PENSKI, ROBERT J. The Challenge of Tradition: The Rochester Labor Market from the Twenties to the Eighties.
1875 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. A Study of the Unemployed in Rochester and Monroe County, New York.
1896 ROCHESTER TRADES ASSEMBLY. Illustrated History of the Rochester Trades Assembly and Building Trades Council, Rochester, N.Y.
1897 ROCHESTER TRANSIT CORP. Agreement between Rochester Transit Corporation and Division No. 282, Rochester, New York Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway, and Motor Coach Employees of America, 1952-1953. various pp.
1898 ROCHESTER TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 15. Historical Review, Pedro Party and Dance, Rochester Typographical Union ...
1899 ROSE, NORMAN, and MURRAY SAVAGE. "The Rochester General Strike."
1900 SAUER, WILLIAM. History of the Rochester Typographical Union No. 15.
1901 STRAUS, DONALD B. Hickey-Freeman Co. and Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America: A Case Study.
5501 WASS, JANICE TAUER. “Dressmaking as a Trade for Women:
1902 WHEATON, HARRY H. "Living Conditions in the Barge Canal Labor Camps near Rochester."

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