Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
5668 A Century of Christian Fellowship: The Central Baptist Church of Carlton, 1846-1946.
3982 AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH. Monroe Association Minutes or Annual Report, 1827-present.
3983 BELDEN, A. RUSSELL. Divinity School.) History of the Cayuga Baptist Association...
5670 BRONK, MITCHELL. "The Baptist Church at Manchester, New York, 1797-1947."
3984 BROWN, DEIDAMIA COVELL. Memoir of the Late Rev. Lemuel Covell, Missionary to the Tuscarora Indians and the Province of Upper Canada; Comprising a History of the Origin and Progress of the Missionary Operations in the Shafts- bury Baptist Association, up to the Time of Mr. Covell's Decease in 1806.
3985 HALSEY, LEWIS. History of the Seneca Baptist Association, with Sketches of Churches and Pastors.
3986 PATTISON, T. HARWOOD. Baptist Prospects in Rochester: Judson J. Withall, 1883. 19 pp.
3987 PECK, JOHN. An Historical Sketch of the Baptist Missionary Convention of the State of New York; Embracing a Narrative of the Origin and Progress of the Baptist Denomination in Central and Western New York ...
3988 PEEPELS, HENRY CLAY. Monroe Baptist Association: Historical Survey of the Past Fifteen Years, 1884-1899.
5669 SAUNDERS, LUCILE S. History of the First Baptist Church of East Rochester, 1901-1966.
3989 SHEARDOWN, THOMAS A. Half a Century's Labors in the Gospel, Including Thirty-five Years of Back-Woods' Mission Work, and Evangelizing, in New-York and Pennsylvania. An Auto-Biography.
3990 STARR, EDWARD C., comp. A Baptist Bibliography, Being a Register of Printed Materials by and about Baptists, Including Works Written against the Baptists. 25 vols.
3991 STIMSON, HIRAM K. From the Stage Coach to the Pulpit, Being an Auto Biographical Sketch, with Incidents and Anecdotes, of Elder H.K. Stimson, the Veteran Pioneer of Western New York, now of Kansas.

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