Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4828 "L.E. Walker, Warsaw's Picture Man."
4816 "Floral Painting: A Family Heritage."
6827 BRAYER, ELIZABETH. MAGnum Opus, The Story of the Memorial Art Gallery.
4815 BROWN, JOHN W. "First Portrait of Red Jacket."
6828 COLLINS, ROWLAND L. The Lillian Fairchild Award, 1924-74.
6829 D'AMBROSIO, PAUL S. and CHARLOTTE M. EMANS. Folk Art's Many Faces, Portraits in the New York State Historical Association.
4800 DINSE JEAN MERRELL. “Private Art Collections in Rochester.”
4801 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Stowell-Miles Art Gallery.”
4802 FAISON, S. LANE, JR. Art Tours & Detours in New York State: A Handbook to More than 75 Outstanding Museums & Historic Landmarks in the Empire State Outside New York City.
4826 FORDYCE, ROBERT F. Stereo Photography in Rochester, New York, up to 1900.
4803 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Art and Artists in Rochester.
4817 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Carlos Leonardo Stebbins."
6830 GEHRET, JEANNE. Reviving Iroquois Traditions.
6831 GEHRET, JEANNE. Sustaining a Heritage of Pride.
6832 GERDTS, WILLIAM H. Art Across America: Two Centuries of Regional Painting, 1710-1920.
4818 GOODRICH, LAURENCE B. "Randall Palmer (1807-1845), Artist of Seneca Falls and Auburn, New York."
4819 HARKNESS, BERNARD E., and MABEL G. OLNEY. "John Walton (1834-1914): Artist."
6833 HOLCOMB, GRANT, and PATRICIA JUNKER. American Paintings in the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.
4820 KELLEY, JAMES L., and LEE S. MONROE. Roy M. Mason, N.A., A.W.S. His Working Sketches and. Watercolors.
6834 KELLY, SYLVIA. Migrant Art: From Field to Gallery.
4821 LITTLE, NINA FLETCHER. "Itinerant Painting in America, 1750-1850."
6835 LUX, KAREN D. Enduring Traditions, Folk Art from the Heartland.
4804 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The First Century of Art in Rochester--to 1925.”
4805 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “The Visual Arts in Metropolitan Rochester.”
4806 MERRITT, HOWARD S. “Notes on Some Rochester Artists.”
4807 NEW YORK STATE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Rediscovered Painters of Upstate New York, 1700-1875.
6836 PARK, MARLENE and GERALD E. MARKOWITZ. Democratic Vistas; Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal.
4808 PARK, MARLENE, and GERALD E. MARKOWITZ. New Deal for Art: The Government Art Projects of the 19305 with Examples from New York City & State.
4809 PRINT CLUB OF ROCHESTER. 20th Anniversary of the Print Club of Rochester, 1931-1951.
6837 RAUB, DEBORAH FINEBLUM. Rediscovering Patterns in Pigment.
4827 RICE, ELIZABETH. "The Silver Image--Photography in Ferry."
4822 ROCHESTER ART CLUB. "Paintings of Grove S. Gilbert; Extract from the Catalogue of the Sixth Annual Exhibition of the Rochester Art Club, 1885."
6838 SCHMITT, VICTORIA SANDWICH. Four Centuries of Sporting Art: Selections from the John L. Wehle Collection, Gallery of Sporting Art, Genesee Country Museum.
4810 SCOTT, ANNA. “Rochester's Coming Art Gallery.”
6839 SLOCUM, KATHY. Gravestone Art.
6840 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. Rochester Art Club, 1877-1959.
4811 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “The Powers Art Gallery.”
6841 SMITH, WARREN HUNTING. Gentle Enthusiasts in Art: Geneva's Landscape-painting Families.
4823 STITES, RICHARD. Ralph Avery: A Biographical Sketch of the Artist and Man.
4824 STOWELL, M. LOUISE. "The Rochester Studios of Harvey Ellis."
4812 TRENOR, JAMES D. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Powers Art Gallery, Rochester, N.Y. ...
4813 ULP, CLIFFORD M. “Art and Artists in Rochester.”
4814 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Fine Arts Dept. The Art Book, 1974-1975.
6842 WAJDA, MICHAEL F. Views of the City and the Lake: Geneva Landscape Paintings 1885-1985.
6843 WARD, DANIEL FRANKLIN. Taking Pride: Traditional Wildlife Artists of the Northern Finger Lakes Region.
6844 WASS, JANICE TAUER, and PHILIP PARR. Wall Stenciling in Western New York, 1800-1840.
4825 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. "J.L.D. Mathies, Western New York Artist."

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