Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
146 Phillips Creek Methodist Church: Items Copied from Belmont Dispatch 1902-1908, 1909-1912.
147 The Centennial Book, Wellsville, New York, Settled 1831 ...
129 Angelica, New York: History and Memorial, 1805-1955.
135 Cuba, Incorporated as a Village for a Century, 1850-1950.
138 Friendship, N.Y. Sesqui-Centennial Times.
5885 Gentle Slopes and Homespun Folks: Town of Genesee Sesquicentennial, 1830-1980.
145 The Rushford Centennial, August 16-21, 1908. With Other Data and Reminiscences.
5334 Town of Amity Sesquicentennial, 1830-1980.
5335 Town of Bolivar, New York, Sesquicentennial, 1825-1975.
5336 Town of Burns, A History ...
5337 Town of Genesee, 1830-1980, Sesquicentennial: Gentle Slopes and Homespun Folks. Little Genesee: 3
5338 History of the Village of Scio.
5338 History of the Village of. Scio.
5339 Scio Sesqui-Centennial, Scio, N.Y. ... 1823-1973.
5340 The Early History of Whitesville, on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Formation of the Township of Independence, 1821-1971.
5881 Belfast, New York, a Brief Look into the Past.
5882 Cuba.
5323 ALLEGANY COUNTY. Office of Economic Development, Allegany County Beckons.
5328 ALLEN, RUSSELL, et al. The Depot at Baker's Bridge.
119 ALLEN, RUSSELL, comp. Alfred Station Bicentennial Weekend Guidebook.
124 ALLEN, W. A. Almond, N.Y.
125 ALMOND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Souvenir Program: 175th Anniversary of the Founding of Almond, 1796-1971.
133 ALVAREZ, GRACE D. The Cuba of New York State: A Study in Hispanic Toponymy of the Empire State.
110 BEERS, FREDERICK, ed. History of Allegany County, N. Y., 1806-1879…
111 BLISS, HUBERT D. Peaks of Allegany.
141 CHILD, SETH. "Pioneers' Letters."
120 CLAWSON, CORTEZ R. History of the Town of Alfred, New York, from the Earliest Times to the Present.
5329 COTTRELL, HELEN. "Alfred History--A Sketch."
134 CUBA BICENTENNIAL COMMISSION. The Album, Cuba, New York; Being a Collection of Photographs Cherished over the Years by the Citizens There of ...
127 DIXSON, JOHN B., SR. My Father's Old-Fashioned Drug Store.
112 DOTY, WILLIAM J., CHARLES E. CONGDON, LEWIS H. THORNTON, eds. The Historic Annals of Southwestern New York.
5886 FANTON, BEN. Wellsville's Pink House of Horrors.
113 FLANAGAN, MARGARET T. History and Folklore of Allegany County.
5324 FRENCH, ROBERT M. History of Allegany County, New York …
5325 FRENCH, ROBERT M. Who's Who in Allegany County: Biographical Sketches of Notable Living Men and Women of Allegany County, New York, 1937-1938.
143 GILBERT, HELEN WHITE. Rushford and Rushford People.
5330 GREENE, SUSAN W. Historic Alfred Station--1980.
5883 HENDRYX, LOUISE. The Henry Hendryx Murder Case, a True Happening in Cuba, New York, 1876.
132 HERRICK, JOHN P. Bolivar, New York: Pioneer Oil Town.
137 HOWDEN, HARVEY W. "The Birth & Growth of Fillmore, N.Y., "in Fillmore Centennial Celebration ...
148 HOWE, MARTHA ELSTON. A History of the Town of Wellsville, New York.
5877 HOY, FRANCIS, compiler. Complete Name Index to the 1896 Allegany County and Its People....
5331 KENYON, M. ELWOOD. Village of Alfred, 1916.
140 KING, MARIA, and M.W. MANN. The History of Ceres and Its Near Vicinity from Its Early Settlement in 1790 to the Present.
121 LANPHEAR, ETHAN. Scenes, Memories, and Travels of Eighty-two Years and Short Sketches of the Lanphear and Potter Families.
139 McCARTHY, BERNICE, ed. The History of Friendship …
136 MINARD, JOHN S. Civic History and Illustrated Progress of Cuba, Allegany Co., N.Y., 1822-1910.
142 MINARD, JOHN S. Hume Pioneer Sketches: A History of Early Times, First Settlers, Pioneer Experiences and Hardships, Our Predecessors, the "Six Nations", etc.
5884 MINARD, JOHN STEARNS. Civic History and Illustrated Progress of Cuba, Allegany Co., New York, 1822-1910.
115 MINARD, JOHN S. Recollections of the Log School House Period, and Sketches of Life and Customs in Pioneer Days.
114 MINARD, JOHN S. Allegany County and Its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York, Illustrated…, ed. Georgia Drew Merrill.
130 NEWMAN, LUCILE THORNTON. History of Angelica, New York.
144 NORRIS, AGNES. Spirit of Rushford, 1808-1958.
5332 PHELAN, HELENE C., ed. "And a White Vest for Sam'l": An Account of Rural Life in Western N.Y. from the Diaries of Maria Langworthy Whitford of Alfred Station, N.Y., 1857-1861.
128 PHELAN, HELENE C., ed. If Our Earthly House Dissolve: A Story of the Wetherby-Hagadorn Family of Almond, New York, Told from Their Diaries and Papers,
5879 PHELAN, HELENE C. The Man Who Owned the Pistols. John Barker Church and His Family.
5326 PHELAN, HELENE C. Allegany's Uncommon Folk.
5327 PHELAN, HELENE C. The Man Who Owned the Pistols: John Barker Church and His Family.
126 REYNOLDS, JOHN F. The Almond Story: The Early Years.
5333 RHODES, AGNES GREEN "Old Pots and Iron Kettles."
116 SHEAR, HAZEL M. Tales from Allegany County.
117 SHEAR, HAZEL M. “Tales of Murder and Mystery from Allegany County.”
118 SHEAR, HAZEL M. From a Local Historian's Notebook.
149 SHEAR, HAZEL M. The Wellsville Story, Pioneer Days, 1807-1850.
150 SHEAR, HAZEL M. The Willing Story, 1795-1850.
123 SHEAR, HAZEL M. The Alma Story, 1795-1850.
131 STILWELL, L. L., comp. Angelica Collectanea.
5880 SWAN, JOYCE FERRIS. Village with a Past.
5341 THOMPSON, MRS. HOWARD E. A History of the Town of Wirt and Village of Richburg, New York, 1963.
151 THOMSON. E.C. A History of the Town of Wirt and Village of Richburg, New York.
5878 WILDMAN, JENNIFER, compiler and editor. The First Hundred Years of Allegany County, a Short History with Maps & Illustrations.
122 WURZ, JANE. Old Times in Alfred.

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