Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1281 "1855 Farm Produce Prices."
1266 ANDERSON, RUSSELL H. "New York Agriculture Meets the West, 1830-1850."
5474 BALLA, WESLEY G. “The Development of the Leasehold System of Land Tenure in the Genesee Valley under the Wadsworth Family of Geneseo, N.Y.”
1276 BENNETT, C.D. "Farm Fences."
1267 BIDWELL, PERCY W., and John I. Falconer. History of Agriculture in the Northern United States, 1620-1860.
1277 BURLING, WILLIAM. An Address, Delivered before the Ontario Agricultural Society, on the Second Day of Its Annual Meeting, October 12th, 1844.
1268 CLARK, JOHN G. The Grain Trade in the Old Northwest.
1278 COLE, ASAHEL N. The New Agriculture; or, the Waters Led Captive.
1269 DANHOF, CLARENCE H. Change in Agriculture: The Northern United States, 1820-1870.
1279 DELAFIELD, JOHN. "A General View and Agricultural Survey of the County of Seneca."
1280 EDMUNDS, JAMES M. "A Western New York Farm Inventory--1829."
1282 GARBUTT, PHILIP. "History of Wheat-Growing in Garbutt."
1270 GATES, PAUL W. "Agricultural Change in New York State, 1850-1890."
1283 GAYTON, SAMUEL. "Pioneer Thresher."
1284 GREELEY, HORACE. "The Great Exhibition of the New-York State Agricultural Society at Rochester."
5475 HAEGER, JOHN D. “Eastern Financiers and Institutional Change: The Origins of the New York Life Insurance and Trust Co. and the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Co.”
5476 HAEGER, JOHN D. The Investment Frontier: New York Businessmen and the Economic Development of the Old Northwest.
1285 HARMON, RAWSON. "Report of Experiments on the Varieties of Wheat Cultivated in the State of New-York."
1271a HEDRICK, ULYSSES P. "Transport Change and Agricultural Specialization."
5477 HOSKYNS, CHARLES W. Talpa: or the Chronicles of a Clay Farm. An Agricultural Fragment ... To Which are Added Two Prize Essays on Tile Drainage.
1286 HUNT, SANFORD B. The Farming Interests of Western New York, as Affected by the Various Means of Transportation to the East and West...
1271 LEAMAN, J. HAROLD, and E.C. CONKLING. A History of Agriculture in the State of New York.
1287 LEATHERSICH, DAVID. "Farming as Conducted in Caledonia in 1838."
1288 McLEAN, A.H. "Caledonia."
1274 McNALL, NEIL A. An Agricultural History of the Genesee Valley, 1790-1860.
1272 McNALL, NEIL A. The First Half-Century of Wadsworth Tenancy.
1273 McNALL, NEIL A. "King Wheat in the Genesee Valley."
1289 NEW YORK STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Transactions, 1841-1872/76.
1290 SHEARER, JONATHAN. "Wheat in New York and Michigan. Report of Jonathan Shearer of Plymouth, on the growing of Wheat from 1824 to 1861, in the States of New York and Michigan."
1291 SMITH, DAVID C. "Middle Range Farming in the Civil War Era: Life on a Farm in Seneca County, 1862-1866."
1292 THOMAS, JOHN J. "Agriculture of Wayne County."
1275 VAN WAGENEN, JARED J., JR. The Golden Age of Homespun.

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