Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1305 "Agricultural Headquarters to Be Built."
1309 Rochester Italian Directory.
5479 “Facts about the Geneva Station, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, N.Y.”
1304 AGRICULTURAL ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT. Failing the People; a Special Report on the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and New York State Cooperative Extension.
1323 ALASA FARMS. A Day at Alasa Farms on the South Shore of Sodus Bay.
1332 ALLEN, LEONARD L. History of the New York State Grange.
1319 ASHTON, JOHN. Open-Country Holdings in Northern Livingston County, New York.
1317 BECKER, CLARE A. Farm Management Adjustments, Northern Livingston County, New York, 1908-1938.
1320 BRATTON, CHARLES A. "Value of Farm Privileges, Northern. Livingston County, 1908-1948."
1324 BRYCE, HERRINGTON J. Earnings of Migratory Farm Workers in Wayne County, New York, 1968.
5478 BULKLEY, PETER B. “Agrarian Crisis in western
1322 BURRITT, MAURICE C. "A Successful New York Farm."
1306 COLMAN, GOULD P. "Government and Agriculture in New York State."
1307 COLMAN, GOULD P. Education & Agriculture: A History of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University.
1321 CONKLIN, HOWARD E., and HERBERT K. SCOTT. "An Economic Classification of Farming Areas, Towns of Caledonia and York, Livingston County, New York."
1293 CUNNINGHAM, L. C. "Commercial Farming, Central Plain Region, New York, 1953-54."
5480 FITZ RANDOLPH, ALVA, and Mrs. W.L. GREENE. The Allegany County Farm and Home Bureau Association: A History, 1913-1933.
5481 FOWLER, GARY L. “The Effects of Land Tenure on Land Management in the Genesee Valley: A Study in Methodology.”
1294 GILBERT, C.W. "An Economic Study of Tractors on New York Farms."
1295 GILBERT, C.W. "Motor Trucks on New York Farms."
1325 GILLETT, ROY L. A Study of Farm Labor in Seneca County, New York.
1308 HEINICKE, ARTHUR J. "The 75th Anniversary of the Geneva Experiment Station."
1296 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Will We Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?"
1326 HUGHES, CAROLY NIVENS. The Dynamics of Migratory Settlement in Wayne County, New York State.
1333 JOHN, MACKLIN E. Attitudes of Dairy Farmers toward the Dairymen's League Cooperative Association (Otsego and Livingston Counties, New York, 1935).
5482 JORDAN, W.H. The Station: Its History and Work. 26th Annual Report of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, Part III.
1313 KIRKPATRICK, E.L. "The Standard of Life in a Typical Section of Diversified Farming."
1316 LABADIE, JUAN. The Use of Farm Products in the Household, Northern Livingston County, New York, 1938.
1327 LARSON, OLAF F., and EMIT F. SHARP. "Migratory Farm Workers in the Atlantic Coast Stream. I. Changes in New York, 1953 and 1957. II. Education of New York Workers and Their Children, 1953 and 1957."
1297 MERENESS, ELMER H. An Analysis of Costs and Returns of Farm Crops in Western New York, 1927-1929.
1334 MILLIMAN, THOMAS E. The GLF Story, 1920-1964; A History of the Cooperative Grange League Federation Exchange Inc.
5483 MORRIS, George H. “Rise of the Grape and Wine Industry in the Naples Valley during the Nineteenth Century.
1328 MOTHERAL, JOE R., HOWARD E. THOMAS, and OLAF F. LARSON. "Migratory Farm Workers in the Atlantic Coast Stream, Western New York, June 1953; A Preliminary Report."
1298 MYERS, WILLIAM I. "An Economic Study of Farm Tractors in New York."
1310 N.Y. STATE AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, GENEVA. Twenty-fifth Anniversary Report, 1882-1907. In 15th Annual Report, N.Y. State Department of Agriculture, 1907.
1299 ONTARIO COUNTY AGRICULTURAL CONFERENCE BOARD. A More Profitable Agriculture in Ontario County: Report of the Agriculture Conference Board.
1335 PAGE, HENRY N. "Fair Facts,"
1336 PATRONS OF HUSBANDRY. Genesee Pomona Grange. Official Directory and history of Genesee County Granges.
1337 PATRONS OF HUSBANDRY. Monroe Pomona Grange. Officio] Directory and History of Monroe County Granges.
1318 PLATH, CLARENCE V. "An Analysis of Economic Land Classification in Northern Livingston County, New York, and a Proposed Method for Future Classification."
5484 SCHULTZ, PAUL E. “The Grape and Wine Industry of the Naples Valley of New York: A Geographic Interpretation.”
1315 SELLERS, ROY. "An Analysis of the Chicken Enterprise on Farms in Livingston County, New York."
5485 SMITH, EARL E., comp. Official Directory and History of Wayne County Granges.
5486 SMITH, RUBY GREEN. The People's Colleges: A History of the New York State Extension Service in Cornell University and the State, 1876-1948.
1300 STEVENS, ROBERT D. "The Organization and Capital Structure of Farms: Herkimer, Ontario and Orleans Counties."
1329 STOUT, RONALD M. The New York Farm Labor Camps, 1940-1946.
1330 TAYLOR, LEE, and J. PAUL LEAGANS, eds. "Workers in Agribusiness."
1301 TURNER, PAUL E. "Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: Agriculture 150 Years."
1302 VAN WAGNER, EDITH. Agricultural Manual of New York State, Arranged by Counties.
1312 WARREN, GEORGE F. "Some Important Factors for Success in General Farming and in Dairy Farming."
1314 WARREN, STANLEY W. "Factors for Success on Dairy and General Farms in Northern Livingston County, New York."
1303 WARREN, STANLEY W. "Results of Farm-Mortgage Financing in Eleven Counties in New York State."
1331 WAYNE HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES. Wayne Housing Opportunities, Inc. Preliminary Proposal, Farm Labor Housing.
1311 WELLINGTON, JOHN L. "Just Reminiscing."

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