Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2182 Erie Railroad Magazine, 47, no. 3 (May 1951), 82 pp.
2216 The Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company.
2137 Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States, Porto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba ... 1873+
2186 The Local Press on the Erie Railway Management.
2170 "The Rochester and State Line Road."
5538 The Buffalo,
2179 ADAMS, CHARLES F., JR., and HENRY ADAMS. Chapters of Erie.
2205 ALLEN, CHARLES F.H. "Narrow Gauge Locomotives in Western New York and Pennsylvania."
2213 ALLEN, CHARLES F.H. "The Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern, and All Associated and Predecessor Roads."
2167 ALLEN, OLIVER. "Reminiscences of the Old Rochester & State Line R.R."
2193 ARCHER, ROBERT F. The History of the Lehigh Valley Railroad: The Route of the Black Diamond."
2194 BARKER, FRANK M. Grandfather's Memories.
2146 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The N.Y. Central Elevates Its Tracks under Municipal Pressure."
2147 BEEBE, LUCIUS. 20th Century: "The Greatest Train in the World."
2127 BENSON, LEE. Merchants, Farmers, & Railroads: Railroad Regulation and New York Politics, 1850-1887.
2217 BIG STRINGS HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Centennial Celebration of the Scottsville & LeRoy Railroad and in Honor of the Pioneers of the Wheatland-Caledonia Area…
5531 BORNTRAGER, KARL A. Keeping the Railroads Running: Fifty Years on the New York Central.
2200 BURGESS, GEORGE H., and MITES C. KENNEDY. Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1846-1946.
2195 BURNS, THOMAS W. "Reminiscences, Heroic and Historic, of EarlyDays of the Lehigh Valley System in Southern and Central New York."
2128 CARSON, ROBERT B. Main Line to Oblivion: The Disintegration of New York Railroads in the Twentieth Century.
2175 CASEY, ROBERT J., and W.A.S. DOUGLAS. The Lackawanna Story: The First Hundred Years of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad.
2202 CLYDE & SODUS BAY RAILROAD COMPANY. Clyde and Sodus Bay Railroad. Engineer's Report, and Statement of the Directors. ...
2180 COLLINS, JOHN F., JR., and ROBERT C. GERLING. "The Rochester Branch of the Erie."
2181 CROUCH, GEORGE. Erie under Gould and Fisk: A Comparison of the Past and Present Management Respectfully Dedicated to the Stockholders and Bondholders Generally.
2148 DIETTERLE, OTTO C. "Road Talk."
2208 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "The Indomitable Arcade & Attica."
2129 ELLIS, DAVID M. "Rivalry Between the New York Central and the Erie Canal."
2130 ELLIS, DAVID M. "New York and the Western Trade, 1850-1910."
2204 ELMIRA & LAKE ONTARIO RAILROAD COMPANY. The Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad Company formed by Merger and Consolidation of the Chemung Railroad Company, the Elmira, Jefferson & Canandaigua Railroad Company and the Sodus Bay & Southern Railroad Company, Dec. 31, 1886.
2131 FISHER, CHARLES E. "Through Car Service from New England."
2168 FISHER, CHARLES E. "Locomotives of the Buffalo, Rochester, & Pittsburgh Ry."
2149 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Beginnings of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad.
2150 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "Early Mail Cars."
2151 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "Auburn and Rochester Railroad."
2206 GENESEE VALLEY CANAL RAILROAD COMPANY. Reasons Why Action Should Be . Taken by the Legislature to Secure to the People of the State a Railroad in Place of the Abandoned Genesee Valley Canal.
2196 GERARD, FELIX R. The Lehigh Valley Railroad, 1846-1946, a Centenary Address,
2183 GORDON, WILLIAM R. Stories and History of the Erie Railroad--Rochester Division.
2176 GRAHAM, F. STEWART. "The Locomotives of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad and Its Subsidiary Lines."
2152 HARLOW, ALVIN F. The Road of the Century: The Story of the New York Central,
5532 HARRINGTON, CHARLES. “Railroading Days.”
2153 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. The Story of the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburgh Railroad.
2156 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. Men and Iron: The History of the New York Central.
2154 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. "When the Railroad 'First Came to Western New York."
2155 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. "Early Railroads of New York."
2184 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. Men of Erie: A Story of Human Effort.
2177 KING, SHELDEN S. The Route of Phoebe Snow: A Story of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad.
2185 KINGSBURY, H.D. "The Conesus Lake Railroad."
2169 KINGSTON, H.H., JR. "When Locomotives Were Christened."
2157 KNOLL, CHARLES M. The Water-Level Route.
2209 KRAMPF, MELVIN C. "Upstate Short Haul."
5533 KRAUSE, JOHN and ED CRIST. Lackawanna Heritage, 1947-1952.
2197 LEE, HARDY C. A History of the Railroads in Tompkins County,
2210 LEWIS, EDWARD A., and HARRY S. DOUGLASS. Arcade & Attica R.R.
2187 LORD, ELEAZAR. A Historical Review of the New York and Erie Railroad,
5534 LOWELL, PAT. “The Bridge at Letchworth State Park.” "
2158 LYONS CONVENTION. Direct Rail-Road from Rochester to Syracuse. Proceedings of the Lyons Convention. n.p., 1847. 12 pp.
5535 MANCUSO, JAMES H. The Anatomy of Erie Lackawanna.
2211 MATTESON, HENRY C. "Early Days on the B.A. & A. Railroad."
2132 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Railroads in Rochester's History.
2198 MCNATT, EMMETT B. Employee Representation in the Lehigh Valley Rail-road Shops; A Case Study in Company Unionism.
2159 MERZ, FRED. "Going--Going--Gone."
2188 MINOR, GEORGE H. The Erie System: A Statement of Various Facts Relating to the Organization and Corporate History of the Various Companies.
2189 MOTT, EDWARD H. Between the Ocean end the Lakes: The Story of Erie.
2134 N.Y. ASSEMBLY. Report of the Special Committee on Railroads. Appointed under a Resolution of the Assembly, February 28, 1879, to Investigate Alleged Abuses in the Management of Railroads Chartered by the State of New York.
2135 N.Y. Public Service Commission. ... In the Matter of the Application of the Buffalo, Rochester and Eastern Railroad Company for a Certification of Public Convenience and a Necessity under Section 9 of the Railroad Law, and for Permission to Begin Construction ... Opinion of the Commission with Press Comments Thereon.
2133 NATIONAL RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Rochester Chapter. When Rochester Rode by Rail.
2161 NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY. The One Hundredth Anniversary, 1826 April 17, 1926, of the New York Central Railroad.
2160 NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY. Agreement between the Albany & Schenectady, the Schenectady & Troy, the Utica & Schenectady, the Mohawk Valley, the Syracuse & Utica, the Syracuse & Utica Direct, the Rochester & Syracuse, the Rochester, Lockport & Niagara Falls, and the Buffalo & Lockport; whereby the Said Companies are Consolidated into One Corporation, under the Name of "The New York Central Railroad Company," in Pursuance of an Act of the Legislature of New York, Passed Apr. 2, 1853.
2136 NIELSEN, WALDO J. Right-of-Way: A Guide to Abandoned Railroads in the United State, Bend, Ore.: Old Bottle Magazine, 1972. See also Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way in New York State--A Listing.
2199 PALMER, RICHARD F. "Middlesex Valley Railroad."
2215 PALMER, RICHARD F. Scottsville & LeRoy Railroad.
5536 PALMER, RICHARD F. “Abandoned Railroads in New York State.”
2139 PIERCE, HARRY H. Railroads of New York: A Study of Government Aid 1826-1875.
2212 PIETRAK, PAUL. The History of the Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad.
5537 PIETRAK, PAUL. The B. & S.: Buffalo & Susquehanna Railway.
2214 PIETRAK, PAUL. The Pittsburgh Shawmut & Northern Railroad Company
2140 POOR, HENRY V. History of the Railroads and Canals of the United States of America, Exhibiting Their Progress, Cost Revenues, Expenditures & Present 166 Condition.
5539 RAUBER, WILFRED, D. & M. and D.L. & W. Putting Dansville on the Railroad Map. Dansville: Published by the author, 1980.
2141 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Before the Interstate Commerce Commission, Docket No. 15879. Eastern Class Rate Investigation. Brief for the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Fayette B. Dow, Attorney ....
2142 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Before the Interstate Commerce Commission, Docket No. 15879. Eastern Class Rate Investigation. Exceptions on Behalf of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce ... Fayette B. Dow, Attorney ...
2207 ROCHESTER, NUNDA, & PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY. The Rochester, Nunda, and Pennsylvania Rail Road Company. Prospectus, Reports, and other Documents.
2171 ROTHFUS, ROBERT R. "More about Locomotives of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway."
2172 ROTHFUS, ROBERT R. "Coal Trains North: The Rochester and Pittsburgh Rail road Company."
5540 SAUNDERS, RICHARD. The Railroad Mergers and the Coming of Conrail.
5541 SCANLON, ANN MARIE. “The Beginnings of the New York Central Railroad: A Study of Men, Money and Materials.”
5542 SMITH, JAMIE. “The G & W: 'A Great Little Railroad.'“ "
2162 SMITH, MARY E. "The Ho-jack Railroad, Tracking Hamlin: A Tale of "The White Elephant Line."
2203 SODUS BAY IMPROVEMENT COMPANY. The Sodus Bay Improvement Company. A Circular Issued for the Purpose of Informing the Public in Relation to the Character of Great Sodus Bay, (Lake Ontario.) as a Harbor, and of Its Inevitably Rapid Development into Great Commercial Importance.
2201 SODUS POINT & SOUTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY. Sodus Point and Southern Railroad. Chief Engineer's Report, and Statement of the Directors; with a Map of Sodus Bay.
2163 STAUFER, ALVIN F. Steam Power of the New York Central System. Vol. 1 Modern Power, 1915-1955. Vol. 2, Early Power 1831-1916.
2164 STEVENS, FRANK W. The Beginnings of the New York Central Railroad: A History.
2190 STURGIS, HENRY S. A New Chapter of Erie: The Story of Erie's Reorganization, 1938-1941.
5543 TABER, THOMAS T. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the Nineteenth Century.
5544 TABER, THOMAS T., and THOMAS T. TABER III. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the Twentieth Century.
2165 TAYLOR, JEREMY. "Last Gasp of Sensation on the New York Central."
2144 THOMSON, THOMAS R., comp. Check List of Publications on American Railroads before 1841: A Union List of Printed Books and Pamphlets ...
2166 TONAWANDA RAIL-ROAD COMPANY. Report upon the Tonawanda Rail-Road Company, Exhibiting Its Present Situation and Future Prospects. By a Committee.
2173 TOZIER, ETHEL A.M. "The Hawley Pea-Pickers Excursions."
2174 U.S. INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION. ... Valuation Docket No. 710. In the Matter of the Tentative Valuation of the Properties of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Company ... as of June 30, 1917. Protestant's Brief in Support of Protest to Tentative Evaluation. Abstract of Evidence. Vol. 1, Part 2, Land.
2191 WESTING, FREDERICK. Erie Power: Steam and Diesel Locomotives of the Erie Railroad from 1840 to 1970.
2178 WHITE, WILLIAM. The Lackawanna, "The Route of Phoebe Snow." 1851-1951, A Centenary Address.
2145 WHITTEMORE, HENRY. Fulfillment of Three Remarkable Prophecies in the History of the Great Empire State Relating to the Development of Steamboat Navigation and Railroad Transportation, 1808-1908.
2192 WOODRUFF, ROBERT E. Erie Railroad--Its Beginnings: 1851.

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