Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2375 "Towns Make Own Newspapers under Gannett Group Plan."
2361 BLANCHARD, LAFAYETTE R. Our Dam Against the Red Tide.
2362 BLANCHARD, LAFAYETTE R. Socialism, Severity, "Security": A Look at British Life under Welfare Rule.
2363 CLUNE, HENRY. Seen & Heard: Selections from Seen & Heard.
2365 CLUNE, HENRY. The Best of Henry Clune in the Democrat & Chronicle.
2364 CLUNE, HENRY. Seen & Heard: Selections from Seen & Heard.
2366 DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. What One Newspaper Has Done to Show the Cost of Government. Reprints Of a Series from the Democrat Chronicle, Rochester, New York on the Cost of Government in Rochester and Monroe County, N.Y. ...
2368 DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. City Planning: Rochester's Next Important Task. Re prints of a Series of Articles Published in the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, N.Y.
2369 GANNETT NEWSPAPERS. The Road to Integration: Selected Art and Articles from a Continuing Program Which Has Won a Pulitzer Citation for Public Service for the Gannett Newspapers.
2370 POWERS, FRED H. Rochester and the Passing Scene, from the Files of News paper Photographer Fred H. Powers.
2371 THETA SIGMA PHI. The Rochester Professional Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi Honors Four Rochester Newspaper Women ...
2373 TIMES-UNION/DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. Your Editorial Page: 1. What It Is. 2. What It Stands For. 3. How It's Produced.
2372 TIMES-UNION/DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. How Your Newspapers are Made.
2374 TIMES-UNION/DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. Your Newspapers and How to Use Them.
2376 WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL T. Frank Gannett: A Biography.

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