Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2291 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Stagecoach Cays at Warsaw."
2292 DE WITT, BENJAMIN. "A Sketch of the Turnpike Roads in the State of New-York."
2293 DURRENBERGER, JOSEPH A. Turnpikes: A Study of the Toll Road Movement in the Middle Atlantic States and Maryland.
2294 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Olean. Trail."
2295 HENION, ANNA. "The Old Stage Coach."
2296 HOLMES, OLIVER W. "The Stage-Coach Business in the Hudson Valley."
2297 HOLMES, OLIVER W. "Sunday Travel and Sunday Mails: A Question which Troubled Our Forefathers."
2298 HOWARD, WILLIAM B. "A Report from the Engineer Appointed to Examine a Route for a National Road from the City of Washington to the Northwestern Frontier of the State of New York."
2299 PALMER, RICHARD F. "The "Pioneer Line" The Stagecoach War of 1828."
2300 PALMER, RICHARD F. "The Era of the Drover."
2301 PALMER, RICHARD F. The "Old Line Mail": Stagecoach Days in Upstate New York.
2302 PETERS, MAROON. "History of the Laying Out of the Lake Road from LeRoy to the Lake."
2303 SALISBURY, F.C. "The Old Buffalo Road."
2304 TELLER,, FRED. "Early Roads and Ferries, the Genesee Highway and Seneca Turnpike Roads."

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