Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2410 "Rochester in Forefront of Development of Television."
2398 "Early Phones in Perry."
2396 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "History of Telephone Operation in Warsaw."
2397 BOYLAN, JOHN P. A History of Telephony in Rochester, N.Y.
2401 BROWN, WILLIAM F., JR. Three Times is True: Sixty-Nine Editorials and Humorous Features Written and Broadcast from 1968-1972 on WBTA Radio in Batavia, New York.
2402 CROWLEY, RICHARD F. Radio Station WHAM, Rochester, New York: Its Origin, Development and Programming Practices, 1922-1941.
2403 FAY, WILLIAM. "The Significance of Rochester Radio City."
2404 FAY, WILLIAM. "Here's the Story of Local Video."
2405 FAY, WILLIAM. Local Television Celebrates Third Birthday. Same, June 1952, pp. 5-6.
2406 GELLES, RICHARD J. "The Social Construction of Television News."
2390 HARLOW, ALVIN F. Old Wires' and New Waves: The History of the Telegraph, Telephone, and Wireless.
5557 HOWE, F.L., ed. This Great Contrivance: The First Hundred Years of the Telephone in Rochester. Rochester:
2391 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Western Union Centennial.
2407 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Radio and Television in the Life of Rochester.
2408 MONROE COUNTY. Committee to Study Cable Television in Monroe County. Cable Television in Monroe County; Final Report ...
2409 MURPHY, RAYMOND J. A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Television on the Family.
2392 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "The Western Union Office."
2393 PARKER, JANE MARSH. "How Men of Rochester Saved the Telegraph."
2394 REID, JAMES D. The Telegraph in America; Its Founders, Promoters and Noted Men.
2399 ROCHESTER TELEPHONE CORP. Mr. Eastman's Letter of October 2, 1922, and the Reply of Messrs. Fuller, Goodwin and McCanne.
2411 ROCHESTER, Citizens Cable Television Advisory Committee. ... Cable Television Report.
2400 TELEPHONE PIONEERS OF AMERICA. History, Telephone Pioneers of America. Genesee Chapter, Rochester, New York, 1911-1961 ...
2395 THOMPSON, ROBERT L. Wiring a Continent: The History of the Telegraphic Industry in the United States, 1832-1866.

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