Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2045 Internal Improvement. Proceedings of Meetings of the Citizens of Rochester, Buffalo, Lockport and Palmyra, Expressive of the Views of the People of Western New-York, with Reference to the Improvement of the Erie Canal.
2039 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. Report on the Canals of New-York, by the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New-York on Railway and Canal Legislation.
2040 CHAPMAN, GEORGE W., comp. Manual of Canal Laws Relating to the New York State Canals; with References to the Decision of the Courts, the Canal Board and the Canal Appraisers, and a Chronological List of All the Statutes of This State,of a Public Nature, Relating to the Canals, from 1791 to August 1873. Together with the Canal Regulations, Rules, Forms, Rates of Toll, Names of Places, Table of Distances, etc., etc., Now in Force, as Established by the Canal Board.
2041 CHILD & BACKUS (firm.) The Edward Backus Method for Propelling Canal Boars by Steam.
2042 ELY, ALFRED. Enlargement of Canal Locks of New York for National Defense. Speech of Hon. Alfred Ely, of New York, Delivered in the House of Representatives, Monday, June 30, 1862.
2043 HAVEMEYER, WILLIAM F. Message of the Mayor of the City of New York to the Common Council in Reference to the Pending Amendment to the State Con-stitution Relative to Funding the Canal and General Fund Debts.
2044 HAWLEY, JESSE. An Essay on the Enlargement of the Erie Canal ...
2046 N.Y. CANAL APPRAISERS. Awards and Testimony in the Claims of the Rochester Mill Owners, for the Diversion of the Waters of the Genesee River, for the Supply of the Erie and Genesee Valley Canals, Heard by the Canal Appraisers, under Chapter 462, Laws of 1855.
2047 NEW YORK STEAM CABLE TOWING COMPANY. The New York Steam Cable Towing Company. Capital Stock, $500,000. ...
2048 O'REILLY, HENRY, and HUGH ALLEN, comp. Proceedings of the New-York State Conventions for Rescuing the Canals from the Ruin with Which They Are Threatened
2049 RAFETER, GEORGE W. Report on the Water Supply of the Western Division of the Erie Canal.
2050 RUGGLES, SAMUEL B. Report upon the Finances and Internal Improvements of the State of New-York, 1838.
2051 RUGGLES, THOMAS C. Report of Mr. Thomas Colden Ruggles, Civil Engineer, Appointed by the Chamber of Commerce to Ascertain the Speed of Steam Canal Boats Navigating the Erie Canal, and Its Depth of Water. October 7, 1875.
2052 RUGGLES, THOMAS C. Vindication in 1849 of the Canal Policy of 1838.
2053 TRACY, HENRY. "Report on the Cost and Policy of Constructing Reservoirs of Conesus, Hemlock, Honeoye and Canadice Lakes."
2054 TRACY, HENRY. "Report of the Canal Commissioners as to the Supply of Water between Tonawanda and Montezuma."
2055 TREMAIN, HENRY E. The Canal Railway. Argument of Gen. Henry Edwin Tremain of New York City, before the Senate Canal Committee.
2056 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S. "The Canal Steamer 'Edward Backus.'"
2057 ZORNOW, WILLIAM F. "Lincoln and the Great Lakes Seaway."

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