Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2028 "New York's Canal Memorial of 1816. Memorial of the Citizens of New York in Favour of a Canal Navigation between the Great Western Lakes and the Tide- Waters of the Hudson."
2018 Facts and Observations in Relation to the Origin and Completion of the Erie Canal.
2035 A View of the Grand Canal, from Lake Erie to the Hudson River; Containing a Particular Description of Its Construction, and Historical Summary of the Different Towns, Villages, &c., on the Route of the Canal ....
2030 A Serious Appeal to the Wisdom and Patriotism of the Legislature of the State of New-York; on the Subject of a Canal Communication between the Great Western Lakes and the Waters of the Hudson. By a Friend to His Country.
2031 A Southern Route Proposed for the Canal in 1818.
2014 ARMROYD, GEORGE. A Connected View of the Whole Internal Navigation of the United States, Natural and Artificial, Present and Prospective ...
2015 CLINTON, DE WITT (Pseud. “Atticus”). Remarks on the Proposed Canal, from Lake Erie to the Hudson River.
2016 CLINTON, DE WITT. (Pseud. “Tacitus”). The Canal Policy of the State of New York: Delineated in a Letter to Robert Troup, Esquire.
2020 GEDDES, GEORGE. "The Erie Canal. Origin and History of the Measures that Led to Its Construction."
2017 GOLDEN, CADWALLADER. Memoir, Prepared at the Request of a Committee of the Common Council of the City of New York, and Presented to the Mayor of the City, at the Celebration of the Completion of the New York Canals.
2021 HAINES, CHARLES G. Considerations on the Great Western Canal, from the Hudson to Lake Erie; With a View of Its Expence, Advantages, and Progress.
2022 HAWLEY, MERWIN A. "Origin of the Erie Canal. Embracing a Synopsis of the Essays of the Hon. Jesse Hawley, Published in 1807."
2023 HAWLEY, MERWIN A. "The Erie Canal. Its Origin Its Resources and Its Necessity."
2024 HAWLEY, MERWIN A. "The Erie Canal. Its Origin Considered in Reference to Gouverneur Morris, Joshua Forman, James Geddes and Jesse Hawley."
2025 HOSACK, DAVID. Memoir of DeWitt Clinton: with an Appendix, Containing Numerous Documents, Illustrative of the Principal Events of His Life.
2026 N.Y. CANAL COMMISSIONER. The Official Reports of the Cann: Commissioners of the State of New York, and the Acts of the Legislature Respecting Navigable Communications between the Great Western and Northern-Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean: with Perspicuous, Maps and Profiles ...
2027 N.Y. CANAL COMMISSIONER. Laws of the State of New York, in Relation to the Erie and Champlain Canals, Together with the Annual Reports of the Canal Commissioners and other Document ....
2029 PORTER, PETER B. Mr. P.B. Porter's Speech or. internal Improvements. De-livered in the House of Representatives, on the Eighth of February, 1810.
2032 TROUP, ROBERT. A Vindication of the Claim of Elkanah Watson, Esq. to the Merit of Projecting the Lake Canal Policy, as Created by the Canal Act of March 1792. And also, a Vindication of the Claim of the Late General Schuyler to the Merit of Drawing that Act, and Procuring Its Passage through the Legislature.
2033 TROUP, ROBERT. A Letter to the Honorable Brockholst Livingston, Esqu., One of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, on the Lake Canal Policy of the State of New-York.
2034 VANDERKEMP. FRANCIS ADRIAN. "Extracts from the Vander Kemp Papers. From the Hudson to Lake Ontario in 1792."
2019 W----. Great Western Canal.
2036 WATSON, ELKANAH. History of the Rise, Progress, and Existing Condition of the Western Canals in the State of New York, from September, 1788, to the Com-pletion of the Middle Section of the Grand Canal, in 1819, together with the Rise, Progress, and Existing State of Modern Agricultural Societies, on the Berkshire System ...
2037 WESTERN INLAND LOCK NAVIGATION COMPANY. "The Inland Lock Naviagation Company. First Report of the Directors and Engineer."
2038 WESTERN INLAND LOCK NAVIGATION COMPANY. "Second Report of the Western Inland Lock Naviagation Company, 1798."

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