Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3245 "35th Anniversary--Junior League of Rochester."
3282 Youth Services Guide: A Joint Effort of the National Council of Jewish Women--Rochester Section: Psychodiagnostic Laboratory, Department of Pediatrics, University of Rochester; Rochester-Monroe County Youth Board.
3249 The Children's Playground League, 1908.
3265 Hand Book of the Rochester Child Welfare Exhibit ...
3241 "My Work in Rochester, by a Factory Girl."
5592 The
3234 BACON, JESSIE. Centennial Review of the Rochester Female Charitable Society, 1822-1922.
5590 BARNES, JOSEPH W. “Katharine B. Davis and the Workingman's Model Home of 1893.” "
3235 BARTOSHESKY. FLORENCE, and BARBARA BLOOMER. Alternative Occupation for Women: Prostitution in Rochester, New York, 1860-1875.
3259 BLACKALL, GERTRUDE C. "The Rochester Boys' Evening Home."
3248 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA. Rochester Council. Rochester Council Boy Scouts of America, Camp Committee Report on Development of Seneca Lake Camp Site, October 22, 1926.
3260 CHANNING, ALICE. "Unemployed Boys and Girls in Rochester and Utica, New York."
3250 CHIPMAN, SAMUEL. A Report to the Managers of the House for Idle and Truant Children, with Facts and Anecdotes Showing the Intellectual and Moral Improvement of the Children.
3262 COMMUNITY CHEST. A Survey of the Character Building Agencies in Rochester, New York.
3261 COMMUNITY CHEST. A Study of the Child-Caring Services of Rochester, June, 1937.
3283 COMMUNITY CHEST. A Survey of the Care of the Aged of Rochester, New York.
3274 COMMUNITY CHEST. Coordination and Centralization of Day Care Services in the Greater Rochester Area, March 1975-April 1976. ... Final Report.
3275 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Finding More Foster Homes: A Special. Re-cruitment Campaign.
3284 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Study of the Care of the Aged in Rochester, New York.
3263 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Memorandum on the Child Welfare Program, Rochester, New York.
3266 DOW, HARRIET BROWN. "Saving Our Rochester Bambini."
3237 DUANE, ROSALIND G. "A Study of Attitudes in Church and School-Sponsored Girl Scout Troops toward Four Minority Groups."
3264 FORM, WILLIAM H. "A Comparative Study of the Membership of Rochester's Character Building Agencies, 1938, and the Population of Rochester, New York with Special Reference to Their Youth Groups."
3276 GARBER, MARY F. A Survey of Day Care Needs in Rochester and Monroe County.
3238 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. "The Rochester Female Charitable Society."
5591 HEWITT, NANCY A. Women's Activism and Social Change: Rochester, New York, 1822-1872.
3251 HILLSIDE HOME FOR CHILDREN. Hillside Centennial, 1837-1937.
3266 HYNES, MARGARET D. "Influence of Women in the Life of Rochester."
3252 JEWISH ORPHAN ASYLUM ASSOCIATION. Five Years of Service to Jewish Children of Rochester by Jewish Children's Bureau.
3253 JEWISH ORPHAN ASYLUM ASSOCIATION. Jewish Children's Home, Rochester, N.Y., Silver Anniversary.
3285 KING, HOMER W. Fifty Years of Caring: Rochester Presbyterian Home, 1925-1975.
3286 LE BOVIT, CORINNE, and DOROTHY A. BAKER. Food Consumption and Dietary Levels of Older Households in Rochester New York. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Home Economics Research Report No. 25)
3239 LINN, EDITH WILLIS. "Wrong Girls and Wronged."
3267 LOWE, JOHN C. The Boys: A Study of a Contemporary Juvenile Gang.
3254 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Y.M.C.A.'s First Century in Rochester.
3240 MOORE, Mrs. George H. "Rochester's 3,500 Rooming Girls."
3256 N.Y. Assembly. Special Committee Appointed to Investigate the Management of the Western House of Refuge. Report ... with Testimony Taken. (N.Y. Assembly Document no. 156, 1884)
3255 N.Y. Board of Charities. "Findings and Conclusions on an Investigation of the Rochester Orphan Asylum ... 1889," in the Board's Annual Report, pp. 55-113. (N.Y. Senate Document no. 9)
3242 NIENBURG, BERTHA M. The Woman Home-Maker in the City: A Study of Sta-tistics Relating to Married Women in the City of Rochester, N.Y. at the Census of 1920.
3257 RICHARDSON, IDA KLEIN. A Study in Institutional and Foster Home Care for Dependent Children; Based on a Sample Survey of the Former Residents and Later Foster home Placements of the Jewish Orphan Asylum Association of Western New York (Now Functioning Locally under the Name Jewish Children's Bureau--Rochester, N.Y.)
3277 ROCHESTER & MONROE COUNTY YOUTH BOARD. Youth Program Directory, Summer, 1968.
3278 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Joint City-County Youth Board, Rochester and Monroe County.
3270 ROCHESTER. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Youth Committee. Manual of Services to Rochester Youth.
3268 ROCHESTER. School Census Board. "Children Arranged According to Country of Birth, Occupation, Sex, and Certain Age Classifications."
3269 ROCHESTER. School Census Board. "The Child in Industry: A Survey of the Employment of Five Thousand Children in Rochester."
3243 RUMBALL, EDWIN A., and CATHERINE. "The Working Girls and Women of Rochester."
3244 RUMBALL, EDWIN A., and CATHERINE. "What to Do with Sex Slavery in the Community."
3271 SHEDD, JESSIE M. "Aid for Crippled Children in Rochester."
3287 STERNE, RICHARD S., and others. The Urban Elderly Poor; Racial and Bureaucratic Conflict.
3272 THURSTON, HENRY W. "Condensed Report of a Survey of Juvenile Delinquency in Rochester, New York."
3279 WAGNER, CAROL K. Rochester's West Side: A Pilot Study of Youth Needs and Services.
3280 WAGNER, CAROL K. Rochester's Arrested Youth, 1971.
3246 WOMEN'S EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL UNION. Program and Information, 1907-1908.
3247 WOMEN'S EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL UNION. The Woman's Educational and Industrial Union of Rochester, New York, Seventy-fifth Anniversary.
3281 WOOLSTON, LOREN S. Health and Recreational Resources and Problems of Boys and Girls in the Geneseo Central School District, Livingston County, New York.
3258 YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. A Report of the Activities of the Central Branch of the Young Men's Christian Association, Rochester, New York.
3273 YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. Youth Commission. Youth of Rochester: A Report of the Youth Commission ...

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