Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3221 Baden Street Settlement, 1901-1926.
3222 The Baden Street Settlement, 1901-1949.
3228 Lewis Street Center, Fiftieth Anniversary, 1907-1957: Fifty Years of Service to Our Neighborhood.
3230 The People's Rescue Mission, 1889-1939.
3232 "Social Change through Social Action: The Story of the Baden Street Settlement."
3223 BARBOUR, CLARENCE A. Historical Address on the Occasion of the Sixteenth Anniversary of the People's Rescue Mission.
3224 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. A Report on the Self-Studies of the Five Rochester Settlements and the Report of the City-Wide Settlement of Study Com-mittee.
3225 GATES, HERBERT W. For the People of Brick Church and Their Neighbors.
3226 GRAY, RALPH L. The Effectiveness of the Neighborhood Unit Service Organization in Rochester, New York.
3227 JONES, ELSIE VOORHEES. The Third Church and the Community.
3229 MONTGOMERY NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER. Six Years at a Glance, 1952-1958. A Report of Montgomery Neighborhood Center, Inc.
3231 ROBINSON, Mrs. Charles M. "What I Found on Lewis Street."

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