Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4466 Assembly of God Church, Batavia, N.Y. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1931.
4464 Life and Work of the Rev. L.T. Nichols, Founder of Megiddo Mission …
4460 50th Anniversary, 1917-1967, Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation …
4452 Rochester Knockings! Discovery and. Explanation of the Source of the Phenomena Generally Known as the Rochester Knockings …
4451 A Report of the Mysterious Noises, Heard in the House of Mr. John D. Fox, in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, Authenticated by the Certificates, and Confirmed by the Statements of the Citizens of That Place and Vicinity …
5736 Saint Michael's Orthodox Church, Geneva, New York ... 1961.
4431 ALDERMAN, OLIVER P. Autobiography of O.P. Alderman, from Early Life to the Fifty-fifth Year of His Age, up to January 1, 1874. Merchantville, N.Y.
4479 ANDERSON, PHILIP J. The Simple Builders: The Shakers, Their Villages and Architecture.
4480 ANDREWS, EDWARD D. “The Community Industries of the Shakers.”
4481 ANDREWS, EDWARD D. The People Called Shakers: A Search for the Perfect Society.
4455 ARTHUR, DAVID.T. Come Out of Babylon: A Study of Millerite Separatism and Denominationalism.
4461 BAKER, ELIZABETH V. Chronicles of a Faith Life.
4467 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Obediah Dogberry: Rochester Freethinker.
5737 BRADLEY, A. DAY. "Records of Junius Friends Monthly Meeting, Seneca and Wayne Counties, N.Y."
4432 BROWN, LETITIA SHAW. Memoir of Elder Elijah Shaw. By His Daughter.
6740 BUSHMAN, RICHARD L. Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism.
4436 BYWATER, JOHN C. The Mystery Solved: or, A Bible Expose of the Spirit Rappings. Showing that They Are Not Caused by the Spirits of the Dead, but by Evil Demons, or Devils.
4437 CADWALLADER, M.E. Hydesville in History.
4438 CAPRON, ELIAB W., and HENRY D. BARRON. Singular Revelations. Explanation and history of the Mysterious Communion with Spirits, Comprehending the Rise and Progress of the Mysterious Noises in Western New-York, Generally Received as Spiritual Communications ..
4439 CLARK, FRANKLIN W. The Origins of Spiritualism in America …
4440 CLARK, LEMUEL. Peddler's Protest, ed. Wheaton P. Webb.
4469 COMLY, JOHN. Journal of the Life and Religious Labours of John Comly, Late of Byberry, Pennsylvania.
4470 CORNELL, JOHN J. Autobiography of John J. Cornell, Containing an Account of His Religious Experiences and Travels in the Ministry.
4471 COX, JOHN, JR. Quaker Records in New York. New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 45 (1914), 263-69, 366-73.
4472 COX, JOHN, JR., and PERCY CLAPP. Quakers in Rochester and Monroe County.”
4441 CRONISE, ADELBERT. The Beginnings of Modern Spiritualism In and Near Rochester.
4442 DEWEY, DELLON. … History of the Strange Sounds or Rappings, Heard in Rochester and Western New-York, and Usually Called the Mysterious Noises! Which Are Supposed by Many to he Communications from the Spirit World, together with All the Explanation That Can as Yet Be Given of the Matter.
4443 DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN. The History of Spiritualism.
4462 DUNCAN, SUE A. Trials and Triumphs of a Faith Life.
4456 FASSETT, O.R. Biography of Mrs. L. E. Fassett, a Devoted Christian, a Useful Life.
6735 FAY, LOREN V., ed. Quaker Census of 1828: Members of the New York Yearly Meeting, the Religious Society of the Time of the Separation of 1828.
4444 FORNELL, EARL W. The Unhappy Medium; Spiritualism and the Life of Margaret Fox.
4473 FRANKLIN ALMIRA. “The Passing of the Quakers.”
4474 GARDNER, SUNDERLAND P. Memoirs of the Life and Religious Labors of Sunderland P. Gardner (Late of Farmington, Ontario County, New York). Autobiography, Journal, Letters, Sermons and Addresses.
4475 HALL, RUFUS. A Journal of the Life, Religious Exercises, and Travels in the Work of the Ministry, of Rufus Hall ...
4433 HATHAWAY, LEVI. The Narrative of Levi. Hathaway, Giving an Account of His Life, Experiences, Call to the Ministry of the Gaspel of the Son of God, and Travels … Providence: Miller & Hutches, 1820. 140 pp.
4486 HENDRICKS, Mrs. Walter A., and ARNOLD J. POTTER. “The Universal Friend: Jemina Wilkinson.”
4476 HICKS, EDWARD. Memoirs of the Life and Religious Labors of Edward Hicks, Late of Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
4487 HUDSON, DAVID., History of Jemima Wilkinson, a Preacheress of the Eighteenth Century; Containing an Authentic Narrative of Her Life and Character, and of the Rise, Progress and Conclusion of the Ministry.
4445 HUGUENIN, CHARLES A. The Amazing Fox Sisters.
4446 ISAACS, ERNEST J. A history of Nineteenth Century American Spiritualism as a Religious and Social Movement.
4447 JACKSON, HERBERT C.,JR. The Spirit Rappers. .
4448 KERR, HOWARD. Mediums, and Spirit-Rappers, and Roaring Radicals: Spiritualism in American Literature, 1850-2900.
6737 KRAMER, FRAN. The Shakers of Groveland, New York.
6738 KRAMER, FRAN. Simply Shaker: Groveland and the New York Communities, a Catalog of an Exhibition at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, January 11 to September 2, 1991.
4482 MELCHER, MARGUERITE FELLOWS. The Shaker Adventure.
4463 MELOON, MARION. Ivan Spencer: Willow in the Wind.
4434 MILLARD, DAVID. Memoir of Rey. David Millard: with Selections from His Writings.
4483 MINEMIER, ROBERT S. “The Eternal Sabbath: A History of the Shakers in New York.”
4468 NEW YORK FREETHINKERS' ASSOCIATION. The Proceedings and Addresses at the Freethinkers' Convention Held at Watkins, N.Y., 1878.
4457 NICHOL, FRANCIS D. The Midnight Cry: A Defense of the Character and Conduct of William Miller and the Millerites, Who Mistakenly Believed that the Second Coming of Christ Would Take Place in the Year 1844.
4465 NICHOLS. L. T. History of the Megiddo Mission.
4449 PARKER, ARTHUR C. Abelard Reynolds and the Rochester Rappings: A Bref Recit of the Days When Ghosts and Okis Roamed Rochester.
4484 PATCHETT, ANNA E. The Shakers at Groveland, N.Y.
5738 PATTERSON, MAURICE L., and others, eds. A History of Interlaken Reformed Church, 1830-1980..
6741 PERSUITTE, DAVID. Joseph Smith and the Origins of The Book of Mormon.
4485 PIKE, KERMIT J. A Guide to Shaker Manuscripts in the Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society, with an Inventory of Its Shaker Photographs.
4450 POND, MARIAM BUCKNER. Time Is Kind; the Story of the Unfortunate Fox Family.
4435 POST, Mrs. George. Centennial, North Rush Christian Church, 1834-1934.
6739 RICE, ELIZABETH HIDDEMEN. The Shaker Peddler.
4453 ROGERS, ROCHESTER H. Nathaniel.
4458 ROWE, DAVID L. Thunder and Trumpets: The Millerite Movement and Apocalyptic Thought in Upstate New York, 1800-1845.
6734 ROWE, DAVID L. Thunder and Trumpets, Millerites and Dissenting Religion in Upstate New York, 1800-1850.
6742 SROLE, IRA. Inner City Sanctuary, the History and Theology of Rochester's Black Jews.
4488 ST. JOHN, ROBERT P. “Jemima Wilkinson.”
6736 SWAN, JOYCE FERRIS. A Farmer of the Old Order.
4477 TOWNSEND, ANNA A., comp. Memoir of Elizabeth Newport.
4454 UNDERHILL, ANN FOX. The Missing Link in Modern Spiritualism.
4489 UPSON, RUTH. “New Jerusalem and the Public Universal Friend.”
4490 WEBBER, EVERETT. Escape to Utopia: The Communal Movement in America.
4459 WHITMORE, JAMES H. Valedictory Address of James Herman Whitmore, on Retiring from the Pastorate of the First Adventist Church of Rochester, N.Y. Delivered at Adventist Hall, April 5th, 1874.
4491 WILKINSON, JEMIMA. The Public Universal Friend.
4478 WINNER, JULIA HULL. (In series on records of the Hartland and Royalton, Niagara County, meetings.) Same (Memoir of Elizabeth Newport.)
5739 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. The Sodus Shaker Community.
4492 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. “Portrait of a Prophetess.”
4493 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. Pioneer Prophetess: Jemima Wilkinson, The Publick Universal Friend.
4494 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. “Jemima Wilkinson: Historical Figure and Folk Character.”
4495 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. “The Publick Universal Friend.”

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