Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4503 Brigham Young University Studies, 9, no. 3 (Spring 1969), pp. 235-404.
4496 ALLEN, JAMES B., and LEONARD J. ARRINGTON. “Mormon Origins in New York: An Introductory Analysis.”
4497 ANDERSON, RICHARD L. “Circumstantial Confirmation of the First Vision through Reminisicences.”
5740 ANDRUS, HYRUM L., and RICHARD E. BENNETT, comps. Mormon Manuscripts to 1846: A Guide to the Holdings of the Harold B. Lee Library.
5741 ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. “Mormonism: From Its New York Beginnings.”
4498 BACKMAN, MILTON. “Awakenings in the Burned-Over District: New Light on the Historical Setting of the First Vision.”
4499 BEAN, WILLARD W. A.B.C. History of Palmyra and the Beginning of “Mormonism.”
4500 BENNETT, JOHN C. The History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism.
4501 BERGE, DALE L. “Archeology at the Peter Whitmer Farm, Seneca County, New York.”
4502 BISHOP, MORRIS. “In the Footsteps of Mormon.”
4504 BRODIE, FAWN M. No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet.
4505 CAMPBELL, ISABEL. “Brigham Young Chair Factory.”
4506 CANNON, M. HAMLIN. “Contemporary Views of Mormon Origins (1830).”
4507 CARMER, CARL. The Farm Boy and the Angel.
4508 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS. Angel Moroni Monument at Hill Cumorah near Palmyra, New York.
4509 CROSS, WHITNEY R. “Mormonism in the 'Burned-Over District.'“
4510 DAVIS, DAVID BRION. “The New England Origins of Mormonism.”
4511 EVANOFF, ALEXANDER. “The Turner Thesis and Mormon Beginnings in New York and Utah.”
5742 FISHER, J. SHELDON. “Brigham Young as a Mendon Crafts-man: A Study in History Archeology.”
5743 FLAKE, CHAD J., ed. A Mormon Bibliography, 1830-1930: Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, and Broadsides Relating to the First Century of Mormonism.
4512 GRANT, CARTER E. “Peter Whitmer's Log House.”
4513 GRANT, CARTER E. “The Joseph Smith Home, Stafford Street, Palmyra, New York.”
4514 HANSEN, HAROLD I. “Hill Cumorah Mormon Pageant.”
5744 HILL, DONNA. Joseph Smith: The First Mormon.
5745 HILL, MARVIN S. “The Rise of Mormonism in the Burned-Over District: Another View.”
4515 HILL, MARVIN S. “The Shaping of the Mormon Mind In New England and New York.”
4516 HIRSHON, STANLEY P. The Lion of the Lord: A Biography of Brigham Young.
4517 HOWE, EBER D. Mormonism Unveiled: or, a Faithful Account of That Singular Imposition and Delusion, from Its Rise to the Present Time. With Sketches of the Characters of Its Propagators.
4518 JESSEE, DEAN C. “The Early Accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision.”
4519 KIRKHAM, FRANCIS W. Source Material Concerning the Origin of the “Book of Mormon”...
4520 LYON, T. EDGAR. “How Authentic Are Mormon Historic Sites in Vermont and New York?”
4521 MILLIKEN, CHARLES F. “The Beginnings of Mormonism.”
4522 MINER, EDWARD G. “The Book of Mormon.”
4523 MULDER, WILLIAM, and A. RUSSELL MORTENSEN, eds. Among the Mormons: Historic Accounts by Contemporary Observers.
4524 NIBLEY, PRESTON. Brigham Young: The Man and His Work.
4525 O'DEA, THOMAS F. The Mormons.
4526 PORTER, LARRY C. “Reverend George Lane--Good 'Gifts,' Much 'Grace,' and Marked 'Usefulness.'“
4527 PORTER, LARRY C. A Study of the Origins of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the States of New York and Pennsylvania, 1816-1831.
4528 PRINCE, WALTER R. “Psychological Tests for the Authorship of the Book of Mormon.”
4529 ROBERTS, BRIGHAM H. A Comprehensive History of the Church of Jesue Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Century I.
4530 SMITH, JOSEPH FIELDING. Essentials in Church History: A History of the Church from the Birth of Joseph Smith to the Present Time ...
4531 SMITH, LUCY MACK. Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, and His Progenitors for Many Generations.
4532 WAIT, MARY VAN SICKLE. Brigham Young in Cayuga County, 1813-1829.
4533 WALTERS, WESLEY P. “New Light on Mormon Origins from Palmyra (N.Y.) Revival.”
4534 WALTERS, WESLEY P. New Light on Mormon Origins from the Palmyra (N.Y.) Revival.
4535 WILLERS, DIEDRICH. “The First Months of Mormonism: A Contemporary View by Rev. Diedrich Willers,” ed. D. Michael Quinn.
4536 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “Brigham Young, Builder of the Mormon Empire: Mementoes in the Museum.”
5746 WOOD, GORDON S. “Evangelical America and Early Mormonism.”

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