Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4253 "Seventy-five Years of Methodism at Silver Lake."
4242d History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Phelps, N.Y., 1793-1931 ...
4242g Building Centennial, 1860-1960, Livonia, N.Y.
4256 "Centennial of Warsaw Church."
4242f The Life of Mrs. Fanny L. Bartlett, Consort of the Late Dr. Oliver C. Bartlett: Containing Copious Extracts from Her Journal, and Eminently Calculated to Lead to a Holy Life.
4246 Centennial Anniversary Yearbook, 1937. Beginning a Second Century of Christian Service. Asbury First Methodist Episcopal Church ...
4239 One Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Anniversary, 1825-1951, Garland Methodist Church, Garland, N.Y. 1951.
4242 The Methodist Church, Indian Falls, New York. Centennial Celebration, July 14-15, 1962.
4271 Bulletin of Houghton's Tabernacle Church, Dec. 2, 1934.
4272 Report of the Trustees of the African Church in the Village of Rochester, with an Address to the Publick.
4273 Directory, A.M.E. Zion Memorial Church, Favor Street, Rochester, N.Y., 1907-1908. 47 pp.
4242b Indian Falls United Methodist Church, 1947-1972.
4242c "Sesquicentennial: The Methodist Church in LeRoy."
4236 One Hundred Years of Methodism in Brockport, New York. December 10, 1827-December 10, 1952.
4247 The Report of the Research Committee on the Relocation of the Asbury First Methodist Church.
4248 Christ in Art and Symbolism: Asbury First Methodist Church, Rochester, New York.
4249 A Hundred Years of Methodism in Charlotte; Official History, 1848-1948. Lake Avenue Methodist Church, Rochester, New York ...
5700 History, Bishopville Church, 1974.
5702 History of Cuba United Methodist Church, 1820-1976.
5703 Centennial, the First Methodist Episcopal Church of East Bloomfield, New York, 1830-1930.
5704 Church Chimes Centennial Edition. One Hundredth Anniversary, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Penn Yan, New York, March 23-30, 1924.
5705 History of the First Methodist Church ... Phelps, New York ... 1956.
5706 150th Anniversary, Starkey United Methodist Church, 1822-1972 ...
5707 Methodism in Victor, 1805-1935.
4250 ALEXANDER, NINA G. A Brief Resume of the History of the Grace Methodist Church, Rochester, New York.
4219 ALLEN, RAY. A Century of the Genesee Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1810-1910.
4220 ALLEN, RAY. History of the East Genesee Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
4221 CHASE. ABNER. Recollections of the Past.
4258 CHESBROUGH, S.K.J. Defence of Rev. B.T. Roberts, A.M.
4222 CONABLE, FRANCIS W. History of the Genesee Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, from Its Organization by Bishops Asbury and McKendree in 1810, to the Year 1872 ...
4242h CURRY, Mrs. Reed V. Directory and History of the First M.E. Church, ... Lima, N.Y, 1900.
4235 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Centennial of Methodism in Arcade."
4244 EANES, EDWARD W. "Methodism in Rochester (A Survey, 1935).
4243 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The First and Second Methodist Episcopal Churches of Pike."
4223 GILLS, CHARLES. Pioneer: A Narrative of the Nativity, Experience, Travels, and Ministerial Labours of Rev. Charles Giles.
4252 GOLPER, A.W. "Record of the Methodist Episcopal Church."
4251 GOODELLE, FRED B. Widening Horizons, 1842-1942: Monroe Avenue Methodist Church, Rochester, New York.
4245 HARRIS, WILLIAM A. The Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, Rochester, New York, 1836-1936.
4259 HART, EDWARD P. Reminiscences of Early Free Methodism.
4224 HIBBARD, FREEBORN G. History of the Late East Genesee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
4260 HOGUE, WILSON T. History of the Free Methodist Church,
4225 HUDSON, JOHN B. Narrative of the Christian Experience, Travels and Labors of John B. Hudson, a Local Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church. With Notices of the Introduction of Methodism in Various Sections of the State of New York.
4274 JAMES, THOMAS. “The Autobiography of Rev. Thomas James, ed. Joseph W. Barnes. Rochester History, 37, no. 4 (Oct. 1975), 1-32. Repr. from Wonderful Eventful Life of Rev. Thomas James, by Himself.
4241 JUSTICE, HOWARD H. "Ye Are God's Building"'. A History arid a Membership Directory of the Greece Methodist Church. 1953.
4226 KNAPP, JACOB. Autobiography of Elder Jacob Knapp.
4261 MARSTON, LESLIE R. From Age to Age a Living Witness: A Historical Interpretation of Free Methodism's First Century.
4229 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. East German Conference. Geschichte der Ost-Deutschen Konferenz.
4230 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, for the Years 1773-1828. 2 vols.
4227 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Genesee Conference. Minutes, 1845-1963.
4228 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. East Genesee Conference. Minutes, 1848-1872.
4242a MOREY, A.F. A Historical Sermon Delivered in the M.E. Church, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., June 26, 1864 ...
5701 MORSE, ELIZABETH CASE. History of the First Methodist Church at Bristol Center, New York, 1946,
4231 NORTH, LOUISE McCOY. The Story of the New York Branch of Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
4269 NORWOOD, JOHN N. The Schism in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1844: A Study of Slavery and Ecclesiastical Politics.
4240 PARISH, DAVID W. The Church in the Valley: History of Geneseo United Methodist Church; Sesquicentennial 1825-1975.
4232 PECK, GEORGE. Early Methodism within the Bounds of the Old Genesee Conference from 1788 to 1828; or, The First Forty Years in Wesleyan Evangelism in Northern Pennsylvania, Central and Western New York, and Canada ...
4242e PHELPS, A.A. One Hundred Years of Methodism in Honeoye Falls, N.Y. 1797-1897.
4262 POSTE, DONALD E. “Centenary of Free Methodism, 1860-1960.”
4268 POSTE, DONALD E. "Centennial of the First Free Methodist Church of Perry."
4263 ROBERTS, BENJAMIN T. Why Another Sect: Containing a Review of Articles by Bishop Simpson and Others on the Free Methodist Church.
4264 ROBERTS, BENSON H. Benjamin Titus Roberts: A Biography.
5699 ROCHESTER: UNITED METHODIST HOME. Living History: Excerpts from Interviews with Residents of Rochester: United Methodist Home and Goodman Gardens, 1979.
4237 ROGERS, ETHEL. History of the Darien Methodist Church, 1952.
4265 SHAY, EMMA FREELAND. Mariet Hardy Freeland: A Faithful Witness.
4257 SHEAR, HAZEL M. History of York's Corners M.E. Church ... 1950. unp.
4238 SMITH, CHARLES M. "History of the Gainesville Methodist Church."
4233 TOOKER, MANLY. Poems, and Jottings of Itinerancy in Western New-York...
4255 TOZIER, ETHEL A.M. "First Methodist Church of Warsaw--1808-1954."
4242I United Methodist Church, Oakfield, New York. Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1970.
4270 WESLEYAN METHODIST CONNECTION. Lockport Conference: Lockport Conference Centennial, 1861-1961.
4254 WILLIAMS, GORDON M. History of the Sodus Point United Methodist Church
4234 WINCHESTER, CHARLES W. Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Christian Service.
4266 ZAHNISER, CLARENCE H. The Life and Works of Benjamin Titus Roberts,
4267 ZAHNISER, CLARENCE H. Earnest Christian: Life and Works of Benjamin Titus Roberts.

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