Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4002 One Hundredth Anniversary, Raymond Baptist Church, Fairport, N.Y. 1840-1940.
4003 History of the First Baptist Church and Society of Perinton ... 1842-1942.
4004 The First Baptist Church of Fairport, New York, 1842-1967.
4005 Centennial Anniversary of the First Baptist Church, Friendship, N.Y., 1822-1922.
4006 "Baptist Church, Friendship, New York."
3992 First Baptist Church, Albion, N.Y. 100th Anniversary ... 1959.
3993 1806-1906. Centennial Celebration, Aug. 22, 1907. First Baptist Church, Attica, N.Y.
3994 "Sesquicentennial of Attica Baptist Church."
3997 Historical Sketch of the First Baptist Church, Brockport, New York; with Names of Its Pastors, Officers and Members from the Date of Organization (September 1, 1841) to the Present Time ...
3998 "The Baptist Church, Castile, Wyoming County, N.Y."
3999 Semi-Centennial of the Second Baptist Church, Cuba, N.Y., 1834-1884.
4000 CONRATH, ELMER, E. Historical Sketch of the First Baptist Church, Cuba, New York ...
3995 DOW, HARRIET BROWN. Belcoda: A Biographical and Historical Story of a Country Church, 1811-1870.
3996 GAGE, SAMUEL G., comp. "The Story of the Records of the First Baptist Church at Benton Center, Yates County, Written in 1848."
4001 WORDEN, LORILLA F. History of the Penfield Baptist Church, 1804 to 1904. Fairport; Mail Printing House, n.d. 30 pp.

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