Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4043 History of the First Baptist Church of Romulus ... 1795-1895.
4044 75th Anniversary of the Baptist Church of Rushford, N.Y., November 7, 1890.
4045 "Baptist Church, Rushford, Allegany County, N.Y."
3979 Churches of Genesee and Wyoming Counties.
4028 Centennial Celebration, First Baptist Church, 1888-1918 ...
4029 Ceremonies at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the New Auditorium of the Second Baptist Church at Rochester, N.Y., July 21, 1892.
4030 Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Second Baptist Church, Rochester, New York. Historical Address ... by Charles M. Williams.
4032 Souvenir Historical Sketch. A Century of the Baptist Temple of Rochester, N.Y.
4046 Sesquicentennial of the First Baptist Church, Rushford, New York, 1815 1965.
4048 One Hundredth Anniversary of the South Livonia Baptist Church, 1816-1916.
4052 Historical Manual and Directory, First Baptist Church, Wellsville, N.Y. ... 1916.
4015 The Marion Baptist Church, Marion, New York ... 1949. Marion: H.E. White, 1949. unp.
4016 One Hundredth Anniversary, 1829-1929, First Baptist Church, Medina, N.Y.
4017 Centennial Anniversary, First Baptist Church, Mumford, New York ... 1953.
4019 The Second Baptist Church of Parma, Centennial Celebration ... 1932.
4020 One Hundredth Anniversary, First Baptist Church, Pavilion, N.Y. ...
4028 Centennial Celebration, First Baptist Church, 1888-1918 ...
3971 Proceedings of the Sabbath Convention, Held at the City of Rochester, July 20th and 21st, 1842.
4057 "Minute Book, 1836-1881, of the Free Will Baptist Church of Eatt Pen field, Monroe County, New York."
4059 First Seventh Day Baptist Church, Alfred, N.Y. One Hundredth Anniversary
4026 A General history of the Baptist Church of Pittsford ... 1809-1909.
4027 Book of the First Baptist Church, Rochester, N.Y., for 1838-39.
4036 Sixtieth Anniversary, Genesee Baptist Church, Rochester, N.Y., 1871-1931.
4039 Fortieth Anniversary Book of Remembrance, 1910-1950, Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Rochester, New York.
4042 Tenth Anniversary, Immanuel Baptist Church, Rochester, N.Y. 1923-1933. unp.
4049 Ogden Baptist Church 150th Anniversary, 1819-1969 ...
4022 Centennial Celebration, First Baptist Church, Penn Yan, N.Y., 1830-1930.
4023 Centennial. Souvenir of the Second Milo Baptist Church, Penn Yan, N.Y.
4008 "History of the First Baptist Church of Hermitage."
4009 Hilton Baptist Church, 1809-1959. Forward through the Ages.
3978 Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with Sketches of Their Pastors, 1895-96.
4058 ALLEN, ABIGAIL MAXSON. Life and Sermons of Jonathan Allen, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., President of Alfred University, by His Wife.
4034 AMERICAN BAPTIST HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETIES. Strategy Study Report Sponsored by Monroe County Baptist Union in Cooperation with Thirty-Two Protestant Churches ...
4014 BRONK, MITCHELL. "Clergy of my Home Town."
4018 CARPENTER, GEORGE H. Murray Baptist Church in Orleans Association, New York,
5664 CHEAL, WINSTON R. The First Decade: A Celebration of Faith.
3976 CLARK, LEWIS H. History of the Churches of Sodus. Sodus: 1876. 71 pp.
4037 COBER, R. LA RUE. Castle Town: An Historiette of Southwest Rochester, and the History and Program of Genesee Baptist Church.
4053 COIT, ALBERT. First Baptist Church, Wellsville, N.Y. Re-Dedicated, Tuesday, Nov. 20, 1888. Historical Sermon ...
3975 COWING, Mrs. Philo, and S.F. FRAZIER. "Early Churches of Junius."
4054 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "The Baptists of West Middlebury."
4050 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Warsaw Baptist Sesquicentennial.
4055 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. First Wyoming Baptist Church, 1810-1960.
4033 EWELL, GLENN B., comp. Baptist Temple, Rochester, N.Y., 125th Year Souvenir,
4012 FREEMAN, HENRIETTA M. Semi-Centennial, Baptist Church, Lima, New York, 1854-1954.
4024 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Temporal Affairs of a Pioneer Church."
3974 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. The Churches of Rush.
3967 HARRIS, JULIA HUGHES. "The Carthage Sunday School."
3968 JOHNSON, DOUGLAS W., and others. Churches & Church Membership in the United States: An enumeration by Region, State and County, 1971.
4040 JOHNSON, ROBERT R. The Mountain of Olivet: A Historical Sketch of Negro Baptists in Rochester, New York.
4011 JORDAN, JOYCE G. "The First Baptist Church of LeRoy, 1818-1968."
4051 KOFAHL, Mrs. Wesley. A Brief History of Webster Baptist Church.
4038 LEWIS, WILBUR G. Genesee Baptist Church … Rochester, N.Y., 1871-1971. First and Oldest Religious Organization in Southwest Rochester.
4056 MARKS, DAVID. The Life of David Marks, to the 26th Year of His Age. Including the Particulars of His Conversion, Call to the Ministry, and Labours in Itinerant Preaching for Nearly Eleven Years. Limerick, Me.: Printed at the Office of the Morning Star, 1831. 396 pp. Rev., expanded ed., Memoirs of the Life of David Marks, Minister of the Gospel, ed. Marilla Marks.
3977 MATHER, WILLIAM G., JR. "The Rural Churches of Allegany County."
4025 MILLEN, Mrs. James. "Baptist Organizations in Pike."
4035 NELSON, WILLIAM R., and WILLIAM F. LINCOLN. Journey Toward Renewal.
4047 NEWLAND, S.M. "The First Baptist Church."
3969 PRICE, ORLO J. "The Significance of the Early Religious History of Rochester."
3970 PRICE, ORLO J. "One Hundred Years of Protestantism in Rochester."
5665 REYNOLDS, JOHN F. A History of the Union of Churches, Almond, New York: Presbyterian Founded 1812, Baptist Founded 1826.
5666 ROWE, ROBERT A. The Church of Our Fathers: The Beginnings of Christianity in the Western Finger Lakes Region.
4007 SHOTWELL, J. RALPH. From Strength to Strength: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Greece Baptist Church, 1814-1964.
4010 SMITH, THEOREN P.L. The Evangelistic Force in a Rural Church. One Hundred Twenty-Six Years with the Hunt Baptist Church.
3972 THOMPSON, JOHN N. "History of the Sabbath Schools of Rochester."
4021 VAN OSTRAND, Mrs. Clayton. History of the Penfield Baptist Church, 1904-1941.
3973 WARD, FERDINAND deW. Churches of Rochester. Ecclesiastical History of Rochester, N.Y. Narrative of the Rise, Progress, and Present Condition of Each Religious Organization; Biographical Sketches of Pastors, and of Clergymen Born in the City; with Miscellaneous Items, from August, 1815, to July, 1871.
5667 WILKINS, LOIS NICKERSON. The Mormon Barn at Lakeville,
4013 WILKINS, LOIS NICKERSON. The History of the Livonia Baptist Church and the Livonia Community Congregational Church, 1867-1967.
3966 WILLARD, GRACE A. "Bennington Churches."
4031 . WUNDER, CLINTON. Crowds of Souls for the Church and the Kingdom.

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