Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3959 The Joint Urban Ministry of the Rochester Area Council of Churches and the Rochester Roman Catholic Diocese; A Summary Report of Its Understandings and Its Activities.
3956a AVERILL, LLOYD J., JR. Religion on the Air in Rochester: A Study of Religious Broadcasting over Rochester Radio Stations, with Special Reference to Protestant Religious Broadcasting.
3957 GARDINER, DWIGHT H. The Measurement of Religious Attitudes and Their Relation to Prejudice,
3961 MARTIN, WILLIAM C. Christians in Conflict.
3960 McMURRAY, ELLA J. A Study of a Homogeneous Protestant Group's Attitudes toward Jewish Practices and How These Relate to Goals of Intergroup Relations.
3962 MIKOLON, THEODORE W. Religious Participation and the Personal Adjustment of Old People in a Home for the Aged.
3958 MONROE SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. The Second Report of the Monroe Sunday School Union; Read at their Annual Meeting, Held in the Village of Rochester ... Oct. 4, 1826.
3963 REED, FRANK A., ed. The Hills beyond the Hills; “400 Years in the Ministry.”
3964 ROBINSON, DIANA, ed. Rochester's Guide to Inner Growth.
3965 ROCHESTER GOSPEL CENTER. History and First Annual Report of the Roch ester Gospel Center, 1921-1922.

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