Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4092 Crowning a Century of Progress, 1855-1955. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Brockport, N.Y.
3979 Churches of Genesee and Wyoming Counties.
4106 Saint Mary's, Holley, N.Y., One Hundredth Anniversary ... 1966.
4464 Life and Work of the Rev. L.T. Nichols, Founder of Megiddo Mission …
4100 A Book to Commemorate the Centennial of the Holy Name of Mary Parish, East Pembroke, New York, 1868 to 1968.
4101 Golden Jubilee, 1905-1955, St. Jerome's Church, East Rochester, New York.
4102 St. Theodore Church, Gates, New York. 1975
4103 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Geneseo, New York ... Centennial Anniversary 1854-1954.
4105 "St. Leo's Parish History" in Fall Festival Program, 1970.
4466 Assembly of God Church, Batavia, N.Y. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1931.
4095 100th Anniversary, 1856-1965, Saint Mary's Church, Canaseraga, New York...
4096 Centennial 1869-1969 Saint Vincent de Paul Church, Churchville, New York.
4108 History of St. Thomas Aquinas Church ... 1973. leaflet.
4122 The Golden Jubilee History of Corpus Christi Parish, 1888-1938.
4424 Here Be No Man a Stranger.
4391 Manual of the First Congregational Church in Canandaigua, N.Y., 1889.
4392 The One Hundredth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church, Canandaigua, N.Y., June 11, 12, and 13, 1899. The Sermon by the Pastor and the Historical Papers.
4415 Salem Church, Evangelical and Reformed, Rochester, New York. Diamond Jubilee, 1873-1948.
4416 Fiftieth Anniversary Program and History, Second Reformed. Church ...
4289 A Narrative of the Late Revivals of Religion, within the Bounds of Geneva Presbytery. Published by Order of Presbytery.
4323 1969 Directory of Union Presbyterian Church, Founded 1817, Leicester, N.Y.
4292a "Attica Presbyterian Church:"
4163 St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Belmont, New York.
4292c The One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church of Albion, New York, 1949.
3959 The Joint Urban Ministry of the Rochester Area Council of Churches and the Rochester Roman Catholic Diocese; A Summary Report of Its Understandings and Its Activities.
4253 "Seventy-five Years of Methodism at Silver Lake."
4256 "Centennial of Warsaw Church."
4282 Memorial Services. Half-Century Celebration of the Presbytery of Rochester, Held in that City April 6th and 7th, 1869.
4366 History, Officers, Organizations, and Membership, of the Central Presbyterian Church, Rochester, N.Y.
4367 Dedication Services: The New Auditorium, Central Presbyterian Church, Rochester, N.Y., Sunday, Sept. 13, 1891.
4368 Our Bible School: About Its Management and a Bit of History ...
4369 "The Central Church Seventy-fifth Anniversary Number."
4189 St. Paul's Church, Rochester. Forward Together.
4460 50th Anniversary, 1917-1967, Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation …
4125 Echoes from the Silver Jubilee; a Token of Esteem & Love to Our Worthy Pastor, Very Rev. F. Oberholzer, M.R., First Pastor of the Most Holy Redeemer Parish.
4126 Souvenir Book of the Golden Jubilee of the Most Holy Redeemer Church, Rochester, N.Y., 1867-1917.
4127 Golden Jubilee Observance, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, 1904-1954.
4213 75th Anniversary, Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation, Rochester, N.Y., 1868-1943.
4214 Golden Anniversary, 1898-1948, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Rochester, N.Y.
4452 Rochester Knockings! Discovery and. Explanation of the Source of the Phenomena Generally Known as the Rochester Knockings …
4217 Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1868-1968.
4210 Lutheran Concordia Church, 1877-1952.
4211 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Peace, Rochester, N.Y., 1890-1940.
4002 One Hundredth Anniversary, Raymond Baptist Church, Fairport, N.Y. 1840-1940.
4003 History of the First Baptist Church and Society of Perinton ... 1842-1942.
4004 The First Baptist Church of Fairport, New York, 1842-1967.
4005 Centennial Anniversary of the First Baptist Church, Friendship, N.Y., 1822-1922.
4207 Fiftieth Anniversary, Christ Lutheran Church ...
4208 The Lutheran Concordia Church, Rochester, New York. Fiftieth Anniversary ... 1927.
4300 Souvenir History of the First Presbyterian Church, Clyde, New York, 1909.
4302 "Covington U.P. Church, 1828-1953."
4303 Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church of Cuba, New York, 1827-1927.
4305 Centennial of the Presbyterian Church, Dansville, N.Y. 1925.
4306 150th Anniversary, 1825-1975, the Presbyterian Church, Dansville, N.Y.
4242d History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Phelps, N.Y., 1793-1931 ...
4242g Building Centennial, 1860-1960, Livonia, N.Y.
4395 One Hundredth Anniversary, the First Congregational Church of Bloomfield, East Bloomfield, N.Y., 1796-1896 ...
4396 "Early Church Records."
4397 Our Sunday School, Being the Story of the First One Hundred Years of United Congregational Sunday School which Began in 1850 as Irondequoit Union Sabbath School ... 1850-1950. 20 pp.
4393 Sesquicentennial, 1799-1949. First Congregational Church, Town of Canandaigua, N.Y.
4242f The Life of Mrs. Fanny L. Bartlett, Consort of the Late Dr. Oliver C. Bartlett: Containing Copious Extracts from Her Journal, and Eminently Calculated to Lead to a Holy Life.
4246 Centennial Anniversary Yearbook, 1937. Beginning a Second Century of Christian Service. Asbury First Methodist Episcopal Church ...
4292e History of Brighton Presbyterian Church of Rochester, New York.
4292f History of the First Presbyterian Church of Albion, New York, for One Hundred Years, 1824-1924.
4293 .. Commemorating One Hundred Twenty Five Years of the First Presbyterian Church in Brockport, March 13, 1953.
4294 One Hundred Fifty Years in Byron, New York: The First United Presbyterian Church, 1818-1968.
4295 Centennial Book of the First Presbyterian Church, Caledonia, New York. ...
4297 Sesquicentennial of the First Presbyterian Church, Caledonia, New York.
4298 ..A History and a Renewal of Discipleship on Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the First Presbyterian Church of Chili, New York. 1816-1966.
4363 A Catalogue of the Members of the Third Presbyterian Church in Rochester, from Its Organization, Feb. 28, 1827, to Jan. 2, 1832.
4239 One Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Anniversary, 1825-1951, Garland Methodist Church, Garland, N.Y. 1951.
4242 The Methodist Church, Indian Falls, New York. Centennial Celebration, July 14-15, 1962.
4430 First Universalist Church, Rochester, N.Y. 1902? 23 pp.
4196 "Warsaw Episcopal Centennial."
4193 The Sanctuary of St. Andrew's Church, Rochester, N.Y., 1902.
4428 The Cobblestone Church at Childs, New York: A History.
4548 Temple B'rith Kodesh, 1848-1948, Rochester, New York.
4165 A Pictorial History of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Brockport, New York, 1838-1968.
4172 St. Peter's Church, The Memorial Church of Bishop De Lancey.
4188 St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Rochester, N.Y. A Brief History of the First One Hundred Years of Rochester's Second Episcopal Parish.
4400 Centennial Souvenir of the Congregational Church of Perry. Center, N.Y., 1814-1914.
4401 "The First Church of Christ in Perry Center."
4043 History of the First Baptist Church of Romulus ... 1795-1895.
4044 75th Anniversary of the Baptist Church of Rushford, N.Y., November 7, 1890.
4045 "Baptist Church, Rushford, Allegany County, N.Y."
4503 Brigham Young University Studies, 9, no. 3 (Spring 1969), pp. 235-404.
4028 Centennial Celebration, First Baptist Church, 1888-1918 ...
4029 Ceremonies at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the New Auditorium of the Second Baptist Church at Rochester, N.Y., July 21, 1892.
4030 Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Second Baptist Church, Rochester, New York. Historical Address ... by Charles M. Williams.
4032 Souvenir Historical Sketch. A Century of the Baptist Temple of Rochester, N.Y.
4046 Sesquicentennial of the First Baptist Church, Rushford, New York, 1815 1965.
4048 One Hundredth Anniversary of the South Livonia Baptist Church, 1816-1916.
4052 Historical Manual and Directory, First Baptist Church, Wellsville, N.Y. ... 1916.
4129 25 Anniversario della Chiesa di Sant'Antonio di Padova, 1906-1931.
4131 Golden Jubilee, Saint Augustine's Church, Rochester, New York, 1898-1948.
4015 The Marion Baptist Church, Marion, New York ... 1949. Marion: H.E. White, 1949. unp.
4016 One Hundredth Anniversary, 1829-1929, First Baptist Church, Medina, N.Y.
4017 Centennial Anniversary, First Baptist Church, Mumford, New York ... 1953.
4019 The Second Baptist Church of Parma, Centennial Celebration ... 1932.
4020 One Hundredth Anniversary, First Baptist Church, Pavilion, N.Y. ...
4205 75th Anniversary, 1874-1949, St. John's Lutheran Church, Hamlin, N.Y.
4206 Ninetieth Anniversary, 1874-1964, St. John's Lutheran Church, Hamlin, New York,
4132 History of St. Bridget's Parish, Rochester, New York; Golden Jubilee, 1854-1904. 68 pp.
4137 Golden Jubilee of the Dedication of the St. Michael's Church, 1890-1940.
4138 Golden Jubilee, Saint Monica's Church, Rochester, New York, 1898-1948.
4139 Centennial Jubilee, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rochester, N.Y., 1818-1919.
4140 History of the Church of the Assumption, Scottsville, N.Y.
4141 St. Mary's Catholic Church of the Assumption, Scottsville, N.Y., Centennial Anniversary, 1853-1953.
4142 "Sheldon's St. Cecilia's Celebrates First Century."
4143 St. John the Evangelist Church ... 31 pp.
4144 A Book to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of St. Michael's Parish, Warsaw, New York, 1858-1958.
4370 A Century with Central Church, 1836-1936.
4371 Tribute to the Memory of Rev. John Townsend. Coit, Late Pastor of St. Peter's Church, Rochester, N.Y.
4372 Westminster Presbyterian Church Seventy-fifth Anniversary. 1943.
4374 "Centennial Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church, Seneca Falls, New York."
4375 A Manual of the Presbyterian Church in Ogden, Containing Notices of Its History, a List of Its Members, Its Important Resolutions and Its Articles of Faith and Covenant.
4146 The Church of the Holy Trinity.
4380 "Members of the Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, Wyoming County, New York."
4381 United Presbyterian Church, York, New York. Sesquicentennial, 1813-1963.
4378 "Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Warsaw, N.Y."
4377 Report of the Centennial Exercises of the First Presbyterian Church, ... Victor, N.Y., Edited by the Ladies of the Church.
4339 "Early Church Records, First Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, Yates County, New York."
4342 Centennial Celebration, First Presbyterian Church, Pittsford, New York. 1909.
4330 One Hundred and Fifty Years of the Presbyterian Church, Lyons, New York, 1809-1959.
4331 Mendon Presbyterian Church, Mendon, New York. 1816-1966.
4332 Levi Parsons, D.D. Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Mount Morris, N.Y., 1856-1901. A Sketch of His Life--Funeral Services—Tributes of Esteem--Extracts from His Sermons and Addresses.
4333 Year Book and Church Directory of the First Presbyterian Church, Mount Morris, N.Y. 1932.
4328 Proceedings of the Centennial Celebration of the Organization of the First Presbyterian Church ...
4335 In Memoriam: A. Parke Burgess--Jennette P. Burgess.
4382 Testimony-Bearing Exemplified in the Earnest Endeavor of Members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, to Prevent and Recover from Schism and Defection, the Synod and Subordinate Courts of That Church, which Culminated in Adopting and Swearing a New and Defective Covenant, and other Erroneous Conduct, at Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1871 ...
6712 Eightieth Anniversary, 1899 to 1979.
6716 Being a Brief History from Its Organization to the Present of Spencer-Ripley Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church: Now Located at Culver Road and Parsells Avenue, Rochester, New York: Containing also the Program of the Golden Jubilee Anniversary....
6717 Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church.
6718 A History of the Memorial Presbyterian Church, Including a Biographical Sketch of Mary F. Johnson.
4384 Book of Dedication Published in Connection with the Dedication of the Memorial Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
4026 A General history of the Baptist Church of Pittsford ... 1809-1909.
4027 Book of the First Baptist Church, Rochester, N.Y., for 1838-39.
4209 The Lutheran Concordia Church, Rochester, N.Y., 1877-1937. The Sixtieth Anniversary and Rededication ...
4028 Centennial Celebration, First Baptist Church, 1888-1918 ...
4162 A Cycle of Praise: The History of St. James' Church, 1815-1965.
4386 The Community Church of Lakeville, 1795-1970.
4057 "Minute Book, 1836-1881, of the Free Will Baptist Church of Eatt Pen field, Monroe County, New York."
4059 First Seventh Day Baptist Church, Alfred, N.Y. One Hundredth Anniversary
3971 Proceedings of the Sabbath Convention, Held at the City of Rochester, July 20th and 21st, 1842.
4068 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
4089 St. Agnes Church, Avon, N.Y. 1869-1969.
4090 Golden Jubilee: Sacred Heart Parish, Roman Catholic Church, Batavia, New York.
4091 A Book to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of St. Patrick's Parish, Belfast, N.Y. 1859-1959.
4087 Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester, by a Sister of Saint Joseph.
4114 A Hundred Years of Service, St. Patrick's Church, Mumford, New York, 1954.
4116 Holy Spirit Parish, Penfield, New York... South Hackensack, N.J.: Custombook, Inc., 1969.
4117 The History of St. Joseph’s Church, Perry, New York
4118 "Portageville Catholics Observe Their Centennial."
4121 "Forty Years Ago, April 13, 1902: Dedication and First Mass, Church of the Blessed Sacrament ..."
5714 Historical Sketches Read at the Centennial Celebration of the Presbyterian Church of Seneca, Ontario County, New York (The "No. 9" Church), August 25, 26 and 27, 1907.
5715 135th Anniversary, Seneca Presbyterian Church, "Old Number Nine," Stanley, N.Y., 1807-1942.
4006 "Baptist Church, Friendship, New York."
4099 Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Darien Center, N.Y. 1911-1961.
4123 Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of the Immaculate Conception Church, Rochester, New York ... 1899.
4124 One Hundred Years, 1849-1949; the History of Immaculate Conception Church, Rochester, New York.
4271 Bulletin of Houghton's Tabernacle Church, Dec. 2, 1934.
4272 Report of the Trustees of the African Church in the Village of Rochester, with an Address to the Publick.
4273 Directory, A.M.E. Zion Memorial Church, Favor Street, Rochester, N.Y., 1907-1908. 47 pp.
4109 "St. Peter's, LeRoy, 1849-1869-1969."
4110 Souvenir of Centenary of the First Mass, Saint Rose Church, Lima, New York, 1842-1942.
4111 50th Anniversary, St. Joseph's Church, Livonia, New York, 1911-1961.
4112 St. Joseph's Church, Lyndonville, N.Y., 1917-1967 ...
4405 In Loving Memory of Myron Adams ...
4406 25th Anniversary Manual and Membership Roll of South Congregational Church, Rochester, N.Y.
4418 "Marriage Records, 1823-1838, from First Reformed Dutch Church, Ovid, N.Y."
4204 St. Paul's United Lutheran Church, 1809-1959,
4409 Seventy-five Years, 1849-1924. First Evangelical Church ... Rochester, N.Y.
4410 "A Brief History, Reminiscences, Records and Illustrations of Interest, Published at the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Trinity Evangelical Church, Rochester, New York, 1842-1917."
4411 Ninetieth Jubilee, 1842-1932 ... Trinity Evangelical Church, Rochester, N.Y.
6708 St. Paul's in Action in its 150th Year.
4310 A Pilgrimage of Faith, 1817 to 1967. United Presbyterian Church, East Bethany, N.Y.
4412 The History of One Hundred Years, 1842-1942. Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Church, Rochester, New York.
4349 Centennial Observance of the First Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York 1815-1915.
4350 Historical Exhibit, 1815-1915, First Presbyterial Church, Rochester, N.Y., April 30, May 1 and 2, 1915.
4356 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of the Brick Church, Rochester, N.Y. Thirty-fifth Anniversary of the Pastor ... 1875.
4357 In Memoriam. James Boylan Shaw, D.D. Published by the Elders and Trustees of the Brick (Presbyterian) Church, Rochester, N.Y.
4358 Communicants' Manual, Brick Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York.
4353 First Presbyterian Church of Rochester, New York 1872-1972.
4242b Indian Falls United Methodist Church, 1947-1972.
4242c "Sesquicentennial: The Methodist Church in LeRoy."
4427 “Universalist Church in Wyoming County.”
4413 "Zum funfundzwanzigsten Jubilaumsfeste, 1873-1898,"
3992 First Baptist Church, Albion, N.Y. 100th Anniversary ... 1959.
3993 1806-1906. Centennial Celebration, Aug. 22, 1907. First Baptist Church, Attica, N.Y.
3994 "Sesquicentennial of Attica Baptist Church."
3997 Historical Sketch of the First Baptist Church, Brockport, New York; with Names of Its Pastors, Officers and Members from the Date of Organization (September 1, 1841) to the Present Time ...
3998 "The Baptist Church, Castile, Wyoming County, N.Y."
3999 Semi-Centennial of the Second Baptist Church, Cuba, N.Y., 1834-1884.
6687 Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.
4236 One Hundred Years of Methodism in Brockport, New York. December 10, 1827-December 10, 1952.
4247 The Report of the Research Committee on the Relocation of the Asbury First Methodist Church.
4248 Christ in Art and Symbolism: Asbury First Methodist Church, Rochester, New York.
4249 A Hundred Years of Methodism in Charlotte; Official History, 1848-1948. Lake Avenue Methodist Church, Rochester, New York ...
6703 St. Marys Celebrates 100 Years, 1880-1980.
5716 First Presbyterian Church, Seneca Castle, N.Y., Eighty-fifth Anniversary, March the seventh, 1913.
4313 Condensed History of the 1st Presbyterian Church of East Rochester, New York, 1909-59.
4315 The Centennial Celebration of the Geneseo Village Presbyterian Church, Geneseo, N.Y. 1910.
4318 Centennial Celebration ... First Presbyterian Church.
4320 "First Presbyterian Church, Geneva, Seneca Co. (!),
5662 Proceedings of the Delegates of the General Missionary Society of Young People in the Western District; at their Annual Meeting, in Geneva, Feb. 9, 1820, together with the Fourth Annual Report of the Directors of the Society: Containing Extracts from the Journals of Missionaries.
5668 A Century of Christian Fellowship: The Central Baptist Church of Carlton, 1846-1946.
5673 Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America ... 2 vols.
5674 25th Anniversary, 1949-1974. Saint Brendan's Parish, Almond, N.Y.
5676 Centennial Observance, November 5, 1950, St. Bridget's Church, East Bloomfield, New York.
5677 St. Stephen's Church, Geneva, N.Y.
4451 A Report of the Mysterious Noises, Heard in the House of Mr. John D. Fox, in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, Authenticated by the Certificates, and Confirmed by the Statements of the Citizens of That Place and Vicinity …
4197 "St. Clement's Episcopal Cemetery--Wethersfield Springs."
6731 A Brief History of the West Bloomfield Congregational Church.
6692 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Geneseo, New York: Centennial Anniversary of Our Church Building, December 17, 1889-1989.
6694 So Great a Work: St. John the Evangelist Church, Greece, N.Y., 1865-1965.
6698 Golden Jubilee: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.
6700 St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church 75th Anniversary, Rochester, New York, November 11 1984.
6723 Remnants 1976; the Downtown United Presbyterian Church.
6726 History of First Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, New York, 1817-1967.
5709 Semi-Centennial Anniversary and Directory, First Presbyterian Church, Canandaigua, N.Y.
5710 First Presbyterian Church, Canandaigua, New York, Centennial Observance, 1871-1971.
5711 Manual of the First Presbyterian Church of Geneva, New York.
5712 Centennial Record, First Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, N.Y. ... 1923.
4036 Sixtieth Anniversary, Genesee Baptist Church, Rochester, N.Y., 1871-1931.
4039 Fortieth Anniversary Book of Remembrance, 1910-1950, Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Rochester, New York.
4042 Tenth Anniversary, Immanuel Baptist Church, Rochester, N.Y. 1923-1933. unp.
4049 Ogden Baptist Church 150th Anniversary, 1819-1969 ...
4022 Centennial Celebration, First Baptist Church, Penn Yan, N.Y., 1830-1930.
4023 Centennial. Souvenir of the Second Milo Baptist Church, Penn Yan, N.Y.
4008 "History of the First Baptist Church of Hermitage."
4009 Hilton Baptist Church, 1809-1959. Forward through the Ages.
5720 "First Presbyterian Church of Wyoming Enters into 150 Years."
5721 One Hundred and Thirtieth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Bristol Valley, June 2, 4, 6 and 9, 1929.
5722 First Congregational Church of Bristol Valley, 1799-1939.
5723 Manual of the First Congregational Church of East Bloomfield, New York, 1796-1877.
5724 One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary ... First Congregational Church, East Bloomfield, New York, 1946.
4414 A Brief History of the Salem Evangelical Church, Rochester, New York.
5726 Centennial Celebration of the Congregational Church of Rushville, New York.
5728 Historical Papers Read at the Centennial Anniversary of the Congregational Church of West Bloomfield, N.Y., August 20, 1899.
5732 Souvenir Booklet of the One Hundredth Annual Session, New York State Convention of Universalists ... 1925.
5736 Saint Michael's Orthodox Church, Geneva, New York ... 1961.
5679 History of St. Francis Church, Phelps, New York.
5680 History of St. Francis Church, Phelps, New York.
5684 "St. Mary's Celebrates 100 Years."
5685 The Story of Saint Patrick's Church of Victor, New York for One Hundred Years, 1856-1956.
5686 Sixtieth Anniversary, 1859-1915, the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canandaigua, N.Y.
5687 Souvenir of the Silver Jubilee of Our Seraphicate, Geneva, New York, October 4, 1950.
5688 An Address to the Clergy and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Residing in the Western Part of the State of New York, Respecting the Proposed Change in the Episcopal Supervision, of That Diocese.
5689 Centennial, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Angelica, New York, Diocese of Western
5690 Souvenir History and Directory of St. John's Church, Canandaigua, New York.
5691 St. John's Church, Clifton Springs, New York.
5682 Ukrainska katolytska tserkva Sv. Yosafata..
5697 History and Golden Jubilee Services, Zion Lutheran Church ... Geneva, New York.
5698 The Sixtieth Anniversary of Zion Lutheran Church. Geneva, New York, 1899-1959.
5702 History of Cuba United Methodist Church, 1820-1976.
5703 Centennial, the First Methodist Episcopal Church of East Bloomfield, New York, 1830-1930.
5704 Church Chimes Centennial Edition. One Hundredth Anniversary, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Penn Yan, New York, March 23-30, 1924.
5705 History of the First Methodist Church ... Phelps, New York ... 1956.
5706 150th Anniversary, Starkey United Methodist Church, 1822-1972 ...
5707 Methodism in Victor, 1805-1935.
5700 History, Bishopville Church, 1974.
4402 "Perry Center Congregational Church."
4404 Manual of the Plymouth Church of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.
3978 Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with Sketches of Their Pastors, 1895-96.
4080 ABBEY OF OUR LADY OF THE GENESEE. Our Lady of the Genesee: The Cowled Farmers of the Valley …
4431 ALDERMAN, OLIVER P. Autobiography of O.P. Alderman, from Early Life to the Fifty-fifth Year of His Age, up to January 1, 1874. Merchantville, N.Y.
6710 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. Trinity Church, a Community of Faith.
4250 ALEXANDER, NINA G. A Brief Resume of the History of the Grace Methodist Church, Rochester, New York.
4058 ALLEN, ABIGAIL MAXSON. Life and Sermons of Jonathan Allen, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., President of Alfred University, by His Wife.
4496 ALLEN, JAMES B., and LEONARD J. ARRINGTON. “Mormon Origins in New York: An Introductory Analysis.”
4219 ALLEN, RAY. A Century of the Genesee Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1810-1910.
4220 ALLEN, RAY. History of the East Genesee Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
4179 ALLEN, WARREN W. A Short History of Christ Church of the Village of Pittsford, N.Y., 1846-1946.
5658 ALTSCHULER, GLENN C., and JAN M. SALTZGABER. Revivalism, Social Conscience, and Community in-the Burned- Over District: The Trial of Rhoda Bement.
3982 AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH. Monroe Association Minutes or Annual Report, 1827-present.
4034 AMERICAN BAPTIST HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETIES. Strategy Study Report Sponsored by Monroe County Baptist Union in Cooperation with Thirty-Two Protestant Churches ...
4479 ANDERSON, PHILIP J. The Simple Builders: The Shakers, Their Villages and Architecture.
4497 ANDERSON, RICHARD L. “Circumstantial Confirmation of the First Vision through Reminisicences.”
4480 ANDREWS, EDWARD D. “The Community Industries of the Shakers.”
4481 ANDREWS, EDWARD D. The People Called Shakers: A Search for the Perfect Society.
5740 ANDRUS, HYRUM L., and RICHARD E. BENNETT, comps. Mormon Manuscripts to 1846: A Guide to the Holdings of the Harold B. Lee Library.
4182 ANSTICE, HENRY. Annals of St. Luke's Church, Rochester, N.Y. 1817-1883. With Names of Officers, Parochial Statistics and Historical Sketches of the Other Parishes.
4183 ANSTICE, HENRY. Centennial Annals of St. Luke's Church, Rochester, N.Y., 1817-1917.
5741 ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. “Mormonism: From Its New York Beginnings.”
4455 ARTHUR, DAVID.T. Come Out of Babylon: A Study of Millerite Separatism and Denominationalism.
3956a AVERILL, LLOYD J., JR. Religion on the Air in Rochester: A Study of Religious Broadcasting over Rochester Radio Stations, with Special Reference to Protestant Religious Broadcasting.
4187 AVERY, RALPH. Sesquicentennial Portfolio. St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Rochester, New York, 1817-1967. Five Reproductions of Drawings by Ralph Avery.
4498 BACKMAN, MILTON. “Awakenings in the Burned-Over District: New Light on the Historical Setting of the First Vision.”
4376 BACKUS, CHARLES W. Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church of Victor, New York.
5719 BACKUS, CLARENCE W. Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church of Victor, N.Y. ...
4461 BAKER, ELIZABETH V. Chronicles of a Faith Life.
4334 BALONEK, FRANK J., ed. Centennial History of the First United Presbyterian Church of Mumford, 1869-1969.
6671 BARKUN, MICHAEL Crucible of the Millennium, the Burned-over District of New York in the 1840s.
4467 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Obediah Dogberry: Rochester Freethinker.
4387 BATES, NEWTON W. Historical Gleanings in Western New York Congregationalism.
6686 BATTS, HENRY L. The Historical and Educational Development of the Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church of Rochester, New York.
4301 BEACH, GRACE. A Short History of First Presbyterian Church, Corfu, New York, 1817-1969.
4499 BEAN, WILLARD W. A.B.C. History of Palmyra and the Beginning of “Mormonism.”
4192 BEARD, WILLIAM S. Church of St. James the Greater, Episcopal: Fifty Years of History, 1874-1924 ...
4060 BEAUDRY, JAMES A. Voluntary Association Membership and Religious Participation in a Sample of an Urban Catholic Parish.
4060 BEAUDRY, JAMES A. Voluntary Association Membership and Religious Participation in a Sample of an Urban Catholic Parish.
3983 BELDEN, A. RUSSELL. Divinity School.) History of the Cayuga Baptist Association...
4379 BELL, BENJAMIN. The Mystery of Iniquity Unveiled, or, A True History of the Rise and Progress of the Difficulties between Rev. Wm. Clark, and Some of the People in the Town of Wolcott, Seneca County. Together, with the Trials of the Rev. Benjamin Bell ...
4500 BENNETT, JOHN C. The History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism.
4501 BERGE, DALE L. “Archeology at the Peter Whitmer Farm, Seneca County, New York.”
4537 BERNSTEIN, PHILIP S. “Judaism and the Jews in Rochester.”
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