Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1169 "The Population of the City of Rochester."
1175 U.S. Bureau of the Census. Special Census of Monroe County, New York, April 1, 1964.
1154 BEYER, GLENN H. "Housing and Journey to Work: The Patterns of Rural Families in Monroe County."
1155 BEYER, GLENN H. "Rural Housing in New York State."
1156 BOWERS, RAYMOND V. Ecological Studies of Rochester, New York,
1157 BOWERS, RAYMOND V. "Ecological Study of Rochester."
1158 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, 1940; a Graphic Interpretation of Population Data by Census Tracts ...
1159 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, 1940: An Atlas of Population Variables by Census Tracts ...
1160 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, III: An Atlas of the Ecological Patterns of the City's Social Problems.
1161 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, IV: A Study of the Mobility of the City's Population.
1162 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Change."
1163 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Change--Revisited."
1164 KOOS, EARL L., and EDMUND D. BRUNNER. Suburbanization in Webster, New York.
1165 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "Prognostications of Rochester's Growth."
1166 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "The Population of Rochester."
1167 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "The Lure of the City: Rochester in the 1890's."
1168 R.L. POLK & CO. Profiles of Change, Rochester, New York, 1972-1973.
1170 ROCHESTER, City Planning Commission. A Study of Population Growth of Rochester and Monroe County.
1171 ROCHESTER, City Planning Commission. Rochester Population Changes, 1950-1960, by Enumeration Districts.
1172 ROTH, NORMAN R. Urban Town: A Study of the Social Organization of a Suburban Community.
1173 RUMBALL, EDWIN. "Populus Rocestriensis: An Introduction to the Demography of Rochester."
1174 TATE, LELAND B. "Rural Homes of City Workers and the Urban-Rural Migration."
1176 U.S. Department of Commerce. Measuring Metropolitan Markets: A Guide to the Use of U.S. Government Data.
1177 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Department of Sociology. Rochester at Mid- century: A Graphic Description of the Population Characteristics of Rochester, N.Y.

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