Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1169 "The Population of the City of Rochester."
1228 A Landowners' Directory of Livingston County, New York.
1175 U.S. Bureau of the Census. Special Census of Monroe County, New York, April 1, 1964.
1201 New York Central Business Gazetteer of 'Cities and Towns on the N.Y.C. R.R. ...
1194 The Western Business Directory, Containing the Names of All Persons in Business in the Following Twenty-One Cities and Towns ...
1195 The New York Mercantile Union Business Directory, Carefully Collected and Arranged for 1850-51 ...
1196 The New York State Business Directory ...
1197 Central New York Business Directory ...
1198 The New York State Business Directory ... 1864.
1199 The New York State Business Directory ... 1867.
1246 "Clock-System" Rural Index of Wayne County, New York.
1247 Rural Index "Compass System" Map and Localized Almanac, Wayne County, N.Y.
1243 "Clock System" Rural Index of Seneca County, New York.
1244 Rural Directory Using the "Compass Address" & Compass. System Map for the Location of All Farms in Seneca County, 1938.
1120 Directorio hispano.
1122 Reaction to Federal Assistance Programs Informational Conference...
6234 The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Orleans County, New York.
6235 First Directory of the Village of Williamson, New York; Issued by the Town Improvement Committee of the Board of Trade.
1212 Boyd's Directory of Seneca Falls, Waterloo, Canandaigua and Geneva, with Farmers' and Business Men's Names in Ontario and Seneca Counties ...
1213 American Agriculturist Farm Directory of Ontario and Wayne Counties, 1914; A Rural Directory and Reference Book ...
1214 American Agriculturist Farm Director of Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins, and Seneca Counties, 1914 ...
1215 Yates, Seneca & Schuyler Counties Rural Index with Local Almanac.
1204 The New York Central Gazetteer and Classified Business Directory ... of the Towns and Cities between New York and Buffalo, for 1873-4.
1205 Western New York Gazetteer and Business Directory. Nineteen Counties 1880-81.
1206 The New York State Business Directory, and Gazetteer, 1882 ...
1207 Directory of the Erie Railroad from Elmira to Rochester, 1892, Containing an Advertisers' Classified Business Directory ...
1208 Johnson's Business and Professional Directory of Buffalo, Rochester ...
1209 Boyd's Directory of Albion, Attica, Batavia, LeRoy and Warsaw, with Farmers' and Business Men's Names in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming Counties ... 1893-94.
1210 American Agriculturist Farm Directory and Reference Book, Monroe and Livingston Counties, New York, 1917 ...
1211 Brigham's Geneva, Seneca Falls and Waterloo Directory and Business Advertiser for 1862 and 1863; Including the Towns of Phelps, Flint, Creek, Seneca Castle and Stanley Corners, with Histories of the Towns from Their Earliest Settlement.
1222 Genesee County Rural Index & "Compass System" Map with Almanac.
1253 Commercial Register and Business Directory of Rochester, for 1859.
1254 Rochester, N.Y., Business Directory with Map of the City,
1255 A.N. Marquis & Co.'s Hand Business Directory of Rochester, 1889 .... Contains All Telephone Numbers.
1256 The Office Directory, of Rochester, N.Y. ...
1257 Anthony's Standard Business Directory, Guide and Reference Book of Rochester, New York ...
1259 Rochester City and Monroe County Business Directory, for 1875-76 ...
1226 Directory of Dansville, Mt. Morris, Geneseo, Nunda, Lima, Avon and Livonia, and Towns of Livingston County, N.Y. ...
1227 Parsons' Directory of Livingston County, N.Y. ...
1089 SPLIBS: Sources, People, Life in Black Society: A Guide to the Black Community of Rochester, New York.
1220 The Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Genesee County, New York ...
1221 Classified and Graded Directory of All Farms of Genesee Co., N.Y. for Merchants, Manufacturers and Professional Men.
1265 "Clock-System" Rural Index and Map of Monroe County, New York ...
1229 The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Livingston County, New York ...
1230 Rural Index Map & "Compass System" Map with Almanac.
1232 Flynn's General Directory for the Towns of Geneva, Phelps, Clifton Springs and Canandaigua, for 1873-4. ...
1234 "Clock System" Rural Index Ontario County, New York.
1235 Ontario County, N.Y. Rural Index "Compass System" Map and Localized Almanac.
1237 Kirwin's Directory of the County of Orleans, for the Years 1879-80 ...
1239 Orleans County Directory, 1926.
1240 Orleans County Rural Index & "Compass System" Map with Local Almanac.
1260 Boyd's Monroe County Directory,
1262 The Rochester Business Directory and Monroe County Directory, Containing a General Directory of the Inhabitants of Each Town in Monroe County, a Classified Business Directory of the City of Rochester and of Each Town ... No. I.
1263 The Rural Directory. Adams Basin, Barnard, Brockport, Chili Station, Chili, East Rochester, Fairport, Henrietta, West Henrietta, Hilton, Pittsford, Rochester, Spencerport, Webster and West Webster. Fall 1916.
1264 The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Monroe County, New York ...
1250 Rural Directory Using the "Compass-Address" & Compass System Map for the Locating of All Farms in Yates County, 1938.
1251 “The Rochester Directory.”
1252 A Directory for the Village of Rochester: Containing the Names, Residence, and Occupations of All Male Inhabitants over Fifteen Years of Age, in Said Village, on the First of January, 1827, to Which is Added a Sketch of the History of the Village from 1812 to 1827.
6196 Directory Published by the Negro Business League of Rochester, N.Y. 1926.
6201 FIGHT in the Seventies.
5469 The American Advertising Directory for Manufacturers and Dealers in American Goods, for the year 1831.
5473 Directory of the Town of Attica, for the year 1890.
1202 Boyd's New York State Directory. 1872. 1873. 1874. ...
1203 New York State Business Directory ... 1876.
1187 U.S. National Archives & Records Service. Federal Population Censuses, 1790-1890: A Catalog of Microfilm Copies of the Schedules.
1200 Boyd's Business Directory of Over One Hundred Cities and Villages in New York State ... 1869-70.
5471 Edwards & Shaw's Allegany Oil Field Directory, 1882. Containing a Complete Directory of Bolivar, Richburg, and Allentown.
1080 ACTION FOR A BETTER COMMUNITY and URBAN LEAGUE. The Market Research Project, July-September, 1971.
1132 ANDERSON, WALFRED A. “Population Trends in New York State, 1900 to 1940.”
1133 ANDERSON, WALFRED A. “Population Trends in New York State, 1900 to 1950.”
1130 ANDERSON, WALFRED A. “Population Trends in New York State, 1900 to 1930.”
1131 ANDERSON, WALFRED A. “Mobility of Rural Families. I: Changes in Residence and in Occupation of Rural Husbands and Wives in Genesee County., New York.” II: “Changes in Residence and in Occupation of Sons and Daughters in Rural Families in Genesee County, New York.”
6191 AUTEN, B. Seneca County, New York, Black Residents.
6192 BARRINGTON, EUGENE New Beginnings: The Story of Five Black Entrepreneurs Who Migrated from Sanford, Florida to Rochester, New York.
1134 BASCH, ALFRED. Commuting from County to County in New York State,
1154 BEYER, GLENN H. "Housing and Journey to Work: The Patterns of Rural Families in Monroe County."
1155 BEYER, GLENN H. "Rural Housing in New York State."
1110 BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Norwegian Migration to America, 1825-1860.
1111 BLEGEN, THEODORE C., ed. Land of Their Choice: The Immigrants Write Home.
6218 BOVE, SUSAN BARBER The Early Italian Immigrants to Seneca Falls, New York (1884-1930).
1157 BOWERS, RAYMOND V. "Ecological Study of Rochester."
1156 BOWERS, RAYMOND V. Ecological Studies of Rochester, New York,
6223 BOWMAN, FRED Q. 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813-1850.
6224 BOWMAN, FRED Q. 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850.
6233 BOYD, JULIAN P. Horatio Gates Spafford, Inventor, Author, Promoter of Democracy.
1127 BRATUSH, JAMES D. A Historical Documentary of the Ukrainian Community or Rochester, New York, trans. Anastasia Smerychynska.
6219 BRIGGS, JOHN W. Fertility and Cultural Change Among Families in Italy and America.
6220 BRIGGS, JOHN WALKER. Italians in Italy and America: A Study of Change Within Continuity for Immigrants to Three American Cities, 1890-1930.
5461 BRIGGS, JOHN W. An Italian Passage: Immigrants to Three American Cities, 1890-1930.
1071 BRONSON, WILLIAM. "Pioneer History of Clinton County."
1112 CANUTESON, RICHARD. "A Little More Light en the Kendall Colony"
1113 CANUTESON, RICHARD. "The Kendall Settlement Survived."
6193 CASTLE, MUSETTE S. A Survey of the History of African Americans in Rochester, New York; 1800-1860.
1083 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE U.S.A. Rochester Business Opportunities Corporation Helps Ghetto Dwellers Own Businesses.
6195 CHIERICI, ROSE MARIE. Making it to the Center: Migration and Adaptation Among Haitian Boat People.
6194 CHIERICI, ROSE-MARIE CASSAGNOL. Demele: "Making it", Migration and Adaptation Among Haitian Boat People in the United States.
1230 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Ontario County, N.Y., for 1867-8.
1236 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Orleans County, N.Y. for 1869.
5472 CHILD, HAMILTON, comp. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wyoming County, N.Y., for 1870-1871.
1218 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y., for 1869-70.
1216 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Allegany County, N.Y. for 1875.
1258 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer end Business Directory of Monroe County, N.Y., for 1869-70.
1241 CHILD, HAMILTON.. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Seneca County, N.Y., for 1867-8.
1245 CHILD, HAMILTON. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, N.Y., for 1867-8.
6214 CHITTENDEN, VARICK. The Danes of Yates County: The History and Traditional Arts of an Ethnic Community in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.
1248 CLARK, LEWIS H., JR., ed. Sodus--1901. An Atlas and Directory of the Town of Sodus and Sodus Bay.
1178 CLARK, SYLVESTER J. H., comp. Early Rochesterians Index.
1081 COLES, HOWARD W. City Directory of Negro Business and Progress, 1939-40.
1082 COLES, HOWARD W. The Cradle of Freedom: A History of the Negro in Rochester, Western New York and Canada.
1159 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, 1940: An Atlas of Population Variables by Census Tracts ...
1160 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, III: An Atlas of the Ecological Patterns of the City's Social Problems.
1158 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, 1940; a Graphic Interpretation of Population Data by Census Tracts ...
1161 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester, New York, IV: A Study of the Mobility of the City's Population.
1219 CRAFT, A.J. Genesee County Business Directory ... Containing Sketches of the Early Pioneers of the Holland Purchase: Sketches of the Towns and Their Early Settlers ...
1103 CROSS, FLORENCE L. "Living Conditions among the Italian Laborers."
1191 DISTURNELL, JOHN. A Gazetteer of the State of New-York ...
5463 DOUGLAS, MARILYN, and MELINDA YATES. New York State Census Records, 1790-1925. (Bibliography Bulletin no. 88)
1100 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Erin's Sons in Java."
1101 DOWLING, KATHERINE J. "Dublin."
5464 DUBESTER, HENRY J. State Censuses, New York, 1795-1925. Based on the Bibliography Issued by the Census Library Project of the Library of Congress.
6197 DUPREE, ADOLPH. Footnotes to History - Rochester Roots/Routes.
6198 DUPREE, ADOLPH. Rochester Roots/Routes.
6199 EICHHOLZ, ALICE, and JAMES M. ROSE. Free Black Heads of Households in the New York State Federal Census, 1790-1830.
1179 EKLAND, ROY, comp. Index to the 1835 Tax Assessment Roll, Rochester, New York.
1072 ELLIS, DAVID M. "The Yankee Invasion of New York, 1783-1850."
6215 ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE. Invisible Immigrants, the Adaptation of English and Scottish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century America.
1095 ESPENSCHEID, L. "Seidler in Wayne County, New York aus der Rheinland."
6200 FARLEY, ENA L. The African American Presence in the History of Western New York.
5462 FINKS, P. DAVID. Crisis in Smugtown: A Study of Conflict, Churches, and Citizen Organizations in Rochester, New York 1964-1969.
6202 FINKS, P. DAVID. The Radical Vision of Saul Alinsky.
6203 FORDHAM, MONROE, ed. The African American Presence in New York State History: Four Regional History Surveys.
6225 FORSYTH, RUTH, compiler. The Rochester Area: Selected Demographic and Social Characteristics, 1984.
1073 FOX, DIXON R. Yankees and Yorkers.
1128 FOX, FLORENCE. M. "Territorial and Occupational Mobility of the Ukrainians of Rochester, N.Y."
1192 FRENCH, JOHN H. Gazetteer of the State of New York ...
1074 FULLER, GEORGE N. Economic and Social Beginnings of Michigan: A Study of the Settlement of the Lower Peninsula during the Territorial Period., 1805-1837.
1075 GASTIL, RAYMOND D. Cultural Regions of the United States.
1223 GENESEE COUNTY FARM BUREAU. Triennial Atlas & Plat Book, Genesee County, New York.
1190 GORDON, THOMAS F. Gazetteer of the State of New York ...
1067 GRAHAM, TODD T. Ethnic Concentrations and Socio-Political Patterns of Syracuse and Rochester, New York, 1946-1962.
6204 GROVER, KATHRYN. Make a Way Somehow; African-Americans in Geneva, New York, 1790-1965.
1094 HANEY, Mrs. Ellery A. "The Dutch in Rochester."
1217 HANFORD, GEORGE. Directory of Allegany County ...
1249 HANFORD, GEORGE.. Directory of Yates County, N.Y., with Map.
1238 HANFORD, GEORGE.. Directory of Orleans County, N.Y., with Map.
1129 HAWRYLAK, WALTER. Free Cossacks; Anniversary Jubilee Book of the Ukrainian Civic Center, Rochester, New York.
1084 HAWRYLUK, ALEXANDER. Friends of Fight: A Study of a Militant Civil Rights Organization.
1116 HENDRICKSON, CATHERINE HARDING. Continuity and. Change in Two Rochester Neighborhoods, 1890-1958.
1162 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Change."
1163 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Change--Revisited."
6205 HORWITT, SANFORD D. Let Them Call Me Rebel: Saul Alinsky, His Life and Legacy.
1193 HOUGH, FRANKLIN B. Gazetteer of the State of New York ...
1180 JACKSON, RONALD V., and others, comps. New York 1810 Census Index,
1181 JACKSON, RONALD V., and others, comps. New York 1850 Census Index.
6227 JACKSON, RONALD VERN, ed. New York 1800 Census Index.
6228 JACKSON, RONALD VERN, ed. New York 1820 Census index.
6231 JACKSON, RONALD VERN, ed. New York 1860 West.
6229 JACKSON, RONALD VERN, and GARY RONALD TEEPLES, eds. New York 1830 Census Index.
6230 JACKSON, RONALD VERN, and GARY RONALD TEEPLES, eds. New York 1840 Census Index.
1182 JACOBSEN, EDNA L. "New York State and Federal Census Records: An Inventory."
1109 JOHNSON, HERBERT E. "50 Years of County Extension Service."
6217 JUDKINS, RUSSELL A., ed. Iroquois Studies: A Guide to Documentary and Ethnographic Resources from Western New York and the Genesee Valley.
1104 KEENE, RUTH N. Acculturation of the First and Second Generation Italians in Rochester, New York.
1164 KOOS, EARL L., and EDMUND D. BRUNNER. Suburbanization in Webster, New York.
1135 KUO, LESLIE T.C. Census of New York State by Counties, Cities & Towns, 1840-1940.
1242 LAMEY, ALONZO P. The Auburn, Seneca Falls and Waterloo Directory ...
6206 LANCOURT, JOAN E. Confront or Concede; the Alinsky Citizen-Action Organizations.
1105 LANNI, CLEMENT G. "The History of the Italians of Rochester from 1876 to 1926."
1233 LANT & SILVERNAIL. Ontario County 1884-5 Directory ...
1261 LANT, J. H. Monroe County Directory, 1880-1881, Containing a New Map, Names and Post Office Addresses of the Inhabitants of the County, together with a Business Directory of the City of Rochester.
1231 LANT, J.H. Ontario County Directory, for 1870. Containing the Names of the Inhabitants of Canandaigua, Geneva, and Phelps, Together with a Business Directory of Ontario County.
1225 LANT, M.W. Livingston County 1880 Directory, Containing the General Directories of Dansville, Geneseo and Mount Morris, the Business Directory of Livingston County, A List of Farmers ...
1136 LARSON, OLAF F., and others. The People of New York State Counties: Allegany. Trends in Human Resources and Their Characteristics to 1970.
1085 LESTER, CAROLINE F. "Negro Residents of Seneca. Falls in Bygone Days."
1117 LYON, NORMAN T. History of the Polish People in Rochester.
6207 MABEE, CARLETON. Sojourner Truth Fights Dependence on Government: Moves Freed Slaves Off Welfare in Washington to Jobs in Upstate New York.
6222 MCHENRY, STEWART G. The Syrian Movement into Upstate New York.
1106 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Italians of Rochester: An Historical Review.
1068 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester's Ethnic Transformations.
1102 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Irish in Rochester: An Historical Retrospect.
1096 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Germans in Rochester: Their Traditions and Contributions.
1086 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Lights and Shadows in Local Negro History. RH, 21, no. 4 (Oct. 1959), l-27.
1069 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “Rochester's Near Northeast.”
1166 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "The Population of Rochester."
1167 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "The Lure of the City: Rochester in the 1890's."
1165 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "Prognostications of Rochester's Growth."
6208 MCKIVIGAN, JOHN R., and JASON H. SILVERMAN. Monarchial Liberty and Republican Slavery: West Indies Emancipation Celebrations in Upstate New York and Canada West.
1183 McMULLEN, PHILLIP. New York in 1800: An Index to the Federal Census Schedules of the State of New York ...
1137 MELVIN, BRUCE L. “Rural Population of New York, 1855-1925.”
5465 MIDDLETON, J.H. “Growth of the New York State Census.”
1107 MIKOLJI, BORIS H. "Ethnic Groups in America: The Italians of Rochester"
1070 MIKOLJI, BORRIS H. Race Nationality, and Politics in an Urban Community.
6216 MORGAN, WILLIAM J. The Irish of Pearl Creek.
1140 N.Y Office of Planning Coordination. Community Profile 4; Genesee/ Finger Lakes Planning Region (Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Yates Counties).
1138 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. “A Century of Population Change in Counties of New York State, 1860-1960.”
1121 N.Y. Division of Human Rights. Puerto Ricans in New York State ... 1960-1969.
1139 N.Y. Division of the Budget. New York State Statistical Yearbook, 1974.
1141 N.Y. Office of Planning Services. (New York State Small Area Planning Data Profiles, from U.S. Census, 1970.)
1145 N.Y. Secretary of State. Census of the State of New-York, for 1855 ...
1146 N.Y. Secretary of State. Census of the State of New York, for 1865 ...
1147 N.Y. Secretary of State. Census of the State of New York for 1875 ...
1143 N.Y. Secretary of State. Census of the State of New-York, for 1835 ...
1144 N.Y. Secretary of State. Census of the State of New-York, for 1845 ...
5466 N.Y. SECRETARY OF STATE. “Report on the Number of Births, Marriages and Deaths for the Year 1847.” N.Y. Senate Document no. 73, 1848.
1142 N.Y. State College of Agriculture, Dept. of Rural Sociology. The People of Allegany County, New York: Trends in Human Resources and Their Characteristics, 1900-1960.
1087 N.Y. State Commission against Discrimination. Negroes in Five New York Cities: A Study of Problems, Achievements and Trends.
1148 N.Y. State Division of Human Rights. Selected Statistics for Counties of New York State, 1960-1969.
1149 N.Y. University, Information Center on Education. First Count Summary of 1970 Census Data by School District, New York State.
6226 PARKERSON, DONALD HUGH. The People of New York State in Mid-Nineteenth Century: Community, Household, and Migration.
1097 PFAFFLIN, HERMANN. Das Deutschthum Rochester's, Historische Skizze
1098 PFAFFLIN, HERMANN. Hundertjahrige Gesehichte des Deutschtums von Rochester.
6209 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. The Heritage of `Afro-Rochester.'
6189 PULA, JAMES S., ed. Ethnic Rochester.
1114 QUALEY, CARLTON C. Norwegian Settlement in the United States.
1168 R.L. POLK & CO. Profiles of Change, Rochester, New York, 1972-1973.
1099 RAMAKER, ALBERT J. "Contributions of the German People to the Life and Progress of Rochester."
6210 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Slaves Upon the Purchase.
5470 RISTOW, WALTER W. “The French-Smith Map and Gazetteer of New York State.”
1088 ROCHESTER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CORP. Black Business Directory: Greater Metropolitan Area.
1170 ROCHESTER, City Planning Commission. A Study of Population Growth of Rochester and Monroe County.
1171 ROCHESTER, City Planning Commission. Rochester Population Changes, 1950-1960, by Enumeration Districts.
1123 ROCHESTER. City School District. The Puerto Rican in the Rochester Public Schools: A Report to the Superintendent.
1076 ROOD, ELLIOT S. The Genesee Country, 1788-1811; Perceptual Framework of Residents and Non-Residents.
1115 ROSDAIL, J. HART. The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity; The Story of the People on the Norwegian Mayflower--The Sloop, "Restoration."
6190 ROSE, PETER I. On the Slopes of Mount Allegro.
1077 ROSENBERRY, LOIS MATHEWS. The Expansion of New England: The Spread of New England Settlement and Institutions to the Mississippi River, 1620-1865.
1172 ROTH, NORMAN R. Urban Town: A Study of the Social Organization of a Suburban Community.
1124 RUIZ-TORRES, EDME V. An Analysis of Social Disorganization among a Group of Puerto Rican Migrants to Rochester, New York.
1173 RUMBALL, EDWIN. "Populus Rocestriensis: An Introduction to the Demography of Rochester."
1108 S----, A., of Rochester. "My Experiences as an Immigrant,"
6211 SANDERS, JOE L., compiler. Rochester Black History, 1795-1990.
1125 SAVAGE, VIRGINIA A. Incidence of Lexical Change in a Language Community in Transition.
1150 SCHUBERT, DOLORES, and E.A. LUTZ. “Some Population Changes in New York State, 1850-1950, and Some Implications for Rural Government.”
1078 SHEAR, HAZEL M. "Settlers from Vermont."
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1189 SPAFFORD, HORATIO G. A Gazetteer of the State of New-York ...
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1079 STEVENS, J. HAROLD. "The Influence of New England in Michigan."
1090 STEWARD, AUSTIN. Twenty-Two Years a Slave and Forty Years a Freeman ...
1091 STONE, DESMOND, and PETER BEHR. Race Relations '67; Where Do We Stand?
6212 SWARTZ, JOEL, compiler. For Your Reading Pleasure.
1174 TATE, LELAND B. "Rural Homes of City Workers and the Urban-Rural Migration."
1126 TRICE, FRANCIS L. Anglicismos en el Espanol puertoriqueno de Rochester, New York.
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1152 U.S. Bureau of the Census. County and City Data Book, 1972: A Statistical Abstract Supplement ...
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6213 WILLIAMS, ANDREW J. Man With a Mission: Howard W. Coles.
1185 WOOD, RALPH V., comp. Ontario County, New York State, 1800 Federal Population Census Schedules: Transcript and Index.

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