Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3928 "Blue Cross Celebrates 20th Anniversary."
3932 "Reflections of a Generation of Service: Blue Shield of the Rochester Area."
3933 "Rochester One of Foremost Cities in Meeting Hospital and Surgical Care Needs."
5657 Ontario County Tuberculosis and Health Association, Inc. Ontario County Heart Chapter. Fifty-One Years of Service, 1908-1959.
3897 ALLISON, HENRY E., comp. An Historical Sketch of the Seneca County Medical Society with Some Account of Its Living and Its Pioneer Members.
3927 AMERICAN RED CROSS. 75 Years of Service: A History of the Rochester-Monroe County Chapter, American National Red Cross, 1881-1956.
3926 AMERICAN RED CROSS. Sixtieth Anniversary, Clara Barton Chapter No. 1 American Red Cross, Dansville, New York. ... Celebration--September 25, 1941 ...
3898 ATWATER, EDWARD C. A Rural Practitioner: Dr. Samuel Beach Bradley (1796-1880),
3899 BELLOWS, TESTER W., comp. Medical Organization and Medical Biography of Seneca County, New York.
3929 BROWN, HERBERT R. "Rochester Regional Blood Program, American National Red Cross."
3900 CHASE, HERMAN L. "Some Early Physicians of Palmyra."
3930 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. School of Public Health & Administrative Medicine. Prepayment for Medical and Dental Care in New York State: A Report on the Seven Blue Shield Plans ... Serving New York Residents.
3931 CONKLIN, WILLIAM D., comp. Clara Barton and Dansville, together with Supplementary Materials. Compiled with the Approval of Clara Barton Chapter No. 1 The American National Red Cross ...
3908 ELLENBOGEN, BERT L., and others. "Changes in the Availability and Use of Health Resources in Two Western New York Counties; Identical Households, 1950 and 1958."
3909 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "A Doctor of the Old School, Wallace J. French, M.D."
3910 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Regional Environmental Health Planning Committee. Private Sewage Disposal of the Genesee Region.
3911 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Health Data Resource Book, 1971.
3912 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Radiological Health Task Force. Radiological Health in the Genesee Region.
3915 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Regional Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Alcoholism Plan.
3913 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Task Force on Food and Milk Safety. Food and Milk Safety in the Genesee Region.
3914 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Environmental Health Manpower Committee. Environmental Health Manpower in the Genesee Region.
3901 GRANEY, CHARLES M. "Medical History of Genesee Country: Early Settlement to War of 1812."
3916 HAY, DONALD G., and OLAF F. LARSON. "Medical and Health Care Resources Available in Livingston County, New York, 1950."
3917 HAY, DONALD G., and OLAF F. LARSON. "Use of Health Resources by Rural People in Two Western New York Counties, 1950."
3918 HEALTH COUNCIL OF MONROE COUNTY. Work Plan on Organization and Health Facilities Planning for the Health Council of Monroe County and the Genesee Region Health Planning Council ...
5655 JEWETT, JOHN H. One Hundred Years: Address of the President ... Annual Meeting of Canandaigua Medical Society, January 14, 1932.
3919 KOOS, EARL L. The Health of Regionville: That the People Thought and Did about It.
3902 LAUDERDALE, WALTER E. "History of the Medical Society of Livingston County, New York."
3903 LESTER, ELIAS. "The Medical Profession."
3904 MEACHEM, JOHN G. "Story of a Doctor: The Autobiography of Dr. John G. Meachem, Sr."
3920 MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. 20,000 Years of Service; A Commemorative Booklet in Honor of Physicians Who Have Served Their Communities Fifty Years or More.
5656 MORRISON, WAYNE E. Pictorial Album of the Willard Asylum, 1869-1886..
3905 O'BRIEN, H. R. "History of Public Health in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties."
3921 RILEY, GREGORY J., and others. "A Study of Fanily Medicine in Upstate New York."
3922 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. Profile: Nursing Home Facilities within the Rochester Regional Hospital Council Area.
3923 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. A Study of the Present and Future Need for Long-Term Care Facilities and Related Services in Ontario County.
3924 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. Attitudes of Physicians towards Small Community Practice.
3925 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. Social, Economic and Demographic Factors Affecting the Physician Population in Small Communities.
3906 ROWE, MARTHA BELKNAP. "Always Eat the Best Apple."
3907 WAYNE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY. An Historical Sketch of the Wayne County Medical Society with Brief Notices of the Living and Pioneer Members.

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