Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3877 “A Specimen of the Absurd Opposition to Doctor Goler.”
3878 “Why the Babies are at Rest: A Plea for Milk Dealers and Health Bureau to Bury the Hatchet instead of the Babies.”
3893 "The News Article That Aroused the Indignation of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Reporting Some of the Local Factory Conditions as Discovered by the State Factory Commission."
3892 "Extracts from the Minutes of the State Factory Investigation Commission."
3896 "Safety Council Completing 40 Years of Service."
3860 “From Doctor Goler's Annual Report.”
3867 “Our Reproachful Milk Situation.”
3885 Health Care of Aged Study: A Study of the Physical and Mental Health Care Needs of Older People in Monroe County, New York.
3850 BINGEMAN, MELISSA E. “Live a Little Longer,” the Rochester Plan ...
3851 BOCK, FRANKLIN W. “A School for Human Husbandry.”
3852 BROOKS, PAUL B. “The New York State Department of Health: An Historical Review.”
3853 COATES, HILDA A. “The Fatal Weed.”
3854 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. “Preliminary Survey of the Sanitary Survey of Rochester.”
3855 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. A Sanitary Survey of Rochester, N.Y.
3857 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. “Rochester's Dangerous Meat Supply.”
3856 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. “The Crane Arraignment of Our Housing Code.
3858 DODGE, CHARLES W. “Making Diphtheria Antitoxin Serum: An Episode in the Medical History of Rochester.”
3859 FRANKEL, LEE K., and LOUIS I. DUBLIN. “Community Sickness Survey, Rochester, New York, September, 1915.” U.S.Public Health Service, Public Health Reports, Feb. 25, 1916, pp. 423-38.
3861 GOLER, GEORGE W. The Sanitation of Rochester.
3862 GOLER, GEORGE W. The Origin, Development and Results of Municipal Milk Work in Rochester, N.Y. Reprinted from Maryland Medical Journal, June 1906. 8 pp.
3863 GOLER, GEORGE W. “Dr. Edward Mott Moore: The Beloved Physician.”
3884 HARDER, GAYLE LOCKHART. An Ecological Study of Mental Disorders in Rochester, New York.
3891 HARVEY, JULIEN H. The Rochester Public Safety Campaign, Promoted and Managed by the National Safety Council, Its Rochester Local Council, and the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. A Report of Organized Public Safety Activities in the City of Rochester, N.Y., March 1 to September 1, 1918.
3864 HAYES, CATHERINE D. “Edward Mott Moore: Nineteenth Century Medical Student.”
3865 KOHN, LAWRENCE A. “Goiter, Iodine and George W. Goler: The Rochester Experiment.”
3866 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The History of Public Health in Rochester, New York.”
3886 MONROE COUNTY. Committee on Chronic Illness. Monroe County Chronic Illness Study.
3887 MONROE COUNTY. Committee on Chronic Illness. Guidelines to Action: Planning for the Chronically Ill in Monroe County.
3888 NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH CENTERS OF MONROE COUNTY, Inc. Proposal for a Community Health Network, Rochester, New York.
3868 RAFTER, GEORGE W. “Report on an Endemic of Typhoid Fever at the Village of Springwater, N.Y., in Oct. and Nov. 1889,”
3894 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. The Smoke Shroud: How to Banish It.
3889 ROCHESTER COMMUNITY CHEST. A Survey of the Health Agencies of Rochester, New York.
3890 ROCHESTER COMMUNITY CHEST. A Study of Public Health in Rochester and Monroe County, New York ...
3895 ROCHESTER SAFETY COUNCIL. Casualty Complications: A Statistical Study of Traffic Accidents in Rochester, New York, for the Twelve-Year Period Ending in 1936….
3869 ROCHESTER. Committee on Public Safety. Rochester Milk Survey.
3870 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Vital Statistics of Rochester, N.Y., for March, 1883 ...
3871 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Per Cent of Deaths at Ten Age Periods to Total Deaths, 1884 to 1917 Inclusive.
3872 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Mortality Chart of Infancy and Old Age.
3873 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Fifty Years of Health in Rochester, New York, 1900-1950.
3874 SLAVIN, HOWARD B. “Hope Hospital, The Rochester Municipal Hospital,” 1869-1903.”
3875 SLAVIN, HOWARD B. “Rochester--The Emergence of Its Great Health Officer, Dr. Goler,”
3876 SLAVIN, HOWARD B. “Rochester Smallpox, 1902-03--The End of It.”
3879 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “The Certified Milk Movement.”
3881 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “A Study in Rochester's Infant Mortality.”
3882 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “The Problem of Milk Production for Rochester: Why Your Milk is Going to Cost More.”
3883 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “How Rochester is Wasting Nearly Half a Million Dollars by Inefficient Refrigeration.”
3880 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “The Economic Problems of Milk Distribution in Their Relation to Public Health.” Proceedings, Fifteenth Annual International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, Vol. 5, pp. 128-40.

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