Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3833 The Gift That Grew: The History of the Genesee Hospital, 1889-1965.
3824 “Community Hospital Opened.”
3845 St. Mary's Hospital. Diamond Jubilee Souvenir History, 1857-1932.
5647 A History of the United States Army Base Hospital No. 19, American Expeditionary Forces, Vichy, France, A.P.O. 781.
5651 30th Anniversary, 1933-1963, Veterans Administration Hospital, Canandaigua, New York.
5652 Semi-Centennial of the Clifton Springs Sanitarium, Clifton Springs, N.Y., 1900.
5653 The Diamond Jubilee, 1850-1925: the Clifton Springs Sanitarium and Clinic ...
5654 Clifton Springs Sanitarium and Clinic, 100th Anniversary, 1850-1950 ...
3848 “'To Work and to Serve': Wyoming County Hospital Women's Auxiliary.”
5649 Plans and Elevations and a Historical Sketch of the Willard Asylum for the Insane at Willard on Seneca Lake, N.Y.
3822 BUERKI, ROBIN C. Survey of Rochester General Hospital.
3823 CANNON PARTNERSHIP, architects. Master Plan for Redevelopment of Monroe Community Hospital, Rochester, New York.
5644 CHAPIN, JOHN B. Brigham Hall, Canandaigua, N.Y., a Hospital for Mental and Nervous Diseases. Anniversary Address. C
5645 COLGAN, MARGARET. “The Genesee.”
3825 CONKLIN, WILLIAM D., comp. Fred R. Driesbach, M.D., Dansville Hospital Pioneer.
3826 COTTLE, MAURICE H. “Reconstructive: John Orlando Roe, Pioneer in Modern Rhinoplasty.”
5646 EDMUND, Sister Mary. “St. Mary's.” "
3827 EVANS, SUE-JANE K. A Hospital Grows: Rochester General Hospital.
3828 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Useless Hospitals.
3830 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Survey of the Need for Inpatient Beds in Monroe County, 1974-1975.
3831 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Hospital Obstetrical Care Plan ...
3829 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Survey of Need for Inpatient Beds and Related Home Health Care Services, Monroe County, 1969-70.
3832 GENESEE VALLEY LEAGUE FOR NURSING. History of the Genesee Valley League for Nursing, 1915-1967.
3834 HOLTON, GLADYS REID. “The History of Nursing in Rochester.”
3835 HOSPITAL FACILITIES COMMITTEE. Study of Bed Requirements in the General Hospitals of Monroe County.
3836 LOVEJOY, DAVID B., JR. “The Hospital and Society: the Growth of Hospitals in Rochester, New York, in the Nineteenth Century.”
3838 MacLEAN, BASIL C. Hospital Facilities, Rochester, N.Y.
3837 McCOMBS, CARL E.. Business Management of the Community Chest-Participating Hospitals of Rochester, New York.
5648 MCGINTY, KATHRYN S. “A History of Rochester: General Hospital before 1900.”
3839 N.Y. State Board of Charities. Report of the State Board of Charities on the Selection of a Site for and the Organization of an Epileptic Colony.
3840 ROCHESTER COMMUNITY CHEST. A Survey of the Facilities for the Care of the Sick of Rochester, New York.
3841 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. A Study to Assist Park Avenue Hospital Plan Its Future Role in Rochester and Monroe County.
3842 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. A Limited Study of the Present and Future Need for Hospital and Other Related Care Services in Wayne County, New York to Assist E.J. Barber and Lyons Community Hospitals, Lyons, New York, Plan for the Future.
3843 ROCHESTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL COUNCIL. A Study of Patient Usage Patterns and Projections of General Care Bed Needs 1970-1980 in the Rochester Regional Hospital Council Area.
3844 ROSENFELD, LEONARD S., and HENRY B. MAKOVER. The Rochester Regional Hospital Council.
3846 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. A Century of Service: Rochester General Hospital, 1847-1947.
5650 SPENCER, HARRIET HOLLISTER. Being a Short and Incomplete History of the Labours of the “Lady Supervisors” in the Founding and Upbuilding of the Rochester Homeopathic, Later the Genesee Hospital. Compiled from Old Records, Early Newspaper Files, the Hospital Leaflet, and the Long Memories of Some of the Ladies Themselves.
3847 SPRATLING, WILLIAM P. “Address ...”
3849 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Medical Center. Fifty Years of Medicine at Rochester.

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